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Added: 07/10/2013 - 03:58AM
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Last updated at 21:14, 13 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 3:58, 7 Oct 2013

What this mod does:

This is a modification of Skyrim using Requiem as the engine.

Some of the features you will find:

All gold costs for carriages and inns have increases. 500/200 carriages, 100 inns.

All gold drops have been lessened throughout Skyrim.

All jewel drops have been lessened.

Player house costs have been raised.

All food drops have been lessened. (for those of you use needs mods)

NPC combat styles have been changed to make them faster and more adaptive to your fighting style.

Bonegrinding has been added. You grind bones and skulls into alchemical ingredients to make powerful potions and soul gems. You can grind them at the manual hand mills located around Skyrim. Note: The windmills are bugged and will not work. You will also need hearthfires for the mills to be active. My patch does not require hearthfires as a master, but you will need it for bonegrinding.

The soul gem loot system is dramatically changing. Soul gems will be the rare thing they should be. Whole soul gems have had their drops drastically reduced. Instead, more soul gem fragments will drop. You can take these fragments and include them with some of the bonegrinding ingredients to make full soul gems. There is a system to convert small soul gems into larger ones. Requiem's soul gem recipe's still stand. In addition to this, most staves can now be smelted down to a soul gem depending on the staves power.

You can now break perfect gems up into regular gems.

There will be 2-5% chance drops of "Perfect" or "Pristine" versions of pelts, tusks, skulls, etc that can be used for crafting unique items.

There are special "treasure" items added to loot tables that can be sold. (cosmetic inventory items only for now, they are not static and should not be dropped on the ground.)

There are now stamina and mana tonics that work very much like Health Poultices except they stay active through battle. These are mainly for those like me who use needs mods and miss out Requiem food bonus properties.

There are several sets of "Battle Mage" gear. This gear is heavy armor, steel plate level, that carries robe like enchants. It weighs less than tradition heavy armor and provides a bit less armor. There are 4 sets of armor per magic school. Restoration school has Cleric Armor unique meshes and Mage Plate has unique meshes (that has been fixed if you've seen it in my Falskaar patch). These are better for casters than the ones I have included in the Immersive Armors patch. It will require a book that is found to craft.

There is a unique Ranger Armor that provides heavy armor protection that does not hamper sneaking ability as much as reguar heavy armor. It is craftable at 3 different levels depending on your skills in sneak, enchanting, and illusion magic. It will also require a book.

There are two new NPCs that wear these armors. The Battle Mage and The Ranger. They are mixed in nicely and provide a good fight. Rangers can show up as bandits (evil) or hunters (good) and battle mages can be found in several forms with casters and vampires.

I found some users didn't like the fact that Requiem was designed without the unofficial patches in mind (most mods aren't). The unofficial patches will be required for Hard Times and will merge their changes with Requiem's to make sure all is right in the world. This insures that bug fixes are not inadvertently overwritten by Requiem. Big thanks to ExImIeR for putting this part together.

Some of the aspects of The Ring of Hircine quest have been changed to better represent a daedric quest. The quest rewards have been buffed accordingly.

Farkas will only do half of his Requiem damage.

Again, nothing of Requiem's is changed. These are just some things I feel have made my game better and more challenging and I would like to share. The soul gem system is not as bad as it seems. It does hit you hard at first, but that is intended. It all evens out in the end.

(Load Order)

Unoficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
Requiem - Resources.esp
Requiem - Hard times (directly after resources seems to work best)
bashed patch.esp

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