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They Won't Even Know I'm There transforms all faction armor into real faction armor. Suit up as a Dark Brotherhood assassin, a Madman of the Reach, or even a lowly necromancer and experience Tamriel as though their allies, friends, and enemies were yours.

v0.4 - Please wait for this version to be released. Many changes and fixes incoming. (4/17/2014)

  • Skyrim (or newer) and SKSE 1.6.16 (or newer) are required for the main file.
  • Optional DLC support plugins require the respective DLC. If you have Dawnguard and Dragonborn, ensure that you load "TheyWontEvenKnow Bridge.esp" immediately after the DLC support plugins.
  • In addition, the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch (latest or 2.0) is required for the Dawnguard support plugin.

If you have any problems or questions, click on the Posts tab and add a comment.

As of v0.3, faction members may discover that you are an impostor! What they do when you're discovered depends on how they would normally react to you.


Detection rolls are made every six seconds when NPCs can see you within a 45-degree cone of vision extending slightly more than four dead Nords in front of them. They must have line of sight. In addition, NPCs who are in combat are "distracted" and do not roll.

Don't dally, move quickly, use cover, stay out of sight, and hope that Zenithar is on your side.


When you meet the conditions for a detection roll, you will roll a somewhat constant "identity score" versus a random number from 0 to 100. If you win the roll, you will remain undetected. With a high identity score, you will be more likely to win the roll.

To improve your identity score, you must first understand that your identity score takes into account your armor coverage, your "best skill," and, in some cases, your race.

  • The "basic requirement" for a disguise, such as body armor or an amulet or ring or shield, provides a base identity score of 50 points.
  • Wearing additional pieces of faction armor will not directly improve your identity score. Instead, wearing additional pieces of faction armor will improve the weight of your equipment on your identity score. The maximum number of points you can score with equipment is 50.
  • Similarly, your best skill, whether Sneak or Illusion, is worth half of the skill level up to 50 points. Temporary skill increases, such as those produced by potions, matter. These points represent the weight of your skill on your identity score.
  • Finally, your race, which matters to certain factions, is worth 20 points. This is the weight of your race on your identity score.

Most factions have four pieces of faction armor in addition to body armor: head, hands, feet, and shield. There are also sometimes amulets and rings.

  • Headwear is worth 20 points.
  • Hands/feet are worth 5 points each.
  • Shields are worth 10 points.
  • Amulets/rings are worth 10 points each.

Note: As of v0.3.2.1, body armor does not improve the weight of your equipment on your identity score; instead, you receive a base identity score of 50. This was intended when all factions had body armor as a basic requirement. However, the Silver Hand, Vigil of Stendarr, and Windhelm Guard require a ring, an amulet, and a shield, respectively, as a basic requirement. The current formula therefore means that body armor has no weight on your identity score in these factions. This will be corrected in the next version.

If you wear all four pieces of faction armor, your equipment will be worth 50 points. If you have a skill level of 100 in Sneak or Illusion, your best skill will be worth 50 points. With 100 points, you will have a 95% chance to remain undetected. You cannot exceed 95%.

Furthermore, among some factions, your race is worth 20 points. While you cannot exceed 95%, you will be afforded some flexibility with regard to your equipment and skill. For example, if you are a Nord among the Stormcloaks and have a skill level of 100 in Sneak, you could remove either your headwear or your shield, gauntlets, and boots without suffering a penalty.

Race matters to the following factions:

  • Thalmor: Altmer, Bosmer
  • Forsworn: Breton
  • Imperial Legion: Imperial
  • Stormcloak: Nord
  • Redoran Guard: Dunmer
  • Morag Tong: Dunmer
  • Cultists: Dunmer

Other than the Redoran Guard, no other guard factions consider your race.


Attacking any member of the faction whose armor you're wearing will reveal you and you will be attacked. If you are able to dispatch your victim(s) without leaving any witnesses, you can safely continue forward to the next encounter and no one should be any wiser.

As of v0.3, to be recognized, you need to wear only faction armor in the body slot for all factions, except the Silver Hand, Vigil of Stendarr, and Windhelm Guard. For those factions, you must wear, respectively, the Ring of the Silver Hand, Vigilant's Amulet of Stendarr, and Eastmarch Guard's Shield.

