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Thinking Skyrim vanilla leveling is too fast ? not gaining sufficient perk points ? frustrated with how you gain carrying capacity at level up ? wanna craft early without becoming a high level character ?
Try Better Leveling, a preset config .ini file for the Community Uncapper by Elys.For Vanilla, SkyRe, Skyrim Unleashed and SPERG enthusiasts.


* Max level skill increased.

* The Player Character (PC)& the combat-magic skills leveling curve have been balanced towards levels 1-100 .
Your PC will spend more time for leveling.

* Lockpicking,pickpocket and speech skills provides no PC exp after skill hit level xx and level xx for sneak.

* Crafting skills level up faster after level xx. Crafting provides no PC exp after skill hit level xx.

* Gain carrying capacity no matter whether you invest in health, magic, or stamina. (~ 500 carry weight gained at PC level 100)

* Gain more Perk points.

* NoPainNoGain version make leveling even longer.

* KickAss version make leveling faster after level 50 (same as normal version before level 50).

* InSkillsWeTrust version have skills gains left at vanilla rate (only minor tweaks for balance purpose) but PC gains lowered until lvl 40 and little boost at level 50-60-70.

* Devil Edition is a little faster than normal version in early levels.

* Complete individual read-me for each config in each file.


1. Get & install Community Uncapper by Elys(update ,17 december 2013)
2. Overwrite the SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.ini file (Usually in the Programs/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins directory) with this one.
3. Make your own .ini file for Uncapper : Elys Uncapper guide from


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