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Spellblade adds:
- over 90 unique enchantments that grow stronger for masters (skill level 100) in enchanting as
well as other stats
- a new crafting system to create these enchantments
- 22 unique artifact/legendary level enchantments to be learned
- a hardcore post-endgame dungeon designed for characters above level 50
- over 20 custom weapons, many Hi-Res, some with new meshes
- over 10 new Hi-Res sets of armor
- 5 new spells and several new powers
- the ability to break down and combine soul gems into higher/lower quality gems
- special artifacts which can be used as re-useable black soul gems

As always: if you enjoy the mod, please endorse! I put over a year's work into this mod and though it was fun as well as stressful, I always appreciate your support!


3/25/2015: New Info on the Update! Head over to the Comments section to see the Updated Sticky!


-1.0.93 is released! -

Spellblade Patch released by jlizard for Dynamic Loot available here. (Requires 3JIou's Dynamic Loot)

It's a truly great mod and I use and highly recommend it! With the Spellblade patch it will place the non-legendary enchantments into the game world on weapons and items from your favorite mods!

All of the bosses now drop rings that have special Armor enchantments (Robes/Curiass only) that increase in level with certain stats that correspond to their respective Sins. The stats that affect the enchantments are found on the rings. Be careful as the bosses have these enchantments too! (Yes, the more you have of the stat/more you've sinned, the stronger they are!)

Teleport -REALLY- should be fixed now! (Someone MAY have forgotten to add the script to the download file the first time...)

Damage in 1.0.9 from bosses was too high, so it was reduced significantly in 1.0.92 and beyond.

In-Game descriptions of new boss aura enchantments added as notes on the bosses person and description on the actual enchantments fixed as well.

Changed Soul Trap Aura from being only on Sin's enchant to being more appropriately on Lust's. Also changed requirement for Soul Trap Aura on Sin's armor

Added the Vampiric Aura to Gluttony's Armor Enchantment.

-1st Time Download/Install-

If this is your first time downloading the file, you will need to download the main file and then any fixes/minor updates and overwrite when it asks. So far, there is only the 1.0.6 esp file and the Sin female armor texture fixes.

The journey through Skyrim has been a long and arduous one for the Dragonborn. Eventually, a warrior of such power will find less difficulty in fighting his battle as he will finding one worthy of his skills. He will become accustomed to his way of fighting, finding little in the way of innovation.

The dungeon known as the 'Gauntlet of Sin' presents both a new challenge for the seasoned adventurer as well as a new avenue for enchanters of any level. The dungeon houses a workshop at it's entrance which is safe to use without battles spilling over into the area. You will still have to be truly exited from combat to use them, but no enemies will set foot into the Arcane Workshop. The main location has a map marker, but it is one that you must find on your own. The other entrances have no such convenience but with a little exploration should be easy enough to find. Ultimately, you must do what an adventurer does and adventure to find it on your own! To begin your search, a unique book can be found for sale at Belethor's in Whiterun which should will shed light on at least two, less remote locations from which you can access this dungeon. The book will also increase your skill in enchanting. (If you are so inclined and don't feel like wandering, check the picture gallery or the jpg in the file for the location of the main entrance.)

Levels in enchanting used to mean simply perks, more charges and just higher numbers on the same enchantments as before. In addition to this, all but a few of these enchantments automatically get bonuses and extra effects when you reach mastery (level 100) in Enchanting, making every enchantment unique and useful no matter how strong you become.
The list of bonuses these enchantments get is too long to list here but is available in-game in books which are on a shelf nearby the first Crystal Anvil you will encounter.

There are 14 Legendary/Artifact level enchantments either held by The Seven themselves, or sealed and hidden within the dungeon. Each of these enchantments are powerful enough to turn any adventure's gear into powerful relics.

-Legendary/Unique enchantments-
Lust: Desire
Lust: Passion
Pride: Hubris
Pride: Vanity

Cloak of Envy
Cloak of Apathy

All of the enchantments this mod adds are learnable. In the case of the new enchantments made available within the prison of 'The Seven', your skill level in enchanting increases the amount of disenchantable shards you can create making the additional power granted by this mod available to even beginning adventurers.

