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This mod aims to make crossbows a standard part of Skyrim, not an exclusive thing of the Dawnguard. It aims to fully integrate crossbows into every aspect of Skyrim, following all Vanilla standards (leveling, balancing, etc), and remove all traces that they were ever exclusive to the Dawnguard. It also aims to expand crossbows to be a part of every material set.

- For those who use better sorting mods Kelsenellenelvian has made a patch for this module which can be found here.
- For those who use ACE Archery noobzor has made a patch for this module which can be found here.
- For those who use the True Weapons module of Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade Thuellai has made a patch for this module which can be found here.

- Adds 10 new crossbows; Daedric, Dragonbone, Ebony, Elven, Glass, Iron, Nordic, Nightingale, Orcish, and Stalhrim.

- Adds 9 new bolt types; Daedric, Dragonbone, Ebony, Elven, Glass, Iron, Nordic, Orcish, and Stalhrim.

- Distributes crossbows and bolts to bandits, Stormcloaks, guards, loot, and vendors. This is done in such a way that NPC’s are given the correct ammo for their bow type.

- Adds crafting recipes for all new crossbows and bolts dependent on perks. The Stalhrim crossbow also requires you to complete a quest, just like the standard Stalhrim items.

- Changes the “Crossbow” from Dawnguard to be called “Steel Crossbow”.

- Disables explosive steel bolts. All explosive bolts are dwarven, unlocked during the Ancient Technology quest when you’d normally get steel.

- Changes all crossbows (including Steel and Dwarven) so they can be made at any forge, this includes bolts. It also covers explosive bolts once the Ancient Technology quest is complete.

- Edits the Steel and Dwarven bows provided by Dawnguard for better balance with new crossbows. All crossbows are balanced with respect to their bow counterparts.

- Edits all bolt recipes (excluding explosive) so that they match arrow recipes: 1 Firewood + 1 Material Ingot = 24 Bolts.

- Adds tempering recipes for all base and enhanced crossbows.

- Adds recipes to enhance all new bows once the Ancient Technology quest has been completed. These recipes require you to have a base crossbow in your inventory to show up, to prevent clutter in the smithing screen. They have also been standardised to require quicksilver for all bows. The Nightingale crossbow requires Arcane Blacksmith, and Daedric Smithing to enhance.

- Includes levelled Nightingale crossbows to match the Vanilla bows. When you receive the bow during the Nightingale quest line, you’ll receive the equivalent crossbow at the same time.

- Adds recipes for the Longbow and Hunting Bow that were missing from Vanilla.

- Adds explosive dwarven arrows, unlocked at the same time as bolts, with equivalent crafting recipe.

- Disables the Dwarven Crossbow, and Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow parts of the Ancient Technology quest. Now the first Enhanced Crossbow phase will allow all crossbows to be enhanced. Each bolt phase will unlock its respective explosive dwarven arrows and bolts.

- Disables Durak’s line about crossbows being a Dawnguard unique item.

- Changes Sorine’s inventory to include all bolts and crossbows (levelled accordingly), plus the ability to sell enhanced variants after Ancient Technology is completed.

1.0.0 - Initial release

1.1.0 - CCOR compatibility added. File is fully functional with or without CCOR installed. Load after CCOR.

1.1.1 - Quick bugfix for Draugr not being able to use crossbows. All Draugr leveled lists removed.

1.2.0 - Damages changed to create better balance.

1.2.1 - Incorrect damage value for Nordic Crossbow Enhanced corrected.

- Find, or learn how to create an Imperial, Bonemold, and Chitin crossbow to finish the sets.

- Create and distribute enchanted versions of the crossbows.

The main version of this mod REQUIRES that you have both Dawnguard and Dragonborn. If there is call for it I may consider a non-Dragonborn release.

The main version of this mod also REQUIRES each respective unofficial patch; Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

NON-DAGONBORN VERSION NOW AVAILABLE - Check the Optionals section of the downloads tab. This will will still require the Unnoficial Skyrim and Dawnguard patches.

NPO exists purely thanks to fellow modders who were kind enough to let me use their assets. My deepest thanks go to:

-DJjojo for Crossbows Basic Collection, Nightingale Crossbow, and Carved Nordic Crossbow

-scot for Crossbows

-Elsys656 for Stalhrim Crossbow

NPO stands for "Nexus-Powered Overhaul". The name comes from the fact that, as a new parent, with a full time job, and many other commitments, I don't have much time, and so needed a headstart with the project. There are hundreds of great mods on the Nexus that have already started doing, or indeed have completed work that I'd like to do, so I thought "why not ask if I can use what they've already done?". It's a bit cheeky, I know, but it was the only way I could ever make my dream a reality.

The ultimate goal is to "fix" as many aspects of Skyrim as possible, whether it be a small tweak, an addition, or a complete rewrite of a system. This goal also includes the addition of as many features that were present in Oblivion/Morrowind, but not Skyrim, as possible. The feeling you should get when playing this mod as whole should be one of completeness, seamlessness, and that it is a "true" Elder Scrolls game. You really shouldn't feel like you're playing a mod at all because the aim is for it to be as natural as possible. Someone with no Skyrim experience whatsoever should be able to understand the modded game.

This will be a modular project, so people can pick and choose which aspects they like and which they don't. Modules will be released as individual mods as they're made. Once everything is done (or at least a few modules) then there will be an all-in-one release as well, however I honestly expect that this will be a long way off yet. I am a very busy person, so modding time is limited. This is a personal project above all else, so don't be surprised if it isn't finished even by the time TESVII comes out! All I hope is that least one of these modules is useful for somebody.

All assets are owned by their respective authors. To use them you must gain permissions from them directly. Anything created by me is open source, do what you like with it. It’s the least I can do considering the kindness that authors have shown me.

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