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LC Immersive Looting

This mod adds a variety of new items to the looting list in the game. Making it more interesting and exciting on going explore ruins and dungeons. Now you can make your Character stronger and wealthy, or just collect the many decoration items to your personal treasure.


You will find golden and silver treasures in many places in Skyrim. Golden items will be hard to find and much worthy, although silver items will be easier to find but not so worthy. Everything is being done to keep the balance of the game, so it wont break your immersion.

Dragon’s Eggs

There will be three different kinds of dragon’s eggs as ingredients, it can be found in all places over the continent, you just need to put some effort on looting because they aren’t so easy to find.
(Tip: Dont forget to eat the eggs to earn their bonus)
1 – Blue Egg -> +10 permanent Magic.
2 – Yellow Egg -> +10 permanent Health.
3 – Green Egg -> +10 permanent Stamina.

Magic Feathers

You will find magic feathers, they will be equipped on a free slot, so you get your ring slot and your pendant slot free to equip.

1 – Magic Feather +50 on carrying weight capacity.
2 – Silver Feather +100 on carrying weight capacity.
3 – Golden Feather +200 on carrying weight capacity.


You will find 7 new amulet models, each of them with a unique and powerful enchantment (all balanced to keep your immersion)
Each amulet can be found on 3 different levels of power, so, the powerful the amulet is the harder it is to be found. There are 21 amulets totally, in the levels described below:
(Fine) Amulets – Easier to be found.
(Super) Amulets – A bit rare to be found.
(Legendary) Amulets– Totally hard to be found

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I recommend use Nexus Mod Manager or another of your choice.

Manual Installation
Extract Archive.rar to an specific file in your computer, then copy “LC_immersiveLoot.esp” and “LC_immersiveLoot.bsa” to the Skyrim/data.
Active the plugin on Launcher and BE HAPPY!


Quite simple, just go to Skyrim/data and remove:

Ask for Help

I am working on my new project called “Become Jarl of Ivarstead” and I need more Voice Actors to help me. They must have English as their native language and not be afraid of working hard!

If you just wanna offer your work and in the first request you disappear, Please don’t waste my time, if you wanna help don’t be messing around.
If you REALLY wanna help me with the project please contact me via private message Locaster
You can find pictures of the project on the Facebook Fan Page below:


PrivateEye mesh of rings very thanks!

PrivateEye Mods see too!

Amalurian Test file.
Luan Vecchi Ferreira translation :D