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The Ultima game series is by far one of my favorites. The first one I ever played was Ultima 6 (of course, I never properly finished it since I was a kid, kids aren't known for patience and attentiveness. I think I had more fun farting around the world and dialing spam out of Iolo). From there I pooted around with Ultima 7, until I came to my all time favorite: Serpent Isle. I never finished THAT one legitimately, once again I had more fun farting around the world on cheatmode, pulling walls off buildings and leaping several lightyears ahead in the plot, not to mention trolling the teleport storms to see what sorta neat stuff would get zapped in next.

I'd say "Eff that nostalgia! Talk 'bout mod!" but, this mod is about nostalgia, pretty much. Following up on my Black Sword mod, which brought one of the more notable weapons from Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle into Skyrim, this mod reaches into the pages of Ultima lore and hurries back with an armful of some of the weapons from those games, some even iconic to the series as whole. So, without further ado, here's what you can find! Some of these are in the world and others are level listed, so keep your peepers peeled!

~Swords and Daggers~

Sword of Defense: They say the best offense is a good defense. I say, why not have both? The Sword of Defense is a magical blade that, while not much to call home about in regards to damage, improves the effectiveness of your armor when wielded, as well as your Block skill, so you have a better chance in a tough battle.

Fire Sword: Unlike your run of the mill fire enchantment, this sword's blade is made of searing magical flame. There are two types, red and blue. Blue fire swords do more damage than red ones, and burn for longer. What's nice about these guys is they cast light when unsheathed, much like a torch, so if you have yourself a fire sword you have a built-in torch. Blue fire swords are a brighter lightsource than red ones.

The Magebane: A magician's worst nightmare, the Magebane is a magical scimitar that, while doing fair base damage, is absolutely devastating against spellcasters. The Magebane will completely vape your opponent's magicka, preventing them from casting their stupid ice storm spells that take you down to 5 hitpoints and slow you down so much a snail could outrun you. (YES I'M BITTER ABOUT THAT.)

The Dragonslayer: A modest looking sword, one would think that it wouldn't do much, but you know what they say about books and covers. As its name implies, the Dragonslayer will make dragons its bitch, doing about 1.5 times more damage to dragons than Dragonbane does at its max level. It's equivalent to a glass sword in base damage, so it makes for a decent weapon against dragons and non-dragons alike. The damage is done through a perk, much like with the silver sword, so this can be enchanted to your heart's content.

Glass Sword: Unrelated to the vanilla Glass Sword, THESE glass swords are the worst nightmare of virtually anything. While somewhat modest in appearance, aside from the crystalline blade, the true colors of these swords is revealed when you hit someone with it. These swords will kill almost anything dead in one hit (Unless its like, pretty dang strong. Like Alduin maybe?). Those that are lucky enough to survive will be pretty bad off after a whack with one of these babies. However, there are a few caveats: You can only use a glass sword once. One strike, and the sword breaks, being promptly removed from your inventory. On top of that, these swords are very rare, so if you find one, don't use it on something not worth your time. These things are best used as an absolute last resort against a nasty opponent. Glass swords can be found (very rarely) or crafted (see below), however they are not temperable. Be warned, they WILL break if your opponent blocks, but the sheer amount of damage they do could circumvent that. It's still best to wait for an opening before striking to make sure your opponent eats the whole sword.

As of 1.2, glass swords are now craftable! To craft 'em you need Daedric smithing, 5 peer gems and the Skyforge. There's 2 different types of peer gems and you need 5 of one type to make a sword. Peer gems aren't easy to find but they are affected by Prowler's Profit, so if you did No Stone Unturned you'll have better chances of findin' em.. The sword'll show up under the Glass category at the Skyforge when you have one or more peer gems of either type. As of 1.3, you now get a bladeless hilt when a glass sword breaks, which you can use along with peer gems to make a new glass sword.

Flamesting: Hailing from the conquered world of Pagan, Flamesting may not be as visually impressive as the flame-wreathed Fire Swords, but it makes up for it with speed and engulfing its enemies in a gout of flame from below.

Poison Dagger: Perfect for criminals, pirates, assassins or just ne'er-do-wells in general, this nasty little number has an enchanted, venomous blade fashioned from a sea serpent's tooth, and injects a slow, fatal poison that drains your target's health and stamina. Because the blade is made from the tooth of something that doesn't even exist in Skyrim, poison daggers can't be tempered.

Ophidian Swords: Hailing from the Serpent Isle, the Ophidian Swords are unique longswords that correspond to the three factions of the Ophidian Civilization: Order, Chaos and Balance. The swords of Order and Chaos are level-listed and so have a chance of being found in loot, but the Ophidian Sword proper is somewhere in the world.

Great Dagger: Seemingly a simple, ordinary dagger save for the large red jewel in the pommel, the Great Dagger's simple appearance belies its true nature, as when the dagger is swung it morphs into a greatsword, dealing the damage of a greatsword in a lighter, more portable and concealable package.

