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Nothing fancy, nothing that could break your game, safe to uninstall and change as many times as you like on an existing save. All this does is change 6 game settings, one for each difficulty. Works fine with all other mods such as skyre, ace, ace byog, other races, and so on. Should not be any problems, load order does not matter.

Vanilla settings are way too easy, or way too boring. As you increase the difficulty you actually deal less damage and enemies deal more damage (see chart for exact numbers), I changed that. Now as you increase the difficulty, the only thing that changes is how much damage enemies do.

So changing it to legendary makes the game much harder, but battles last the same amount of time (unless you die, of course).

1: Open the creation kit

2: Select skyrim.esm and update.esm, then hit ok. Just wait for it to load, it takes awhile.

3: In the main window click on the gameplay button

4: Click on settings...

5: A window will pop up, go to the filter box and type in "fDiffMult"

6: Change those settings to whatever you want.
All of the settings except the ones that have XP in them are the ones you can change.


Anything that has "By" in it means damage done BY the player. This is how strong you are.

Anything that has "To" in it means damage done TO the player. In other words, this means how strong enemies are.

There are 6 By's and 6 To's, one for each of the 6 difficulties. To tell what difficulty each one goes to look at the very last letter(s).

"VE" means very easy (Novice)
"E" means easy (Apprentice)
"N" means normal (Adept)
"H" means hard (Expert)
"VH" means very hard (Master)
"L" means legendary (Legendary)

If you have these settings:

fDiffMultHPToPCN= 10

fDiffMultHPByPCN= .5

The player will do .5x damage and will take 10x from all enemies while playing on Adept.

If you have these settings:

fDiffMultHPToPCVH= 2

fDiffMultHPByPCVH= 1

The player will deal out 1x damage and receive 2x damage from enemies while playing on master.

If you need any help leave a comment and I will help you the best I can. If anybody just can't get it after reading all of this then I will make it for you and will upload it as an optional file.

ALL CREDIT GOES TO PHITT. His original mod can be found here:

The only reason I knew how to do this was by looking at the references his mod changed, which did the exact same thing. The only reason I made this was because his mod was outdated and messed up some stuff if you played on legendary. I also wanted to show people how to do it themselves. Although it is pretty easy, not a lot of people knew about it.