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Featured by GameSpot, Kotaku, Brodual, and G.E.M.S., Master of Disguise transforms all faction armor into real disguises, complete with a sophisticated and immersive detection system.

Experience Tamriel like never before! Suit up as any faction member, from a Dark Brotherhood assassin to a lowly necromancer. Find safety among new allies, or deceive and betray them. Wage war against new enemies, or fire the first shot. You are the Master of Disguise. What will you do?

Faction members may discover that you are an impostor! What they do when you're discovered depends on how they would normally react to you.

Avoiding Detection

NPCs now have a 120-degree horizontal front-facing field of view, or cone of vision, that extends outward up to the equivalent of 16 humanoid NPCs lying down between the NPC and you. For every 10 seconds while you are within that cone of vision, NPCs may become suspicious.

When NPCs become suspicious, you'll be notified that "you are being watched." You won't know who's watching you, but you'll have 5 seconds to get out of their sight. If you fail to escape, a dice roll will happen in the background. If you win, life will go on. If you lose, you might have to fight.

The Dice Roll

We quantify your skill in Sneak or Illusion, your mobility, sometimes your race, and how much of a disguise you're wearing. We then roll that "identity score" against a random number between 0 and 100. If your identity score is greater than the random number, you win the roll.


There is a lot of math, and there are many variables, involved with calculating your chance to be discovered. Use the Disguise Effectiveness Calculator if you'd like an inside look at how the mod works, or if you'd just like to min/max.

Leaving Witnesses

If you attack a faction member while in disguise, you will be discovered and attacked. If you are able to dispatch your enemy or enemies without any witnesses or nearby hostiles, your disguise will be silently reactivated, and you can safely continue forward to the next encounter.


When you are discovered, you can escape! If you outpace your pursuers by more than a cell (4096 units), they'll give up the chase and return to their stations. You can then try tricking them again.

Enemy Factions

If an enemy of a faction you are attempting to trick sees you, that enemy will attack you. Fortunately, when nearby members of the faction you are attempting to trick get into combat, they will be too focused on battle to get a good look at you. Use a faction's enemies to distract the faction you're infiltrating whenever you can.

To be recognized as a member of a faction, you need to wear faction armor in only the body slot for all factions; however, a few factions have different requirements:

  • Cultist Mask (Cultists)
  • Ring of the Silver Hand (Silver Hand)
  • Vigilant's Amulet of Stendarr (Vigil of Stendarr)
  • Eastmarch Guard's Shield (Windhelm Guard)

Daedric Equipment

"The Mercy of Stendarr does not extend to Daedra worshippers." When you equip any Daedric weapons or armor, the Vigil of Stendarr will attempt to drag you into the light. How? By killing you, of course. Unlike other faction armor, you will not be notified when you wear Daedric equipment. 

  • 100% compatible with all armor replacers and retextures
  • 100% compatible with all mods, including Requiem (with a patch), unless noted here
  • 100% compatible with custom races, although custom races will not have racial bonuses or penalties
  • 100% compatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life
  • 100% compatible with Civil War Overhaul
  • 100% compatible with PerMa (untested). According to T3nd0, don't use PerMa's disguise perk and you'll be fine!
  • NOT compatible with SkyRe! A compatibility patch is possible, but T3nd0 considers SkyRe done and will not make one. Any volunteers?
  • Mods that add new faction armor will need compatibility patches to add disguise support for the new items
  • Mods that change the Hjaalmarch, Pale, and Winterhold guard NPCs may need compatibility patches
  • Mods that change the Forsworn, Hagraven, Penitus Oculatus, Silver Hand, Thalmor, or Necromancer NPCs may also need compatibility patches
  • Mods that change any of the factions listed in the chart above will need compatibility patches
  • Translators: Only six items and dozens of messages need to be translated. Please send me your translations and I'll put them up.
  • Modders: Please send me your compatibility patches and I'll put them up, pending certification.

Known Issues

  • [RARE] Player can become stuck in a disguise even after unequipping the disguise. Solution: Unknown, but re-unequipping the affected disguise can resolve the problem.
  • [UNVERIFIED] Healing spells may cause followers to attack the player due to overaggressive attack detection. Solution: Check for and ignore nonhostile magic effects when determining whether an NPC was attacked.
  • [UNVERIFIED] Quest Faction Fixes: Some faction quests don't check if the player is in the respective player-only faction. As a result, owned objects will remain off limits to the player, and some quest dialogue may not be available, preventing some quests from progressing. Solution: Add more checks for the player-only factions.


  • Use Mod Organizer to install and manage your mods. 
  • Use LOOT (not BOSS) to sort your load order. 
  • If you CTD on load, double check that you have all of the plugins required by the mod (e.g., Dawnguard, Dragonborn, USKP, UDGP.) 
  • Disable Papyrus logging, if you're experiencing CTDs while running around in the game. 
  • Disable bEnableTrace and bLoadDebugInformation in Skyrim.ini.

Planned Features

  • Bandit disguise
  • Falmer disguise
  • Day/night cycle bonuses and penalties
  • Light source bonuses and penalties
  • Weather bonuses and penalties
  • Speech skill bonus while not wearing headwear
  • Reimplement guard faction armor for jailbreaks
  • Balanced bounty handling
  • Quest and scene retrofit for disguises

While in the game, open the console with the tilde (~) key.

Enter the following commands (ignore the text in parentheses):
stopquest xxFF0000 (Disguise Quest)
stopquest xx01EE54 (Detection Quest)
Important: You should replace "xx" in the above commands with the load order position of the mod. Then, save the game and quit to the desktop. If you are upgrading, install the new version and play. If you are uninstalling, you can safely remove the mod.