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Last updated at 21:06, 9 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 3:55, 7 Oct 2013

What this mod does:

It allows Requiem players to play Wyrmstooth and be challenged.

All NPCs are deleveled and have Requiem perks and attributes applied to them.


There are three new creatures that you can find in the depths of Dimfrost:

The Brimstone Guardian: A magical entity made of brimstone and lava which hurls fireballs and fiery explosions.
The Brimstone Scorpion: A hard shelled, poisonous cousin of the chaurus makes it's appearance and can only be found in Dimfrost.
Brimstorm: The Guardian of Dimfrost City. This giant fire atronach brings forth storms of fire to consume its foes. Nothing like this can be found anywhere else.

Elemental Dwarven Shields: These shields were developed in ancient dwemer times and the key to crafting them can be found in Dimfrost. They hold the unique properties of either fire, lightning or frost and when an opponent is blocked with it, the shield creates a damaging barrier that slowly drains the health of your foe.

(Changes to Wyrmstooth)

I have let it be except for a few additions. I did however add a trapdoor to The Red Wave in Solitude and at the Wyrmstooth docks. After arriving on Wyrmstooth the first time you will be able to travel between Solitude and Wyrmstooth using these hatches located on the deck of the boat. Before, you had to fast travel. Since Requiem doesn't allow it, this allows travel between the two islands.


You are dealing with dragons and tons of falmer. Use your best judgment when going to Wyrmstooth. You should be of decent level and be able to handle dragons before going to the island. The new Brimstone Guardians are very tough as well. You have been warned.

(Load order)

Requiem - Resources
Requiem - Wyrmstooth.esp


Thanks to Vicn for allowing us to use his creatures meshes and to Urwy for the Elemental Dwarven Shield meshes.

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