Major Factions
  • Imperial Legion: allied with Imperial Legion and Penitus Oculatus; friends with the Thalmor; enemies of the Stormcloaks; neutral with the Blades
  • Stormcloaks: allied with the Stormcloaks; enemies of the Imperial Legion, Penitus Oculatus, and the Thalmor
  • Thalmor: allied with other Thalmor; friends with the Imperial Legion and Penitus Oculatus; and enemies of the Blades
  • Blades: allied with other Blades; enemies of the Thalmor; and neutral with the Imperial Legion

Guild Factions
  • Companions: allied with other Companions and enemies of the Silver Hand
  • Dark Brotherhood: allied with other brothers and sisters of the Nightmother and enemies of Penitus Oculatus and the Morag Tong
  • Dawnguard: allied with other Dawnguard and enemies of all vampires
  • Thieves Guild: allied with other Thieves Guild members and neutral with everyday thieves
  • Clan Volkihar: allied with other Clan Volkihar members and vampires; and enemies of the Dawnguard and Vigil of Stendarr

Minor Factions
  • Cultists: allied with other Cultists; and enemies of all guards and the Vigil of Stendarr
  • Forsworn: allied with other Madmen of the Reach including their dogs; friends with the Hagraven; and enemies of the Imperial Legion, Stormcloaks, and the Thalmor
  • Morag Tong: allied with other Morag Tong and enemies of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Penitus Oculatus: allied with other agents of Penitus Oculatus and the Imperial Legion; friends with the Thalmor; and enemies of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Silver Hand: allied with other members of the Silver Hand and enemies of the Companions
  • Vigil of Stendarr: allied with other Vigilants and enemies of Daedric influences, Clan Volkihar, the Followers of Miraak, necromancers, and werewolves (in other words, they're awesome)

Other Factions
  • Necromancers: allied with other necromancers and the Followers of Miraak; and enemies of the Vigil of Stendarr
  • Werewolves: allied with other werewolves and the Companions; and enemies of the Vigil of Stendarr
  • Daedric Influence: enemies of the Vigil of Stendarr

In addition to behaving like real faction armor, guard faction armor will reset your bounty and ensure that guards of the respective faction are not hostile to you. This will allow you to, for example, kill or knock out a guard while escaping from jail, equip his/her uniform, and stroll out the front door. When you unequip the uniform, your original bounty will be restored.

Currently, this feature is not sensitive to whether guards are watching you put their uniform on so just suspend your disbelief if you do that, okay?

Alternate Start - Live Another Life is compatible; however, the Forsworn, Vigilant of Stendarr, and Thalmor starts add you to the vanilla Forsworn, Vigil, and Thalmor factions. You will need to manually remove yourself from those factions for the respective faction armors to work. To do this:

  • Forsworn: player.removefromfaction 43599
  • Vigil of Stendarr: player.removefromfaction B3292
  • Thalmor: player.removefromfaction 39F26

No armor records were modified, so this mod should be compatible with all replacers.

Only faction armor belonging to Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn will trigger faction changes. Third-party mods wishing to add support should add their armor to an appropriate formlist.

Hjaalmarch, Pale, and Winterhold guard NPC records were edited to add them to their own guard factions. Forsworn, Hagraven, Penitus Oculatus, Silver Hand, Thalmor, and Necromancer NPC records were also similarly edited. Any mods that edit these same records will not be compatible.

Many of the faction records were edited, of course, so any mods that edit these same records will also not be compatible.

Future versions of They Won't Even Know I'm There will change guard faction armor so that guards who should remain hostile don't suddenly turn friendly.

  • v0.2 - Modular DLC support
  • v0.3 - Detection system
  • v0.4 - Better guard faction armor
  • v0.5 - Possible detection system overhaul

While in the game, open the console with the tilde (~) key. Enter the following command:

stopquest xxFF0000

Important: You should replace "xx" in the above command with load order position of the mod.

Then, save the game and quit to the desktop. If you are upgrading, install the new version and play. If you are uninstalling, you can safely remove the mod.