To make the crafting list neater, the shard daggers themselves fall under different materials based on the level of enchanting needed to craft it. They do not require the ingot/ore of the category they fall under however. They also are unique to the Crystal Anvils are can only be created at one. Nothing from this mod will appear while using a normal forge/anvil.

-9 Novice Level Enchantments (Steel)-
Poison Damage
Persistent Flames
Persistent Frost
Persistent Shock
Persistent Poison
Persistent Venom

-10 Apprentice Level Enchantments (Dwarven)-
Leech Health
Leech Stamina
Leech Magicka
Persistent Absorb Health
Persistent Absorb Stamina
Persistent Absorb Magicka
Prolonged Smolder
Prolonged Frostbite
Prolonged Static
Prolonged Poison

-21 Adept Level Enchantments (Glass)-
Dual Mode Blightning
Dual Mode Tempest
Dual Mode Frostfire
Enduring Blightning
Enduring Tempest
Enduring Frostfire
Prolonged Leech Health
Prolonged Leech Stamina
Prolonged Leech Magicka
Lingering Smolder
Lingering Frostbite
Lingering Static
Lingering Poison
Freezing Soul Trap
Shocking Soul Trap
Venomous Soul Trap
Vampiric Soul Trap
Slowing Venom

-6 Expert Level enchantments (Ebony)-
Prolonged Blightning
Prolonged Tempest
Prolonged Frostfire
Lingering Leech Health
Lingering Leech Stamina
Lingering Leech Magicka

-6 Master Level enchantments (Daedric)-
Lingering Blightning
Lingering Tempest
Lingering Frostfire
Evolving Toxin

Yes, this means that you have to have the appropriate skill level in enchanting in order for these enchantments to appear on the crafting list.

Also within the dungeon are several other unique enchantments, held by minions of The Seven:

Lust: Consume Essence
Lust: Ignite Essence
Nemesis Venom
Unarmed Mastery

There are also additional utilities available through this crafting system, such as combining soul gems of a lower quality into one of a higher quality and back down as well. Black soul gems can also be created at the anvil, with the recipes for everything readily available in the form of books in the beginning area.

The enchantments seek to help fill the void in options and diversity that players had through creating their own enchantments in Oblivion. There are also many new concepts such as: effects having a chance to occur, enchantments that have reduced effect but use no charges, enchantments that grow in power with the user even after they've been placed on the piece of equipment and enchantments that have additional/different effects on power attacks and normal attacks to name a few.

Within the dungeon are many new weapons, all with stats comparable to their Daedric counterparts. Some are modified and lose some power but gain increased attack speed and so on.

But it's not all fun and games. These legendary enchantments are not going to be simply given to you willingly. The Gauntlet of Sin is filled with powerful enemies, with minions starting at level 45 and with over 1000 health. Bosses range from levels 60-75+ and average well over 8000 health. All of them have unique abilities along with wielding their legendary enchanted weapons. Defeating Gatekeepers in the dungeon will allow you to craft any armors and weapons used by the underlings of that boss. After defeating the vassal (mid-boss) of the leader of the area, you will be able to craft any unique items that they wielded as well as in some cases learn unique powers. Upon defeating the boss of the area, they will drop their unique weapon, which will be able to be disenchanted to learn it's unique enchantment. You will also be able to create unenchanted versions of the weapon after defeating it's owner.

Be warned, the bosses in the dungeon were not made with easy progress in mind. The bosses are designed to present a true challenge for players who have already dominated all of the other challenges in the game.

The Gauntlet has claimed every adventurer thus far that has braved its halls and has a great deal of history, very little of which is laid out in the open for you. There are many sources of information within the dungeon but none of them are made obvious for you to find. Many things will have to be pieced together, if you choose to do so. There is no requirement for you to discover the mysteries of the dungeon to proceed forward, however, not only will you miss out on discovering the hidden secrets of the dungeon, you will likely miss some of it's most significant and powerful treasures.

