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Master of Disguise transforms all faction armor into real faction armor. Suit up as a Dark Brotherhood assassin, a Madman of the Reach, or even a lowly necromancer and experience Tamriel as though their allies and enemies were yours.

As Brodual explained, you don't need to know all of the details that are presented here. I designed Master of Disguise to implement the disguise as an intuitive gameplay mechanic that naturally fits into the game. Nevertheless, if you're interested in the design or just want to min/max, read on.

v0.4.3 - Civil War NPCs should no longer be prematurely hostile. (8/12/2014)

If you are upgrading, uninstall the mod completely. If you extracted the scripts to your Skyrim directory, delete them. Use the Savegame Script Scalpel to ensure that your save, if you're not starting a new game, is clear of old scripts. My scripts are prefixed with the Scottish Gaelic word "dubh."

Faction members may discover that you are an impostor! What they do when you're discovered depends on how they would normally react to you.


For the purposes of detection, NPCs have a 120-degree horizontal front-facing field of view that extends outward up to 2048 Skyrim distance units, which is the equivalent of 16 humanoid NPCs lying down between the NPC and you. We'll call this field of view a "cone of vision." While you are within an NPC's cone of vision, a determination is made every 10 seconds regarding whether an NPC should look at you more closely. If an NPC becomes suspicious, you will be notified that "you are being watched." You won't know who's watching you, but you'll have 5 seconds to get out of their cone of vision. If you fail to escape their cone of vision, a detection roll will be made. If you win the dice roll, life will go on. If you lose, your cover might be blown and you'll have to fight.


A detection roll is made using two scores: your identity score and a random number between 0 and 100.

Your identity score is the sum of several factors: your skill in Sneak or Illusion, sometimes your race, and how much of a faction's armor you are wearing.

Your identity score is also affected by your mobility.


To determine the weight of your best skill on your identity score:

  • We use your highest skill in either Sneak or Illusion. If your skill is higher than 50, your effective skill will be capped at 50.
  • We then multiply your skill by a penalty. For example, if you are within -15 to 15 degrees and 512 units of a suspicious NPC, your skill will be penalized by 25%. At 100 skill, your effective skill would be 37.5.
  • Spells, abilities, and potions that increase your Sneak or Illusion skill will affect your identity score.


Specific factions will consider your race when your identity score is calculated. Your race is worth a flat 5 points. If you are an appropriate race, you will receive a racial bonus or racial penalty to your ability to remain undercover. There are no racial restrictions.

You will receive racial bonuses from the following factions:

  • Thalmor: Altmer, Bosmer
  • Forsworn: Breton
  • Imperial Legion: Imperial
  • Stormcloak: Nord
  • Redoran Guard: Dunmer
  • Morag Tong: Dunmer
  • Cultists: Dunmer
  • Vampires: Vampire
  • Alik'r Mercenaries: Redguard

You will receive racial penalties from the following factions:

  • Forsworn: Nord
  • Stormcloaks: Altmer
  • Thalmor: Argonian, Breton, Dunmer, Khajiit, Nord, Orc, Redguard
  • Markarth Guard: Altmer
  • Windhelm Guard: Altmer
  • Alik'r Mercenaries: Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orc


Most disguises will only be activated when you are wearing faction body armor. There are exceptions, such as Cultists who want to see their mask and the Silver Hand who rely on their unique ring to identify members. However, most factions also have four pieces of faction armor in addition to body armor, including helmets, gloves, boots, and shields. Each slot is weighted differently.

  • Body armor is worth 15 points.
  • Helmets, hoods, and masks are worth 20 points.
  • Gloves, gauntlets, and boots are worth 5 points.
  • Shields are worth 5 points.
  • Rings and amulets are worth 5 points.

If you wear five pieces of faction armor, the weight of your equipment on your identity score could reach 50 points, but not all factions equip armor in all four or five slots. Therefore, some factions will be harder to trick than others.

For example, guard factions have unique body armor, helmet, gauntlets, boots, and shields. They don't have unique jewelry. Therefore, the max weight on your identity score is 50.

Necromancers have unique body armor that fits into the body and circlet slots, providing 35 points, and unique boots, an extra 5 points. The max weight on your identity score is 40.


While you are not running, sprinting, sneaking, and while you don't have your weapon drawn, you will receive a 5% bonus to your identity score.

