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"Wind Magic" adds 6 new Spells to the game from varying schools and levels. They all manipulate the position of the player and / or his enemies.

==How to obtain the Spells==
Enter Riverwood fhrough the south-west entrance-gate (If you fast-travel to Riverwood you stand right in front of it). As soon as you did this you will meet a grumpy Orc bandit. Take care of him and a short misc. Quest starts. If you finish it you will be rewarded with the spellbooks.

== Alternate downloads ==
You can download this mod from the Steam Workshop as well:

This mod is compatible with nearly every mod out there. There might be problems if you have installed a mod that changes the entrances to Riverwood.

== FAQ ==
Q: How do I install this mod
You can download this mod via the mod-manager, or by downloading manual. Copy the files into your Skyrim/Data folder and you're done. You might have to activate the mod via the Datafiles in the launcher.
Q: How do I uninstall this mod
Since this mod doesn't affect any important laws of skyrim, just delete the mod file from your folder, or your modmanager.
Q:How do I get new content after I've already finished the quest?
Leave riverwood through the same gate as you went as you startet the quest. A chest has appeared on the gate's left side.
Q: The chest doesn't appear in my version
Type "set windquestdone to 1" in the console. Leave the area and come back again.
Q: The bandit respawns again and again
Open the console and klick on the bandit. Type in 'disable' and hit enter!

== Changelog ==
-added the mod

-New Item: "Iron Dagger of the Winds" - Attacked targets get blown away - Disenchantable
-Helath now uses the "Iron Dagger of the Winds"
-Changed the Wind-Spirit: Now uses two "Iron Dagger of the Winds"
-Fixed typos
-Fixed Quest-Target markers
-Fixed long range melee-pushes
-Nerfed "Travel with the winds" so hard that it should work better now
-Riverwood chest added for new content (See FAQ for more information)

-Fixed: The bandit no longer respawns [Check FAQ for more information]