There is a riddle book shedding some light on the secrets of the dungeon which can be found in the workshop at the entrance. The rest is up to you.

There is little to go by in both finding the dungeon and information made readily available to adventurers who make their way through the Gauntlet. More directly, there are many unforgiving traps that will end your adventure quickly. Tread carefully.

There should be zero problems with compatibility or conflicts. The only conflict you should run into is if you use my old mod, “Way of the Spellblade” alongside this one. It is unnecessary to do so as this mod already contains all of the content of Way of the Spellblade.

“Is this compatable with X?”

Read above. Yes, this includes SkyRe. I use SkyRe so the mod had to run alongside of it the entire time, so don't worry.

"I thought you said every enchantment was learnable, what about <Insert item here>"

Pride has an armor enchantment that is immediately disenchantable, but other than her, the boss armor enchantments currently in the mod are only available by defeating the boss, creating/obtaining the armor the enchantment was originally on and then crafting the enchanted version. This namely applies to Envy and Apathy. There are 2 artifact level weapons that you cannot disenchant initially, however, after you defeat Sin, you can create the shards that hold these enchantments, as well as unenchanted versions of the weapons.

“But most of those enchantments look like they are the same thing over and over again!”

All but a few of the enchantments (the Soul Traps, for example) gain new abilities once the user reaches 100 enchanting. Many of these abilities are completely unique to each spell, making each enchantment, unique, useful and relevant even after newer ones are learned.

“But I don't have <insert DLC here>!”

That's fine, this mod doesn't use any of it. Vanilla Skyrim is all that's needed to run this mod.

“Can you add your armor <insert name of a retexture work i've done>?”

The short answer is yes, but it is not highly likely any time soon.

The long answer is this mod already contains my Hi-Res Stone Dwarven armor featured in Tytanis' Mod as well as a darker variant of my Red and Black Dragon Plate featured in the same mod. There is also a variant of one of my Dragonscale armors, a Gray with flames. I already made my Black and Red with Flame Overlay that is in Deadly Dragons a stand-alone mod as well. I spent a long time getting these armors straight and it's annoying assigning full sets of armor. Eventually, but not right now. I am always open to requests though.

“When is the next version (a.k.a. v1.1) coming out?”

Not to be a jerk, but when I feel like it in all honesty. You'll notice, however, that I update the esp very frequently as bugs I over looked are found as well as minor additions are made. I've spent a huge amount of time on this mod (over 1500 hours in the creation kit alone, plus who knows how much time in photoshop, nifskope, etc.) and would like to back off for a bit. Baring any bugs, I plan on doing one quick content update and then will probably leave it be for some time. The mod is complete and then some as is but I left it open to add more post-dungeon clearing content.

"Spoon feed me, where do I go for <blank>?”

No. You're an adventurer, go adventure. I left some inconveniences in parts of the dungeon on purpose.

“<Boss name> is too hard! They're impossible to beat!”

No. There are hints if you look about enough. The great thing about this mod is in it's predecessor, Way of the Spellblade, people defeated every boss, so I know it's possible. Bear in mind though, that Envy is likely stronger in this then Pride was in the original. You don't even want to know what Sin's level is.

"Where are all the pictures of all of the Weapons and Armor?"

6 sets of the armor are shown on the main picture and some of the weapons are in that same picture as well. I uploaded a few pictures of weaponry, but this merely scratches the surface. I want players to have to explore and discover on their own.

-Issa 5- for helping me with the lore, boss and enchantment concepts.

-PrivateEye- for use of assets from his Heavy Weaponry mod as well as his BiPolar blade mod.

-AoG- for listening to me rant and giving me ideas for some of the very first enchants I made as well as some of the last.

-jlizard- for creating the Dynamic Loot patch for Spellblade.

And most of all:

-Members on the Nexus- Support from people asking about the mod, making suggestions and letting me know when there were bugs. Even just one person asking when I was going to finish drives me to work harder every time.