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Last updated at 11:17, 23 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 15:56, 22 Dec 2011

Update: Skins can't be imported. They are obviously only made for animals. It's better to wait for a mod that makes completely new fur skins to cover your body with. Or a mesh wizard might try to put them on the players skin.

Update2: There is now a .bat files inside the mod, that gives you all armor possible to wear...make sure you're somewhere to drop all the stuff, or you will have a long way home.

Use the .bat file with console and enter: bat armors. I've made some new screens with some very weird finds. I also found out where all that sudden nude male mods came from. I excluded the naked skin, so I don't have to set this file on adult only.

This Mod makes it possbile to play any armour you can get in your hands, including the Greybeards clothes/armour, the armour of the companion leader and thoose of the Imperial and Stormcloakes leader.

This mod is sure going to have some bugs, since I can't have a look at all the new armors, please let me know if some weird bugs, like armours not showing on body, occurs.


1. Copy all files to Skyrim folder (not Data folder) and override
2. In game open console and type: bat armors

How to?:

- Sure you shouldn't use the Nocturnal Cloth on male characters, or some weird occurings might happen, specially with nude mods enabled.
- In order to make the decapitated person work, you have to use the decapitated head and then put on the decapitated skin
- In order to make your character headless, just use the decpaitated skin
- In order to make Greybeards headless, use the decapitated skin

It's generally a good idea to fiddle around with the different might find even more weird combinations then I did.