If you are running, sprinting, sneaking, or have your weapon drawn when a dice roll is made, you will suffer a 25% penalty to your identity score.


Although the maximum identity score is 100, the cone of vision penalties, in addition to armor coverage limitations and practical applications, ensure that players will never be perfectly undercover.

You can achieve a 100% chance to remain undercover with 100 skill, the right race, full armor coverage, and sufficient distance between the NPC and you in the NPC's peripheral line of sight.

But the whole point of using disguises is to be able to get in close to hostiles. If you're just going to stay away, why use a disguise? For more practical sneaky types, you can achieve a 92.5% maximum chance to remain undercover within 512 units in an NPC's clear line of sight.


To determine your chance to be discovered, use the Disguise Effectiveness Calculator.


If you attack a faction member while in disguise, you will be discovered and you will be attacked. If you are able to dispatch your enemy or enemies without any witnesses or nearby hostiles, your disguise will be reactivated and you can safely continue forward to the next encounter.


When you are discovered, you can escape! When you've outpaced your pursuers by more than a cell (4096 units), they'll give up the chase and return to their stations. You'll be free to try tricking them again.


Note that enemies of a faction will never wonder "are you really in my enemy's faction?" This is Skyrim. If an enemy of a faction that you are attempting to trick sees you, that enemy will attack you. Fortunately, when nearby members of the faction you are attempting to trick get into combat, they will be too focused on battle to check you out closer. Use a faction's enemies to distract the faction you're infiltrating whenever you can.

To be recognized as a member of a faction, you need to wear faction armor in only the body slot for all factions; however, a few factions have different requirements:

  • Cultists: You must wear the Cultist Mask.
  • Silver Hand: You must wear the Ring of the Silver Hand.
  • Vigil of Stendarr: You must wear the Vigilant's Amulet of Stendarr.
  • Windhelm Guard: You must wear the Eastmarch Guard's Shield.

There is also special faction armor about which you will not be notified when equipped.
"The Mercy of Stendarr does not extend to Daedra worshippers."
If you spend any time around Vigilants of Stendarr, they'll go on and on about how they hate Daedra, especially Daedra worshippers. Yet, in the vanilla game, you can stand in front of a Vigilant—you can stand in the middle of the Hall of the Vigilant—decked out in a full metal jacket from Oblivion, and they wouldn't react. No more! Now, if you wield a Daedric weapon or wear Daedric armor of any kind, nearby Vigilants will attempt to drag you into the light.

  • 100% compatible with all armor replacers and retextures
  • 100% compatible with all mods, including Requiem (with a patch), unless noted here
  • 100% compatible with custom races, although custom races will not have racial bonuses or penalties
  • 100% compatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life
  • 100% compatible with Civil War Overhaul
  • 100% compatible with PerMa (untested). According to T3nd0, don't use PerMa's disguise perk and you'll be fine!
  • NOT compatible with SkyRe! A compatibility patch is possible, but T3nd0 considers SkyRe done and will not make one. Any volunteers?
  • Mods that add new faction armor will need compatibility patches to add disguise support for the new items
  • Mods that change the Hjaalmarch, Pale, and Winterhold guard NPCs may need compatibility patches
  • Mods that change the Forsworn, Hagraven, Penitus Oculatus, Silver Hand, Thalmor, or Necromancer NPCs may also need compatibility patches
  • Mods that change any of the factions listed in the chart above will need compatibility patches
  • Translators: Only six items and dozens of messages need to be translated. Please send me your translations and I'll put them up.
  • Modders: Please send me your compatibility patches and I'll put them up, pending certification.

Planned features:

  • Bandit disguise
  • Falmer disguise
  • Day/night cycle bonuses and penalties
  • Light source bonuses and penalties
  • Weather bonuses and penalties
  • Speech skill bonus while not wearing headwear
  • Reimplement guard faction armor for jailbreaks
  • Balanced bounty handling
  • Quest and scene retrofit for disguises

While in the game, open the console with the tilde (~) key. Enter the following commands (ignore the text in parentheses):
stopquest xxFF0000 (Disguise Quest)
stopquest xx01EE54 (Detection Quest)
Important: You should replace "xx" in the above commands with the load order position of the mod. Then, save the game and quit to the desktop. If you are upgrading, install the new version and play. If you are uninstalling, you can safely remove the mod.