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Name: LiHud+Map
Version: 0.2
Date: 12/26/2011
Category: User Interfaces
Requirements: Skyrim Patch 1.3.10
Author(s): DragonBoon
Source: LiHud&Map Download
Bethsoft Forums


'Less intrusive HUD and Map' resizes and repositions some of the HUD/Map elements and removing others. Now with resolution 1680x1050!!!


!!!Warning this is only working for resolution 1600x900 and 1680x1050 at the moment. All I can do for you, is giving you a tutorial on how to make your own resolution version with SWiX at the end of this document!!!

This mod does the following in detail:

1. Resizes the map icons and gives them colours:

I. Settlements = Beige
II. Fortifications = Dark Gray
III. Underworlds = Ice Blue
IV. Mystical Places = Purple
V. Interesting Places = Dark Red
VI. Camps = Light Brown
VII. Groves = Lime
VIII. Undiscovered Places = Black
IX. Citys = Individual Colours
X. Doors&Waypoints = Neon Green

2. Resizes, repositions and partialy recolours health/stamina/magica and enchanted charge to the lower screen
3. Resizes and repositions the sneak eye to the lower screen and gives it colour depending on how wide the eye is opened
4. Removes enemy health&name, enemy on compass, ammo count, hidden/detected messages and the level up meter
5. Resizes and recolours the crosshair and cursor
6. Removes most of the top left corner messages via an .esp

Also, have a look at the pictures provided.

The Mod also comes with the extra option of no flashing HUD, except the Sneak Eye. Look in the 'NoFlashHUD'-Folder and replace the original hudmenu.gfx with this one.

1. Unpack the files and copy to X:\...Skyrim\Data
2. Enable the .esp in Data Files

1. Delete the NoMoreMessages.esp in Data folder
2. Delete the following files


This Mod is incompatible with any Mod that changes the same files or variables.

Known Issues or Bugs:
Only useable for resolution 1600x900 and 1680x1050 at the moment. The version of the Mod is 0.1 but it is completely playable. I just give it a low version number for future development plans. If you find any bugs not related to resolution, let me know and I'll do my best to squish them.


Version 0.1 12/17-22/2011:

- initial release
- recoloured and resized map icons
- recoloured, resized, repositioned and removed HUD elements
- set up the .esp to remove most of the annoying messages

Version 0.2 12/26/2011:

- included resolution 1680x1050

Resolution Tutorial

1. Get The SWiX SWF Tool and Notepad++. Install booth.
2. Find the hudmenu.gfx inside this download
3. Open the hudmenu.gfx with Notepad and change the very first instance from "CFX" to "CWS" and safe the file
4. Rename the modified hudmenu.gfx to hudmenu.gfx.swf
5. Open the hudmenu.gfx.swf with the SWiX tool
6. Now you have to find the following ID's and the variables contained. Within the variables look for TranslateX (horizontal, high numbers right, lower numbers left) and TranslateY (vertical, higher numbers down, lower numbers up)

I. 677 = HealthMeter_mc
II. 688 = MagicaMeter_mc MagicaFlashInstance
III. 695 = StaminaMeter_mc StaminFlashInstance
IV. 709 = LeftHandChargeMeterInstance
V. 721 = RightHandChargeMeterInstance
VI. 430 = Compass ShoutMeterInstance ShoutWarningInstance
VII. 442 = NoTarget
VIII. 764 = NoTarget
IX. 649 = invisible
X. 653 = FadeIn
XI. 686 = there's only one variable to be changed
XII. 693 = there is only one variable to be changed

7. Change all thoose variables to your likings, but leave the others untouched. Don't fiddle around with the scales. Don't forget to safe.
8. Open the file in Notepad again and change the first instance back to CFX then safe and rename the file back to hudmenu.gfx.

I'm aroud 13500 with Y Axis and 1500-4000 with X Axis, so depending on your resolution you know roughly were to aim for. I'm sorry I can't do much more for you, but unfortunately my system doesn't provide any other resolution. If you arranged the variables with your given resolution please provide me the files, so I can incooperate them into the package...thanks.

You can find me on the Nexus, TesAllaince and the Official Forums

Thanks to Bethesda
Thanks to DarkOne and Team
Thanks to makers of Trilix and SWiX
Thanks to the guys in the 'modding the UI' thread
Thanks to the maker of SkyEdit

Tools Used
BSA Unpacker
Readme Generator

Feel free to modifie the file. Credit is appreciated but not needed.