Several Robe Retexture by Okhotsk
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Added: 20/12/2011 - 11:11PM
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Robe Retexture Read Me

What does it do?

Replaces the monk robe and hood textures for the standard brown robe
all the monks wear as well as the robe textures for the grey, green,
brown and red robes based on the monk robe. Replacement is darker
and rougher.

Put the "texture" folder in your "Skyrim\Data" folder.

Delete these files:

Both files are located in the folder


in your Skyrim root folder.


If you wish to install only one or several of the replacement robes,
you will need to delete the files you don't want. The textures are
as follows:

(located in "skyrim\data\textures\clothes\monk" folder) = Monk's hood = Monk's robe = Brown robe = Grey robe = Red robe = Green robe

Just delete the dds file of any retexture you don't want.

Use as you please.