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Traduction fran├žaise, French translation.

Requires Skyrim Update / Hearthfire DLC / Dragonborn DLC -- may not work with older versions of Skyrim..
Nexus Exclusive Mod -- Do NOT upload these files to other sites.
Any changes, use of content or translations of this mod will require my permission, PM me for details.

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-This mod adds a growable Telvanni town in the middle of Lake Ilinalta on the exact same spot as the Lady Stone, north of Falkreath.
-It consists of two mushroom towers and seven mushroom pods circling around the main tower (the player's home).
-Upon arrival the island is deserted and it is up to the player to grow and build it up to its full potential.
-New npcs can be hired to give it a small town feeling and are realistic regarding their appearance, clothing and use of weaponry/spells. They also keep themselves busy with chores during the day and sleep at night.

* HD Telvanni Robes -- six different colors for these robes, buy enchanted ones from the wizard and unenchanted ones from the servant.
* New Summonable Creatures and Followers -- 8 new conjuration spells that you buy from the wizard.
* Grow and Build -- it is up to the player to construct everything and hire the NPCs, the first thing you need to do is grow certain buildings and then use the work bench to build the interiors, look at some of the screenshots to see the locations.
There is a cheat version where all materials are included in a chest which is located on top of the construction bench on the island, use this version if you don't feel like gathering all the resources required to build the town.
- Neloth's Journal -- located on the table to your right after you ascend up into Tel Mithryn, it contains information about materials needed to grow the town.
- Buildings Grow Order -- first you grow the bridge by activating the fertile soil next to the Lady Stone, this soil is not on the island itself but on the main land, then you build the general stores pod, blacksmith pod, consilium tower, aquifer, main tower and household, stairs around main tower and four extra pods around main tower.
- Construction Bench -- located on the south side of the island (next to the pine tree) to build the interiors. You cannot build interiors if their respective buildings are not grown yet.
- Hiring Boards -- can be build and will be located on the main entrance of the island where you can hire all npcs for a price. You cannot hire npcs if their respective interiors are not constructed yet.
- Pack up Chest -- located inside the general stores, this chest will pack away the construction bench outside, using the chest again will put the construction bench back.
* Player Tower -- your personal home where you can store all your items.
* Household -- home for your spouse and children, also safe to store items.
* Aquifer -- an underground exotic hot springs lake for NPCs to relax, NPCs will take off/on clothing when entering/exiting.
* Consilium Tower -- big secondary tower for the NPCs that includes an Apothecary Shop, a Garden where you can grow plants, a Kitchen area, Library area and a Temple area where you and NPCs can pray to all the Divines.
* General Stores -- shop dealing in general goods.
* Blacksmith -- shop dealing in weapons and armor.
* NPCs -- a merchant, blacksmith, alchemist, farmer, chef, wizard, servant and 3 guards.
* Improved Navmesh -- all added content has been provided with new navmeshes, NPCs follow wherever you go.

* Always make back-up saves before trying new mods.
* Make sure you are far away from Lake Ilinalta before installing.
* Nexus Mod Manager: download the .ESP and .BSA files and activate it to install.
* Manual: open the 7zip file, then drag and drop the .ESP and .BSA files into Skyrim's Data folder.

* Make sure you are far away from Lake Ilinalta before uninstalling, wait 40+ days.
* You can deactivate and uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager, or manually delete the mod.

* Floating Grass Fix -- Also try waiting a few days far away from the town so it can reset and the grass doesn't float anymore.

None so far.

Compatible with every mod except those modifying the cells Tel Nalta occupies.
Compatible with Aurora Village:
Compatible with Undeath:
Not compatible with Moon and Star:

~~~~~~Recommended Mods:~~~
* Telvanni reborn : Better textures to make it all look good.
* My Home Is Your Home : Set any follower on home/sleep/work/guard wherever you like.
* Hearthfire multiple adoptions : Enables you to move your spouse and children to different homes.
Once you have this mod installed, go inside the Household interior and cast the "bless home" spell, now go talk to your spouse and kids and tell them to move to the new home.
* Smoothed_Dunmer-1_40 Optional File : Prettier Dark-Elf faces.
* More plants and recipes for Hearthfire : Allows for more plants to be grown in the fertile soils.

* RussianRanger for co-authoring!
* Mrpdean for hes assistance with mesh creation!

* Darkfox127 for his amazing tutorials.
* Earrindo for telvanni assets.
* Stoverjm & Blary for open books.
* Blary for alchemy clutter, potionshelf, booksets, foodcontainer, openbooks.
* Oaristys for resources pack and jars.
* Runspect for resources.
* Elinen & Ztree for water plants.
* Tueffelachtein for craftingtables.
* Tamira, Birdy & Yughues aka Nobiax for new plants.
* Rafuel for telvanni robes.
* JonesTheBond, ChampionofHircine, 1shoedpunk for telvanni assets.
* Vicn, Dogtown1 for creature assets.

* Ilinalta's Deep fortress walls have been removed and the towers moved more inland to make the lake larger, the new fortress area also has new navmeshes.
* To let wait time go faster, open console and type "TFC", one day will pass in a second now instead of waiting for every single hour to pass, when done type "TFC" again.
* To decorate your home, dump items on the ground, exit home, re-enter home, place them where you like.
* If you don't like certain items/plants/trees, you can always open the console in game, select the item, type "disable" or "markfordelete" to remove it.
When using markfordelete you need to save and load again, but beware that the item will be gone forever, and make sure you have a backup save ready in case you deleted the wrong item.
You can also use these commands to make your manor interior better by removing clutter items you otherwise cannot pick up.

