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Added: 19/10/2013 - 08:58AM
Updated: 24/10/2013 - 02:29AM

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Last updated at 2:29, 24 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 8:58, 19 Oct 2013

Scans xml behavior files(created from Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher)
and creates comments on it for easier editing of behavior files.
Currently Places label to event lines, labels some variable initializations etc.
New file has Commented.xml appended to name
(Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher can be used to convert behavior file to xml;be sure to check delete comments option)

Convert behavior file to xml with Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher before using.

Requires Java to use.

Plans of features to add later:
-Have option to reorganize behavior file order.
-Create nested behavior event lists.

Similar tool found here from fore(saw after I posted mine):

- Released first version of commentor program
1.05(Working on now):
- New Easier to upgrade UI
- Now also places comments(for names) on variable types and event infos
- Now has a text area that acts as a console log
- Now uses event array index as id for trigger id(which seems to be more likely then the event number like used in version one)