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Showcase video by ArsenalRobert:

Thanks for the video! Now the mod feels official.

This mod replaces the textures for potions and poisons in the game. You may only have 1 style for poisons, and 1 style for potions (this is a game limitation by Bethesda). You may mix and match (e.g. Ceramic poisons with Ornate potions), or have the same style for both.

The "main" files contain the most popular style: Ceramic.

The optional files contain all of the other styles for both potions and poisons. Do *not* confuse "potion" for "poison" or visa versa.

Manual installation:
Unpack and install the "data" folder into your steam/steamapps/common/skyrim folder.

Automatic installation:
Use Nexus Mod Manager.


Change Log:
versions prior to v3.0: change logs removed to save room.
v3.0 (12/21/11): Files reuploaded to Nexus.

Free, public license stock images borrowed from various artists at deviantart (used and modified by me for use in the textures) from here, here, here, here, here, and here.