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Master of Disguise transforms all faction armor into real disguises, alongside an immersive and fully customizable detection system.

Suit up as anyone, from a Dark Brotherhood assassin to a rough-and-tumble bandit.

Find safety among new allies, or deceive and betray them. Wage war against new enemies, or fire the first shot.

You are the Master of Disguise. What will you do?


Master of Disguise - Legendary

  • Skyrim.esm
  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
  • Dragonborn.esm

Master of Disguise - Modular

  • Master of Disguise: Skyrim.esm
  • Master of Disguise - Dawnguard: Dawnguard.esm, Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
  • Master of Disguise - Dragonborn: Dragonborn.esm

Avoiding Detection

NPCs now have a horizontal front-facing field of view, or cone of vision, that extends outward up to a predetermined distance. We use the fDetectionViewCone game setting, which is changed or dynamically adjusted by some mods, to determine the width of the cone of vision, and we use the amount of light on you to dynamically adjust the distance at which NPCs can recognize you.

Periodically, while you are in within that cone of vision, NPCs may become suspicious. At this point, you'll be notified that "you are being watched." You won't know who's watching you, but you'll have seconds to lose their line of sight, which you can now achieve by slipping into the darkness. If you fail to lose their line of sight, both you and the NPC will make dice rolls behind the scenes to determine whether the NPC discovers you.

If you win the dice roll, life will go on and nobody will be any wiser. If you lose the dice roll, you'll have to fight, if the NPC would have been hostile to you had you not been wearing a disguise.

The Dice Roll

We quantify your skill in Sneak or Illusion, your behaviors, your race, and how much of a disguise you're wearing. We then roll that "identity score" against a random number between 0 and 99. If your identity score is greater than the random number, you win the "detection roll."

Leaving Witnesses

If you attack a faction member while in disguise, you will be discovered and attacked. At this point, your disguise is deactivated behind the scenes. However, if you are able to dispatch your enemy or enemies without any witnesses or other nearby hostiles, your disguise will be silently reactivated, and you can safely continue forward to the next encounter.


When you are discovered, you don't have to fight! You can run. If you outpace your pursuers by some distance, they'll give up the chase, cease hostilities, and return to their stations.

Enemy Factions

Disguises work both ways. Not only can you deceive factions you want to infiltrate, but enemies of those factions will see you as an enemy. Fortunately, faction members who are in combat will be too focused on the battle to consider the possibility that you're an impostor.

SkyUI Menu

Using the new SkyUI menu, you can adjust nearly every aspect of how the detection system works. You can also toggle the disguise system and detection system independently as well.

To wear a disguise, you need to equip armor in only the body slot; however, the disguise will be more effective when complete. Certain disguises have special requirements.

Special Requirements

A few disguises have special requirements:

  • You must wear the Ring of the Silver Hand to infiltrate the Silver Hand.
  • You must wear the Vigilant's Amulet of Stendarr to infiltrate the Vigil of Stendarr.
  • You must wield the Eastmarch Guard's Shield to infiltrate the Windhelm Guard.
  • Dragonborn: You must wear the Cultist Mask to infiltrate Miraak's Cultists.

You can find items that satisfy those requirements on members of those factions.


When you equip a disguise that shares components with another, only the first disguise activated will be activated. For example, you will never be considered favored by Hircine and a member of the Silver Hand. When you equip the Ring of the Silver Hand, equipping the Savior's Hide will not activate Hircine's favor, and vice versa. Only disguises that have special requirements are affected.

With a guard uniform, conceal your bounty in specific holds, infiltrate hostile holds, and escape jail.

When you first equip a guard disguise, your active bounty in the associated hold will be tracked and reset. Your bounty will also be used to determine the effectiveness of your guard disguise. By default, you can achieve 50% effectiveness at 1,000 septims, the default bounty for murder.

While in disguise, if you commit a crime and leave witnesses, your bounty will remain and render your disguise useless, but you can get away with paying off a lesser bounty if you're caught.

When you're discovered, or when you unequip the disguise, your active bounty will be restored alongside any bounty you had incurred while in disguise. Note that disguises do not prevent you from incurring bounties.

Known Exploit

You can re-equip the guard disguise to continually conceal your active bounty; however, your tracked bounty will continue to increase accordingly.

Bandit Disguises

You can now wear a bandit disguise, comprised of Fur Armor, Fur Helmet, Fur Bracers, and Fur Shoes. You can also wear Fur Boots and Fur Gauntlets, found on Stormcloaks. Be warned: all hold guards are hostile to bandits. With the SkyUI menu, you can toggle this feature on and off.

Savior's Hide

Wearing the Savior's Hide, a gift from Hircine, will signal to Werewolves that you are favored, and they will not attack you. With the SkyUI menu, you can toggle this feature on and off.

Daedric Equipment

"The Mercy of Stendarr does not extend to Daedra worshippers." When you equip Daedric weapons or armor, except artifacts, the Vigil of Stendarr will attempt to drag you into the light. Dremora will see you as aligned with Mehrunes Dagon and will not attack you. With the SkyUI menu, you can toggle this feature on and off. 

  • 100% compatible with Requiem 1.7.3, 1.8, and 1.9 with the respective compatibility patches
  • TODO: 100% compatible with Skyim Redone (SkyRe) with a compatibility patch
  • TODO: 100% compatible with PerMa with a compatibility patch
  • 100% compatible with all armor replacers and retextures
  • 100% compatible with all mods, although some may require compatibility patches
  • 100% compatible with all stealth mods without compatibility patches, except Armor Disguises
  • 100% compatible with custom races, but custom races will not have racial modifiers
  • Mods that add new faction armor need addons to add them to the disguise system
  • Mods that change the Forsworn, Hagraven, Hjaalmarch Guard, Necromancer, Pale Guard, Penitus Oculatus, Silver Hand, Thalmor, or Winterhold Guard factions and NPCs may require compatibility patches

  • While in the game, using the SkyUI menu, go to the Debug submenu.
  • Toggle off the disguise and detection systems.
  • Save and quit the game.
  • Uninstall Master of Disguise.