Hunting For Treasure by Loth
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I've added 5 clue notes around the world, they are very short riddles which reveal the location of the next note. You can think of this like a quest, I did not make it show up in your quest journal, there are no markers, and there are no directions except for what you find in the notes.

I don't know how to make a spoiler on this website so I won't add a list of locations, if you are REALLY stuck, you can add me on steam ( Lothloran1 ) and send me a message or email me at, I'll see messages on steam and in my email before messages on nexus.

I've added a unique (vanilla texture) body armor, bow, and great sword and arrows which are fire balls (they won't show cocked in your bow, but when you release it will shoot fire balls)

Good luck and happy treasure hunting.

You can find the key and first note on the second floor of Dragonsreach.


I can't add screen caps without ruining the fun of looking for the clues.