Siamese Female Khajiit Follower - Meeran the Black-Hearted by Fiszi
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Added: 18/10/2013 - 11:10AM
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Since there are no female khajiit follower in the Vanilla game, and there are only a few on Nexus, I decided to create my own, and now she\\\'s available for anyone! I love Siamese cats, so designed her this way.
You can find her in Falkreath, the Dead Man\\\'s Drink. She has human female voice, bacuase there are no female khajiit follower voice. :(
She is level 20 or 30, I don\\\'t remember well, so not an overpowered follower. She is the warrior type.

Install: extract the .esp file and the textures, meshes folders into your Data folder. Check the .esp file in the launcher.

ApachiiSkyHair: I uses this hair mod to create her, I haven\\\'t tested but if you don\\\'t have this, she probably will be bald.

Recommended mods

They are not necessary, but if you want Meeran look exactly the same like on the screenshots, use them!

Coverkhajiits: a HD retexture for khajiit faces. I highly recommend this mod, it\\\'s really cool!
CBBE: better body for females. I use this, you can use others, which is compatible with beast races :)
Skimpy Armor Replacer for CBBE: she wears them on the screenshots.

For the screenshots I used:
Climates of Tamriel
Stakado\\\'s Cinemascope ENB: an ENB with almost no fps loss
Dynavision: Depth of Field

If you have problems with the hair or the armor or anything, please let me know!
Screenshots and endorsements are welcome! ;)