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Install with or without mod manager. Enjoy.


Don't panic. You can seamlessly upgrade this mod. Just don't do it with ANY ice or fire active(wait 72 hours in an interior where there is no possibility that any of these assets exist).


Don't. It's a scripted mod. If you really must, wait 72 hours in the qasmoke cell then save and uninstall. But I don't think that'll help. Seriously, don't uninstall scripted mods mid-game, it'll mess up your life.

"I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, 'You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit.' As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit."

~ Mitch Hedberg



Use of fire magic and fire explosions makes stuff catch on fire. Then the fire you lit can light something else on fire. Then the fire that was lit by the other fire you lit can light something else on fire. Then the fire that was lit by the other fire that was lit by the other fire that was lit by you can light something else on fire. Then you get the point. Fire spreads.

These fires are extremely dangerous to the player, and less so to NPCs. Most fires will not hurt NPCs unless they are in combat or hostile to the player, and fires will NEVER hurt dragons. This is because NPCs still cannot recognize fire(I'm working on this, but it seems impossible to get them to run from it or avoid it) as dangerous and just walk through it. You, on the other hand, have to avoid it.

The source of the fire matters - just as the source of Derek's power was "Magnum", and the source of Hansel's power was hallucinogen-fueled Bacchanals, and like, they're two totally different models because of it, fires in Skyrim differ depending on what they hit and where they come from. This effectively means that Wall of Flames is still different and better than Flames for lighting crap on fire, while dragon fireballs become ridiculous. And yes, the source of Derek's power was OF COURSE Magnum - he had it in him the whole time, that's the moral of the FREAKING STORY JERKWAD ok I'm done.

You can now use frost spells as fire extinguishers, putting out the fires and merrily saving the townfolk from their inevitable crispy doom.


Frost spells now leave behind frozen blocks of ice, and depending on what frost spell is used, can accumulate rather quickly. You can use this ice to seal doorways, build bridges, and BUILD YOURSELF A MOFUGGIN IGLOO. *dances*

About this feature: this feature would not have been possible without the excellent ice designs by LifestoRock, the creator of the substantially epic Skyrim Immersive Creatures. Be sure to thank him and also download his awesome mods!

One more thing, your computer can only handle so much ice before it tells you where to stick it. Granted, a 5 minute fight with 2 frost dragons barely hit my FPS on my crappy computer, but if you seriously do start building bridges and igloos you're gonna notice a significant framerate drop. Also, you will notice that the ice has a tendency to "settle" a bit. This is entirely normal, I have to do it otherwise the ice would build on itself in very thin layers, causing your game to create hundreds of objects in the space of a doorway, demolishing your FPS. It's a lesser of two evils thing. Besides, I think it's neato.


None as of yet!


Make Inferno is kind of incompatible, because they edit the same things in a lot of places. They actually still work together if you want his fire lengths/initial meshes(it makes things more firey at a cost of realism IMHO and framerate), just let his mod overwrite mine(I think).

Anything which edits ice projectile data(not simply meshes/textures) will be incompatible. I don't know if anybody has staked a claim there yet.


"Why is your description so short this time? It's because I complained about your writing style on your other mod pages, right? YOU LISTENED TO ME MY LIFE IS VALIDATED."
Let's make this very clear: I write my descriptions the way I do because I want you to actually read and understand them, and my feeling is that the best way to teach somebody something is to at least attempt to be humorous instead of being a boring wall of text - they're more likely to remember what I wrote that way. When a mod is as complex as DCO or as ridiculously complex as CWO, I need to find a way to convey information to you so that you actually read it. Fortunately(or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), Fire and Ice Overhaul is nowhere near as complex as my other mods, because I'm not editing existing assets that a lot of other people are editing, nor am I using crazy multivariable conditionalized scripting to make it happen. It's just a few simple scripts and new assets, plus edits of some vanilla assets which I don't think many modders have messed with. So I really don't have much I need to say, because there's not that many ways this mod could break your game.

"Ok, but this is an Apollo Down mod. It's gonna break my game somehow, right?"
Almost certainly probably not. the latest version is perfectly safe despite what your Papyrus may have you believe. That being said - it is a load adding to your script lag - not by too much if you're configured correctly, but it definitely exists. If your computer can't handle any more constantly running scripts, then don't use the mod. If it can, you're cool. Most computers/load orders can handle this.

"I don't like the way the fire grows."
Be specific and tell me what you'd rather see it do. The fire growth process underwent a CONSIDERABLE amount of development time, so I can assure you it's as realistic as I think it can get for now. However I understand this is a point of opinion, so please feel free to share yours.

"Ok so I've been playing with this mod a bit, and now there's ice everywhere. Can I get rid of it somehow or are all my guards stuck in igloos forever?"
You can get rid of the ice by melting it with fire or attacking it with weaponry.

"Wait, THAT was a Frequently Asked Question?"
I know, I've lost my faith in humanity too.

"So, is this like that Make Inferno mod? I mean, they sound like they do the same thing. Did you just copy his files? YOU THIEVING SONUVA-"
HOLD IT. Yes, this mod is extremely similar to Make Inferno, would you like to know why? Because I actually talked to the author, KennyBall, about it and he was very helpful in helping me tear through his .esp like a dog looking for a bone. I absolutely LOVED make inferno, but there was always some issues with things lighting on fire when they shouldn't, and he also couldn't figure out how to make fire grow. That's why I made this. Also I can do the cool ice stuff too :D Regardless, KennyBall did fantastic work and without him this mod wouldn't exist, so if you like this mod, do me a solid and go endorse Make Inferno.

"Is this compatible with Schlongs of Skyrim?"
You can find the answer to that here.

"I don't like you."
That's not nice.


"This mod reminds me of the fourth grade." - Crazy Uncle Carl

"How interesting." - the Federal Bureau of Intelligence

"I lit Riverwood on fire." - PRETTY MUCH EVERYBODY

"Should I be worried?" - My mother, again.


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