~Bows & Arrows~

Brittanian Longbow: A standard, wooden recurve bow that's a fair step up from the normal longbow. This fella you have a chance on finding in loot or on dopes.

Magic Bow: An enchanted upgrade to the Britannian Longbow, the green Magic Bow deals more damage, boosted by the enchantment it bears, and can be found in loot and such like its lesser counterpart.

Burst Arrows: A special type of arrow, Burst Arrows are distinguished by the shimmering ball mounted on the head of the arrow. On impact, they explode, doing additional damage to your target. Due to being a bit bulkier, though, they're not as fast as normal arrows and are more affected by gravity.

~Wands and Staves~

Lighting Wands shoot, well, lightning bolts, carrying limited charges as well, fewer than your average staff. There is a variant you can find called the Lightning Rod, which is blue instead of green, and launches Chain Lightning into the luckless saps you wave it at.

Fire Wands launch burny fieryness into the faces of your enemies. They're not as potent as the Firedoom Staves, but they still pack a decent punch. Fire Wands come in two types, red and blue, blue ones doing more damage than the red one, though blues have less charges.

The Firedoom Staff is a nasty sum of a beach, express mailing explosive doom to whatever chucklehead with an iron dagger tries to step to ya. They don't have the seeking property they did in Ultima, but they provide some nice kabooms. Like the Fire Wand, there's a red type and a blue type, the blue type doing more damage and delivering a larger blast, though it has fewer charges than the red version.

The uncommon Magician's Wand is a distinctive red-hued wand with a bright orange gem suspended between the prongs. The Magician's Wand's strength lies in that it has unlimited charges, and slams your opponent with a potent blast of fire.


In 1.2, six shields were added! Let's run through 'em!

Curved Heater: The classic standard shield, this is a simple heater shield with the visage of a serpent embossed on its face. It's a little better than an elven shield, though is classed as heavy armor.

Kite Shield: Equivalent to the standard Curved Heater, the Kite Shield is classed as light armor instead of heavy and weighs a bit less than its heftier counterpart.

Brass Shield: Heftier than the previous two shields, the Brass Shield is the best of the standard heater-type shields, though it's only heavy armor and weighs a good deal more than the other two.

Door Shield: The Door Shield is the best standard shield you can find, however it's big. No, really, it's BIG. Large enough for a Nord to hide behind if he's crouching, the Door Shield offers a great deal more protection than the other standard shields, at the cost of being the weightiest of the bunch. Because of its size, even those not well-versed in blocking can use it to deflect arrows, though by the same token its size makes it a bit tricky to navigate with the shield up.

Magic Shield: An enchanted version of the Curved Heater, the Magic Shield is distinguished by the glowing blue snake on its front. A bit better than its unenchanted relative in defense, the Magic Shield's enchantment also offers a 15% damage resistance, and a fortification to the Block skill.

Dupre's Shield: The distinctive shield of the Avatar's companion Dupre, this shield is the best of the best. Lightweight yet as good as an ebony shield, Dupre's shield also bears a similar enchantment to the Magic Shield, though 10% better than its lesser counterpart. Unlike the other shields, which can be found in loot, Dupre's shield can only be found in a certain place. Don't worry, it's nowhere too bizarre. :3


Hoe of Destruction: A pretty outlandish weapon, the Hoe of Destruction was made when a confused mage, on commission from a warrior to magically enhance his sword, instead put the enchantments on a hoe he was to fix for a farmer. As a result, the Hoe of Destruction was created. The Hoe does as much as a daedric battleaxe, though swings faster, and is distinguished by its glowing red head.

Death Scythe: A terrible and frightening weapon, the Death Scythe is one of the best weapons you can find. Only three exist, so better keep your peepers peeled as you're exploring. ;) This wicked scythe, blued from the death magics woven into it, absorbs a good bit of health from your opponent, but on top of that, it kills their magicka like the Magebane does and "curses" them, by frying their stamina to keep them from power attacking, slowing them, and reducing the effectiveness of their armor.

Slayer: Caked in dried blood from its many victims, the dread mace Slayer has a 10% chance to instantly kill whoever is unlucky enough to get smacked by it, except for Dwarven Automatons ('cause they're robots) and Alduin ('cause he's Alduin).

Bonecrusher: Made by the Pagan Titan of Water, Hydros, Bonecrusher hates the undead and will happily smoosh their bones if you let it. All undead take double damage from the mighty warhammer and will probably need a hip replacement afterwards.


Enilno The Quicksword: The Slayer of Minax, Enilno is a lightning-fast sword that is not only quite strong, but detrimental to spellcasters. If a spellcaster is struck while casting a spell, Enilno will disrupt their spell, stagger them and sap their magicka, and between this and its speed means any spellcaster you get into melee with will be hard pressed to fight back.

~Future Plans!~

The Infinity Bow is tentatively planned. It might be a bit tricky, not so much in terms of its model but rather the whole infinite ammo shebang, but it is under consideration

~Stuff I know may be asked, sooner or later~

"The Scythe is too short!"

