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Name: Companion Hotkey
Version: v.1.5 (23.December.2011)
Made by: alexanid

!!! To make it work it is necessary to install ScriptDragon from Alexander Blade !!!
The latest version can be found here:

If you want to see this mod in your native language - just provide your version of these small phrases (as I don't want google-translations):

"Use '...' key to command your follower" =
"Use '...' key to trade with your follower" =
"You don't have companion" =
"Your companion doesn't hear you" =

Please don't hesitate :)

1. Description

This mod allows you to use a hotkey to control your partner's behavior, instead of going into dialogue with him/her. Now you can easily ask him/her to wait till you disable trap, pick up a plant for you while you're astride, or even sit down to have a dinner with you :)
It can also stop your companion from hunting a fleeing victim until it's death, in case the victim can't harm you (a fleeing deer, horse and so on).

2. Controls

By default, give orders to your companion using 'X' key (or any other you assign):

1. While on a distance from companion:
- Press the 'X' button shortly to to give a wait/follow command;
- Press and hold the 'X' button to ask your companion to "make you a favor".

2. While at arm's length from companion:
- Press and hold the 'X' button, to start trading.

In v.1.5 however, you can assign a different key to trade, but you still need to stand close to your companion. The minimal distance to start trading is now adjustable.

3. Issues

All commands work at 30 m distance max - this limitation is not made by me but by the game itself.
Inventory is opened after partner says his/her trading phrase - I left this feature intentionally for more immersion, imho. Okay, you can disable it... Turn the "TradingPhrase=0" in the .ini.
When you change your companion, a few seconds are needed to update it.

4. Installing

- Copy CompanionHotkey.asi and CompanionHotkey.ini into your ..\Skyrim folder, where the TESV.exe file is, NOT into "Data" folder. (If you use other software to launch Skyrim then default, please follow it's instructions)

If all is made right, after loading the game you will see something like this at the top of the screen:

[CompanionHotkey]: Use 'X' to command your companion.

5. Uninstalling

Remove CompanionHotkey.asi and CompanionHotkey.ini from ..\Skyrim. You're done!

6. Options

There are several tweakable options in the .ini file. Explanations are given in that file, too.

7. Compatibility

No limitations - this mod uses only Skyrim's native methods, as if you were picking commands from the dialogue.

8. Changelog

v1.5 - Added DarkBrotherhood Initiates support. Changed short key pressing to Wait/Follow command, long key pressing to Favor command. Added separate Trade button (optional). Added some tweaks.
v1.0 - Initial release

9. Thanks

Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim and inspiration

Alexander Blade for creating ScriptDragon

Timeslip for creating FOMM

foxhound666, Darkangel13, pinoangel and others - for ideas and propositions

silmhiril - for wonderful French readme translation forums - for hosting, and community - for your support

To you for having read Readme down to the end