Dragonpriest Mask Warlock Robe Crossover by Daniel Bourne
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Added: 21/12/2011 - 01:56AM
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This is just a small mod merging the Dragonpriest mask into the Warlock/ hooded blackrobes. I figured this out while trying to create another unique mod for a project im working on and havnt seen it on the nexus yet so thought I would share it with you guys.

Note: I am using a custom skin in the screenshot and have not included this in the download, if you do not have a custom skin for your hooded black robes it will display the defaul robes, This is made using the default DragonHelm but could possibly do more variations if this becomes a Hit :)

To Add robes to your inventory use this code in console `

player.additem 00107108 1

just wanting to know what people would Proffere, because im sorta new to coding I could make it as
A Replacer for the Warlock robes or
replacer for the dragonpriest masks

Replacing the masks you would keep the effects of there enchantments or you could make your own enchantment on the robes,

the third option would be for someone who knew more about coding if they wanted to get in contact with me and we could work together on making a set of non-replacer masks

let me know in the comments guys :)