~~~~~~Modding Advice:~~~~~~
(only read if you want to mod.)
* Some people might want to change certain things in the creation kit for themselves, read my explanation under my mod forums tab for changes inside the SkyrimEditor.ini file so the creation kit can open multiple .ESM and .ESP files.
Without these changes you cannot use the creation kit properly.

* If you want to change or remove certain npcs or creatures, after my mod is loaded in the creation kit go look in the "Object Window -> Actors -> Actor" and type in "Tel_Nalta", this will give a list of all my added actors, if you want to remove one just select it and press delete, if you get warnings keep pressing "yes".
* To manually edit things in the exterior you need to look into "Cell View -> World Space=Tamriel -> Tel_Nalta01", double click and it will load, the interiors are under "World Space=Interiors", all my added interiors start with "Tel_Nalta" as well.
* If you try modding it yourself you should be aware that if you delete stuff you can cause CTD if that particular item was there already in the vanilla game, you will get a deleted reference and when the game tries to load it it cannot find it and so it crashes.
To fix that you should use TES5EDIT program, load the mod, do "apply filter for cleaning", then "undelete and disable references", then "remove identical to master records", press CTRL-S to save the mod.
That should prevent CTDs in that department.

* If you'd like to know how I work with navmeshes in the exterior, read my explanation under my mod forums tab.

* If you'd like to know how to make npcs take off/on clothing when entering/exiting the pool, read the tutorial created by "subtanker" under my mod forums tab.

And here is a little video of the progress on the new player tower, which is not released yet, still a work in progress.

to do list:

- contact rockyourazz for exterior optimization.
- contact dptheslothking to create a proper youtube clip for the mod.
- make clutter objects inside the dwemer construction area static.
- close the "open by default" door at the bottom.
- remove all occlusion planes, they are screwing up the FPS.
- add stage 1 growth player tower that links to the old aquifer X marker.
- add mushroom trees on main land.
- completely rework the lights on the interior with this tutorial:
Also use this tutorial to disable the farm and bathing area when you get in the area between the boat and the center courtyard?
- check out Field Lab 2 assets (permission granted)
- add fish hatchery.
- add small farm with animals, maybe a new mount stable.
- add wizard tower to the mainland.
- change some of the npc names?
- burning coal piles under the interior floors.( check bottom of the page for objects that give warmth.
- custom made water altar from Field Lab 2 inside the Aquifer for black soul gems or something.
- add "DreamBurrows Regal Assassin Armor by DreamBurrow" to an npc and a shopkeeper to buy.
- cut up the big mushroom objects to allow more exterior lights without causing light flickering.
- 2nd carriage driver(new custom creature) near whiterun to transport people to Tel Nalta, or a new spell that opens a magical door.
- add burial site with necromancer/creature follower(summonable from other realms? (monster mod assets)) somewhere else on the lake.
- add new mounts? (
From mod (permission granted to use armored sabrecat)
- add lore friendly books from
- improved noble furniture from mrpdean's mod? (

- adjust the book in Tel Mithryn to represent the new changes.
- add horker tusk to the bonegrinder bench in return for bonemeal.
- add three dwarven creature followers to be constructed from a new bench.
- add 7 quest restrictions to the black book display activator and 3 quest restrictions to the elder scrolls display activator so that these two displays cannot be used until all those related quests are completed, otherwise quests which need those specific quest items will get broken.
- quest to further expand the "grow and build" system, boss encounters(monster mod) with "sapling" ingredients.
- custom tables to create rare ingredients, bones for bonemeal, secondary ingredients from bosses(brimstone to firesalts) etc.
- add scripted attacks?
- add enable/disable options for the plants and insects in the exterior to the heart in the dungeon for increasing FPS.
- scripts for the mammoth powder and gem tables.
- scripting the NPCs to ask for certain useless clutter and having them turn it into something the player could use.
- renaming the Servant a "Mouth" as they were the wizard-lord's right hand man in Morrowind and did various of the "little" tasks.
- town cloaking?
- add courier to begin quest?
- disenchant items? (
- put v1.6 on steam with reference to Nexus for newer versions.
- Contact MMOxReview and Brodual for mod spotlights.