I made it that way so the blade lines up properly with the killcam. It may look a bit short, sure, but I feel that's a fair trade off to seeing your character actually whack the scythe blade into a Thalmor, rather than watching with implosive disappointment as you bonk them with the shaft.

"The Scythe is too powerful!"

I'm a mighty stickler for accuracy, especially when it comes to Ultima, so the Scythe behaves pretty much how it did in Ultima 7 (though with some adjustments to represent the Curse debuff in Skyrim and all). It isn't by any means a God weapon that can win the game as easily as you can pass a good fart (Plenty of those around), but if it makes the game too easy for ya you can hang it up on your mantle or something, would make a nice conversation starter.

"Make X enchantable/disenchantable/craftable!"


...What? You want a wordier response? Fiiine, but you're cutting into my cupcake time.

Those that aren't enchantable/disenchantable are 'cause they're already enchanted, both in the technical sense and literally, or they're rarity is such stripping the enchantment off could cost you the weapon. The Hoe of Destruction is ~technically~ already enchanted (what with having began as a run-of-the-mill hoe before getting 'roided up) so making it enchantable would be kind of counter-intuitive. From a lore perspective, these things have enchantments on them no one in Skyrim has ever seen before, and they weren't even enchanted in the same manner as weapons are in Skyrim. Slapping a Death Scythe, for example, onto an Enchanting Table would be like trying to plug a USB drive into a Commodore 64.

Now for being able to craft these weapons, that doesn't really sit right for me. I'm of the opinion it's more rewarding to find something than to just drag yourself to a forge, toss in a stick and a couple ingots and fart out a Death Scythe. Something like that is just too whack to craft and would make getting such powerful weapons too easy. Glass swords are craftable now, as of 1.2, but they require special gems that are quite rare, as well as requiring you to be a Daedric smith. And speaking of the glass sword...

"The Glass Sword is OP!"

Yeah, maybe, but with reason. It's a one-hit-wonder weapon best used as a last resort. Since its power is counterbalanced by how rare it is, I figure that makes up for it. Plus, the way it behaves is how it worked in Ultima, you could even whack doors apart with these guys (Sometimes it took a couple though), and this was made in the interest of accuracy to the source material.

"The Glass Sword should be named something else, it's too confusing"

This Glass Sword was the Glass Sword before Elder Scrolls Glass Swords were even a thing, so I'm not about to change it. I personally think it makes for a neat surprise, as you open a chest and see Glass Sword and think "Aw man, I have like 80 of those" but then you see it's not the malachite sword but the INSTANT BREAKY DEATH's like getting a surprise birthday party, except pointier.


Crowley on the Exult forums, whose work I based the design of the secret sword on (with little touches from the Ultima V: Lazarus version).

Origin Systems/Richard Garriott, for creating the Ultima game series.


The mod should play nice with most mods, at least, since while there are changes to some areas, they're relatively minor. I'd be wary of mods that overhaul the College of Winterhold, since a couple minor changes were made to the Arch-Mage's quarters for the mod, so how it'll play with overhauls to the place might be unpredictable. I'd suggest keeping the mod low in the load order to minimize possible conflicts with such mods, and if you do run into a major issue or two, don't hesitate to let me know.

~Known Issues~

•The glass sword might not break on one hit like it's supposed to. Most of the time it does, but there are some instances where it won't break:

1. They won't break if you hit a follower. This probably has to do with how the script is set up and I don't think I'll try to fix it, since you won't lose the sword if you accidentally hit your follower in the heat of battle. It won't stop the sword from making them deader than disco though.

2. They won't break if you killcam your opponent. The only way I could possibly fix this is by somehow disabling killcams when you have the sword equipped, but I don't even think that's possible, and even if it is it would require more scripting and probably a lot of complex goofery. As it is, you'll get extra uses out of a glass sword if you killcam your opponent with it.

3. They won't break if wielded by a follower, because the script looks specifically for the player rather than any ol' fool wielding it. I'd suggest keeping glass swords to yourself 'cause the last thing you'd want is your follower beefing it, then having some bandit take the glass sword off 'em and break it over your head.

4. They might stop breaking altogether for reasons I'm not yet clear on, but seems to be some failure with how the quest works. 1.3 adds a global variable which you can toggle on and off, using the console command "set UltimaGSword_CloakEffectOn to 0" in case this weirdness ends up happening to you. You can also try to reset the quest it uses in the event breakage stops by typing into the console "resetquest ultimaGlassSwordBreak", without quotes of course.

•The Great Dagger is a little finicky. The "growth" effect might not occur unless you equip the dagger, unequip it, then equip it again. You also have to swing at least twice, since there's a short delay between swinging and the greatsword form appearing, and with one swing it'll just pop briefly at the end of your swing. It's also advised that you DO NOT ENCHANT the Great Dagger if you want to keep the growth effect, since it'll most likely prevent the effect from working. I would've made it unable to be enchanted, but since it uses a similar effect to Elemental Fury, it needs to be enchantable.