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Resplendent - Races of Skyrim

The power is within you.

Resplendent features five new racials and tweaked stats for each race, giving each race a unique and thematic playstyle, without shoehorning the race into specific builds or classes. The racials are designed to enable tactical play and counterplay, but beware, NPCs also get them!

Content overview

Resplendent replaces the underwhelming vanilla racial abilities and powers with five new racials per race: three passive abilities and two active powers. Only one of these powers is available at first: each race has its own unique quest associated with it, which appears when you use your other racials. Complete its requirements to unlock your second racial power!

NPCs also have access to most of these racials, including racial powers which they use intelligently. NPC Bosmer also get their own unique Forestwalk ability to compensate for the lack of a Bosmer combat power.

New racials and stats


Health regen: 2/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 5/5

  • High Barrier: Armor rating increased at high Magicka or Stamina.
  • Starfire: In combat at high Health, drains Health to replenish Magicka and Stamina.
  • Wellspring: When near death, taps into your Magicka and Stamina reserves to heal you.
  • Arcane Nova: 1/day - Absorbs your enemies' Magicka and Stamina and removes their magical buffs.
  • Contingency: (Unlockable) At will - Weave spells into an auto-cast trigger set to activate on specific conditions.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 3/5

  • Chameleon: Invisibilty when standing still with weapons out.
  • Histborn: Regeneration increased when your Health, Magicka or Stamina is almost depleted.
  • Marsh Dweller: Poison resistance, waterbreathing, and the ability to swim faster and regenerate in water.
  • Bile Spit: 1/day - Spit a stream of acid that blinds and weakens enemies.
  • Delirium: (Unlockable) 1/day - Secrete toxins that inflict random mind altering statuses on melee attackers.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 2/5

  • Cannibalize: Honour Yffre by consuming the corpses of your enemies, gaining increased regeneration.
  • Harrier: A bird marks animals to kill for bonus loot or your enemies in battle, weakening them.
  • Wild Senses: Stand still while sneaking to detect moving targets.
  • Observe: At will - Gain advanced knowledge about your target's stats.
  • Beast Tongue: (Unlockable) 1/day - Turns a nearby predator into an ally until released.
  • NPC only - Forestwalk: Gain invisibility when in combat at full health outside major cities.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 4/5

  • Manmer Blood: Stamina regeneration tripled below half Magicka and vice versa.
  • Spell Mantle: Magic resistance, and grants spell absorb at low Magicka.
  • The Gift: Damage increased after finding standing stones, spellpower increased after reading books.
  • Harmonize: At will - Detect containers or weaken spellcasters by interrupting their spells.
  • Shield Dome: (Unlockable) 1/day - Reduces damage taken through the wall of the bubble in either direction.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 3/5

  • Ancestral Guardians: Summons the spirits of the honoured dead when entering combat.
  • Ashborn: Fire resistance, and buy price bonus/penalty depending on race.
  • Whispers: The ancestors mark targets to slay, rewarding you with more spirits summoned.
  • Spirit Walk: 1/day - Move unseen and unheard out of combat. Summon more ancestral spirits in combat.
  • Balefire: (Unlockable) 1/day - Unleash the fires of Red Mountain to annihilate your enemies.


Health regen: 4/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 3/5

  • Cosmopolitan: Cheaper bribes, and can pay other characters to improve their disposition.
  • Discipline: Armor and magic resistance increased when standing still.
  • Legionary: If you have a follower, regeneration is increased and you can swap position with your follower.
  • Intel: At will - Spy through the eyes of the nearest person.
  • Colovian Star: (Unlockable) 1/day - Fully replenishes your highest two stats.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 3/5

  • Feline Agility: Movement speed increased out of combat, and by a lesser amount in combat.
  • Prowl: Regeneration increased and movement silenced while sneaking.
  • Rawlith Khaj: Claw damage scales with level and claw power attacks have devastating effects.
  • Ravage: 1/day - Increases claw damage for a short time. Killmoves heal you and further boost damage.
  • Mischief: (Unlockable) 1/day - Nearby targets instantly leave combat.


