Harkon Sword - Join the Dark Side by 65775
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Now that I finally make more than 4 people to comment. It is time for the proper description.

This mod intended to make Harkon Sword become a (little bit) suitable for vampire's Nightblade playstyle.

Detail : When you equip Harkon Sword you will receive a unique destruction spell for your left hand that pull the victim from a (far?) distance and drain their life energy, health,stamina,magicka like vampire lord's grab do, the victim who got grabbed will behave themselves nicely like a helpless ragdoll until you ran out of magicka or decide to toss them away.

You can pull them off the cliff edge or toss them down to a river and fire a successive spells to finish them off or toss them to a wall nearby and fill your health, magicka and stamina bar with Harkon Sword, you don't need to be a vampire to use it but to get full benefit from Harkon Sword's drain ability you must join the dark side and become the night(sky)walker.

There isn't much to figured just wield the sword and find out!! I hope you enjoy it :D

And here is a short vid about vampirecharm optional mod when using it with Stealth Kills for Followers mod by flexcreator. (My mod alone make the charmed victim won't report crime you committed to someone else)