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This mod adds a Quickening spell (Novice - Conjuration) to the game. It has no mana cost as I envisioned it as simply another aspect of the Dragonborn's ability to consume the souls of dragons. When cast, the spell gives you the choice of increasing your Magicka, Health or Stamina or gaining a Perk Point, similar to when you level, only without advancing your level any.

At the moment there is no quest-line involved with it, though I may add one in the future. Simply grab the book from the bottom shelf on the right in Farengar's study (the small room just off the room where his enchanting and alchemy tables are located). As a reminder, Farengar is the court wizard in Whiterun.

Once you've learned the spell, cast it as normal. When you do so, it will remove one dragon soul from you and give you a dialogue box where you can choose Magicka, Health, Stamina or Perk. Choosing one of the stats will give you +10 in the stat as if you had leveled up. Choosing Perk will award a Perk point in the same manner.

I haven't tested this extensively but it works in all the games (new and previously saved) I've used it with and so far I haven't encountered any mod-compatibility issues. I created it in vanilla Skyrim so there are no mod, DLC or script extender requirements. I will most likely not be able to provide any sort of tech support for this mod, should any be needed . . . though I don't think any will be.