Health regen: 3/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 2/5

  • Child of the Sky: Frost resistance, and Magicka and Stamina regeneration increased at low Health.
  • Kinship: Can trade with any non-hostile Nord.
  • Kyne's Breath: Movement speed increased for a short time after entering combat.
  • Challenge: 1/day - Forces the target to attack you. Killing the target restores Health, Magicka and Stamina.
  • Avatar: (Unlockable) 1/day - Greatly increases your skill levels while in combat.


Health regen: 4/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 1/5

  • Code of Strength: Magicka and Stamina regeneration increased at high Health.
  • Greenskin: Shock resistance, and sell price bonus/penalty depending on race.
  • Shockwave: Jump to cause an earthquake that blasts nearby enemies away. Once per battle.
  • Berserk: 1/day - Increases damage and spellpower. Triggers randomly in combat when off cooldown.
  • Blood of Malacath: (Unlockable) 1/day - Sets target Health percentage to twice your Health percentage.


Health regen: 4/5
Magicka and Stamina regen: 5/5

  • Battle Tactics: Marks enemies to weaken them and steal Magicka and Stamina by attacking them.
  • Blood of the Ra Gada: Magicka and Stamina increased but do not regenerate in combat.
  • Desert Wind: Movement speed increased while sprinting.
  • Whirling Defense: 1/day - A dust devil surrounds you, stunning attackers.
  • Fata Morgana: (Unlockable) 1/day - Gain invisibility and immediately regain it when broken.


General compatibility

  • Compatible with body mods.
  • Modifies RACE records and needs to be merged with other mods that do the same.
  • Replacing racials in an existing save is tricky, see "Applying this mod to an existing savegame" below.

Known compatibility list

  • ASIS: Add Resplendent to the ASIS block list to prevent it from multiplying Dunmer Ancestral Guardians.
  • Character Creation Overhaul (CCO): CCO has been designed to not modify existing records, ensuring compatibility.
  • Ethereal Elven Overhaul (EEO): Compatibility patch available.
  • RaceMenu: Load Resplendent AFTER RaceMenu, otherwise RaceMenu will reset the racials in short order.
  • Requiem: Compatibility patch available. The patch does not retain Requiem's different starting stats between races, because the point of Resplendent is that any race can go for any build and the different starting stats in Requiem make this impossible.
  • Skyrim Redone (SkyRe): Don't use the SkyRe Races Module.

Applying this mod to an existing savegame

Skyrim has issues replacing racials in existing savegames. It is recommended to apply any mod that changes racials only to a new savegame.

If you don't want to do this and your racials do not correspond to the above list, try the "Remove Non-Innate Racials" option in the Resplendent MCM menu to clear redundant racials. If you don't have SkyUI, bring up the console and type help RXR_HelpRemoveAll to get its hex ID in your particular installation and then type player.addspell [this hex ID]. Whether you use the MCM menu or the console, close it after every action and wait a minute or so while the script runs.

For people still struggling with ornery saves, try this solution by FutureVisions:
- Loading ANY save, where the skills were active, from the MAIN MENU = skills are present.
- Loading an AUTOSAVE, where skills were active, from IN-GAME = skills are gone.
- Loading a HARD-SAVE, where skills were active, from IN-GAME = skills are present.

  • The racials are missing: See "Applying this mod to an existing savegame" above.
  • The troubleshooting options in the MCM do not work: After you click either of the two debug options on the bottom right, quit out of the menu and afk a while (a minute should be safe, there's a built-in delay and then it has a huge list of spells to plow through). If you hammer both options at the same time, it adds the racials and then removes them again.
  • Harrier, Battle Tactics and Whispers do not work: These abilities only start working at level 2 and up. The purpose of this is to minimise load during the character creation scene in Helgen, because this is a very fragile scene and breaks easily under load.
  • Can I change my race: Yes. Open the console and type player.setrace (name)Race (eg ArgonianRace). This will change your character to the correct race but probably make a mess of your face. Then type showracemenu to bring up the character creation menu and get some plastic surgery. Note: do not change your race in this menu because to avoid having your attributes changed randomly.
  • The game hangs shortly after I create my character: The intro scene is time sensitive and may get stuck when too much loading is done, especially on installations burdened with many mods. This is a Skyrim bug, but it affects race mods more than others. If you suffer fron this issue, pick the Nord race, then once you are in control of your character and in an area without too much action, follow the above instructions to change your race to the one you want to play as.