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Added: 20/12/2011 - 07:53PM
Updated: 28/04/2015 - 12:15PM

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Last updated at 12:15, 28 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 19:53, 20 Dec 2011

This is a small house in the mountainside between Whiterun and Morthal, the house is free and will not cost you anything, but you will have to fight the current owner for the rights to own it, a quest will be given as you enter the place and you will need to find your way inside and take the house. the house was previously known as Drelas Cottage, but i changed the location to Fjollheimr (translates to mountain home).


Update 2.3:

- Marriage quest modification removed as it just bugged most of the time.
- Fixed the dialogue bug in this mod (the decoration stone)
- Optimized lighting in the house moving lights into better positions, deleting unecesarry lights.
- Added lights to the magical barrier outside during the quest so it looks a little more epic.
- The fjollheimr well is now pitch black, torches give light, but other than that it's pitch black like i originally intended it to be.
- Cleaned the mod for UTD's and ITM's so you don't have to. (Except some navmesh changes.DO NOT CLEAN THEM!)
- Fixed a weaponplaque that did'nt work properly.

Update 2.2:

- Fixed the dagger rack in the bedroom
- Fixed 2 weapon plaques beeing out of place
- fixed a bookshellf right next to the alchemy table (left hand side)

I made a slim version of this mod for you who want a smaller version of this house, you can find it here

- New npcs, a totall of 5 excluding Drelas himself, all these are set to "Very hard" and they are hostile.
- Your Very own decorating stone, which will change banners in the house on a whim.
- Toggle your 2 fireplaces on or off, you can choose this yourself. ( they are induvidual, so you can turn the basement fireplace on and the livingroom one off for example.)
- Mannequins, weaponracks, weapon plaques.
- Dynamic lighting, all lights placed in the exterior and most lights in the interior is controlled by the time of day. (This function was in vanilla skyrim, i just added more lights to this home and added the emittance)
- A basement, with a bar, bookshelves and a new enchantment table.
- bookshelves also added to other parts of the house.
- A secret treasure room
- A short quest.
- A new bedroom and a smaller guestroom.
- A shack outside the house for blacksmiths ( i added no smelter because it did not look good and there is no mine anywhere close to the house.)
- A small shooting range outside..just for the fun of it.

A small quest needs to be completed before you can take ownership of this house, it still requires you to kill drelas, but the difficulty of this quest has been added, not recommended for low level characters, i did this because i don't think it's right that a level 5 should get a free house, nothing should come free.


If you encounter a shieldbug, use these commands in the console and the shields should disable: (this should be fixed on all accounts now, but i leave it here just incase some of you manage to bug the shields again.)

xx083f33.disable this will disable the shield inside
xx0854b2.disable to disable shields outside the house.

* xx = where the plugin is in your load order, if it's number one, the number would start with 01.

!!!If you are already using this house, please rememeber to empty any storage devices before you use this mod, the house has been changed completely!!!

hope you enjoi the house.


Put the fjollheimr.esp and fjollheimr.bsa into your datafolder
usually skyrim detects this and automaticly enables it, but it's good practice to always check the "data files" tab before you start the game to make sure it is enabled.
and done, enjoi!

make sure you have emptied any storage device in the house, taken down weapons and armors from mannequins etc
Remove the fjollheimr.esp and fjollheimr.bsa
and done.

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