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Added: 16/11/2013 - 03:04PM
Updated: 14/11/2014 - 01:31PM

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Last updated at 13:31, 14 Nov 2014 Uploaded at 15:04, 16 Nov 2013

So yea, here is another enb preset. This is my second enb. I worked with this enb, well i really don't know but a long time :). So i tried many enb's but i have a bad system, so i had to use some compromises (and i didn't liket relly the other enb's couse of they wasn't perfect, i don't like when does not fit evrithing to his place :) ). So i made it one myself and that's what i got. An enb where evriyhing fit's to his place (Even the performance ^.^).


Patch 2.1.2: Enb 0.264 supported
I do added the "Performance Heavy" version for those who are lasy, but do have a strong machine :)
I fixed the original version too. Looks like i forgot something everytime i upload one of my files.
   -This time it was the Adaptation witch made the game look a lot darker then it should be.

Hope you like it. ^^

Update :

Patch 2.1: Enb 0.254 supported
Performance Increased
23 New Picture Added
Water Is also fixed [At least i do think so :P ]



Brigther, less saturated, more natural- most beautifull :)
Full 0.251 enb version support
Fixed Ambient Oclusion problem
{[(The water is still looks pretty bad, please forgive me :/)]}

Update :

Patch 1.6: Enb v0.250 Supported
Added and Removed a LOT of effects
High Performance Increase (+)
Fixed all known visual problems
Descreased saturation (Just a bit)
Dof was turned off (because of performance)

Note: Sorry for being hidden so long , i wanted to update this enb for weeks but it seem's i''m too lasy and selfish to do it so, yea i needed some time. Please forgive me. :'(

Update :

Patch 1.3: Made some changes with water
Added new pictures
Site update


Patch 1.2: Removed the fps limiter. (It was locked at 30)


Patch 1.1: Added new enb version with small wisual changes.

At the first time sorry for my english, i'm currently learning it.

Now for me, with this enb ambient oclusion (ssao) dosen't work at all, but maybe for you it will if don't, then i'm sorry for this i don't think it will be fixed. ( But if you are nvidia user, you can still add with the nvidia driver, i think? :P)


1. Download the v0.264 d3d9.dll from EnbDev.
2. Place my enb preset into the skyrim folder.
3. Place d3d9.dll to skyrim folder.
4. Play

Make sure, that Float Point Render Targets is set to 1


Just simply delete the d3d9.dll

Recommended Mods:

Matso Immersive Sun
Revamped Exterior Fog
Skyrim Particle Patch For ENB

With this enb i play in stabil 30 fps, here is my rig:

Intel Core i3 540
3Gb 1333mhz ram
Radeon HD 5570

My settings are medium-high, at 1024x768 resolution

These pictures was made  with the performance heavy version at 1280x1024, just some amateur photos, because i'm a lasy-lasy person,
sorry abuot it :P
But if you like, you can upload too ;)

If you have any problems, report and i will try to fix it.

Enjoy! ^^