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Ishara's Body Swap

Tired of seeing the dead nude after removing their armor?
Only want to be nude when taking a bath?
Only want to see your spouse in the buff?
This may just be the thing for you.

What it does:
Allows player to at will swap their body from underwear to nude or vice versa via a SKSE hotkey
Allows player to at will swap the body of a selected NPC from underwear to nude or vice versa via a spell


Use NMM or place the ESP & BSA files in the Skyrim > Data directory

Setup for use:
The body switching from is to be installed in the normal default location as a true stock replacer
The body switching to is to be manually installed in the following custom location
Skyrim > Data > Meshes > abim > MaleNudeBody > malebody_0.nif
Skyrim > Data > Meshes > abim > MaleNudeBody > malebody_1.nif
Skyrim > Data > Meshes > abim > FemaleNudeBody > femalebody_0.nif
Skyrim > Data > Meshes > abim > FemaleNudeBody > femalebody_1.nif

Example installation & setup:
Install UNP main nude version
Install this mod
Copy the femalebody_0.nif & femalebody_1.nif from Skyrim > Data > Meshes > actor > character > character assets
Paste them to Skyrim > Data > Meshes > abim > FemaleNudeBody
Install compatible UNP underwear replacer and overwrite when asked

In game usage:
For player the default hotkey is the letter N. Pressing the hotkey will equip the nude body. Pressing again while the nude body is equipped will equip the underwear body. At any time armor can be equipped, the hotkey will update its toggle status accordingly.
For NPCs locate the spell NPC Body Swap in the Alteration spells. Equip and cast at the desired NPC. Their body will become nude. To clothe them cast the spell at them again.

-- This mod supplies stock underwear recolors instead of a nude body. This is to indicate that the mod is working as well as provide something for any gender which the user does not set up.
-- This is intended to work with those setups that utilize only the stock locations for body mod file placement. Other setups may or may not work.
-- Hotkey for player use can be reconfigured via the console. set abimnakedtoggle to XX where XX is the dxscancode of choice. After assigning the new hotkey, press the old hotkey first to unregister it and register the new number. After that you may press the new hotkey to begin toggling the player's nude/underwear status.
-- Both player and NPC variations only swap out the torso (slot 32) item. Everything else is kept equipped.
-- Player version of nude armor has no armor value. Whereas in order to ensure equipping the NPC version of the nude armor is maxed at 600 armor rating. Therefore, it is best not to cause enemies to become nude. However, should you want the challenge, be forewarned that your NPCs will have balls of steel...
-- Only playable races were setup to use the "nude armor". Therefore some NPCs may equip an invisible "nude armor" but still show their default skin. The elder race is a good example.

Permissions, Status, Credits & Other General Info:
This was created as an attempt to satisfy the following request:

This is provided as-is. You may freely adapt this idea for your own game setups. You may freely incorporate this idea within a publicly released mod of your own making. I reserve the right to make updates to this mod at any time.

Credits go to
-- Bethesda for both Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
-- ADragonCalledGeorge for the request and testing of the initial versions.