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Main Files

ISD Dragonspear
Includes a little riddle to obtain Dragonspear. Travel to the entrance of High Hrothgar and read the note inside the bottomless strong box. After receiving Dragonspear, read the "handy note" if you want the 2h version.
Hint 1: Look at the name of the note.
Hint 2: How does the name relate to the final line of the note?
Hint 3: What is odd about the first line of the note?
Hint 4: The solution to the riddle is in the first lines of the first three rhyming couplets.
Riddle Solution

ISD Dragonspear Craft
Crafting only version. Dragonspear can be crafted at the forge under the steel category, both one handed and two handed variations are available. The ebony smithing perk is required for balancing reasons.
Hidden Message: I think that BGS shouldn't have put crafting into Skyrim. It makes loot pointless. Not every game needs crafting.

Optional Files

ISD Dragonspear NoEnch
Dragonspear without an enchantment. Simply replaces the mod plugin(s) of either or both of the main files. REQUIRES THAT ONE OR BOTH OF THE MAIN FILES IS INSTALLED.



- so clean you can eat off it
- further cleaning of the plugin files using TES5Edit
- cleaned plugin files with TES5Edit
- texture layout modified
- blade and handle textures combined
- 2h nif recreated for better custom skeleton compatibility
- initial release


Copy files from the mod data folder to your Skyrim data folder. Activate the corresponding esp file.


Translations of this mod are allowed and require no permission. You only need to inform me of their creation and credit appropriately.

This mod will not be uploaded elsewhere without my permission. Translations are the exception.

For other purposes, art assets included in this mod can be used if the following conditions are met.
- I (ImsumDave) give permission.
- Permission is given by Brendan Olszowy and Jeffrey J Robinson for use of their design.

The papyrus scripts and cube map(s) included in this mod can be used for whatever. No permission or credit is necessary.