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This plugin is the second release from Legends of Toa project.
Now you can play as your favorite Toa in any colors and armors set.

Contents of plugin:

Toa Races:
  • Toa of Fire:
  • Available colors: Red, Dark red as basic; Grey, Orange, Yellow
    Magic spells: Flames, Fireball, Fire breath and Fire Blast (as super talent, that can be used once a day)
    Abilities: 100% Resistance of fire, 25 Weakness of ice.
  • Toa of Air
  • Available colors: Green, Dark Green, Lime, Sand green as basic; Grey, Lime, Sand green, Bluish Green as secondary
    Magic spells: Unrelenting Force, Air Volley
    Abilities: Higher jumping, Faster speed, Health regeneration on air.
  • Toa of Ice
  • Available colors: White, Grey, Light Grey, Sand blue as basic; and same colors also as secondary
    Magic spells: Frostbite, Ice Spike, Frost Breath, Ice Form and Blizzard (as super talent, that can be used once a day)
    Abilities: 100% Resistance of frost, and 25% weakness of fire
  • Toa of Water
  • Available colors: Blue, Dark blue and Medium blue as basic; Dark Grey, Lime, Medium blue and White as secondary
    Magic spells: Water ball, Water spray and Water Volley and Storm Call (as super talant)
    Abilities: Resistance to poisons and diseases, increased heal rate under rain.
  • Toa of Stone
  • Available colors: Brown, Dark flesh, Tan and Orange as basic; Dark Grey, Sand yellow and Tan as secondary
    Magic spells: Sand spray, small rocks, boulders, and stone flash
    Abilities: Stamina regeneration on clear weather
  • Toa of Earth
  • Available colors: Black, Dark Grey as basic; Dark Grey, Grey and Black as secondary
    Magic spells: Earth spray, Ball of earth, Earthquake and Night vision
    Abilities: 25% Resistance of fire, 10% light sensitivity (as Vampire), Health regeneration under the ground (and in all interiors)

To change basic color use body color slider, to change second color - use hair color slider!

Toa Armor:
All Toa Armor can be wear only on Toa character! It has semi-custom design uses slots unique to Toa. Also, all armor uses skin tint technology, so it may sound gray but clothed in the Toa it turns to its main color, same as masks.
  • 4 (!) types of Gloves (lower arms)
  • 2 types of Thig Armor
  • 2 types of Leg Armor (lower legs)
  • 2 types of Boots (regular Toa Mata and Pohatu\'s variant - Advanced boots)
  • Also, Toa Hands and Claws, made as gloves (full hand replacement)

Kanohi Masks:
We made six basic Toa Masks, so you can wear any of them.
  • Kanohi Hau - mask of shielding. Adds a magic shield ability to the wearer. Also, helps in Fire Resistance
  • Kanohi Kaukau - mask of Water Breathing. Allows the user to breathe underwater
  • Kanohi Pakari - mask of strength. Works as Corundrum Dragon Priest Mask (Water breathing, better speechcraft and more carried weight. It will be edited later)
  • Kanohi Akaku - mask of X-Ray Vision. Adds a x-ray vision ability (modified detect life spell) Also helps in Frost Resistance
  • Kanohi Kakama - mask of speed. Unfortunately, we could not give it acceleration ability, and it has Armor Articulation Enchantment instead
  • Kanohi Miru - mask of Levitation. Unfortunately, we could not give it levitation ability, and it has Illusion bonus instead
  • Transparent Lime Kanohi Miru - our bonus mask. It allows player to heal faster.

Toa Weapons
  • Toa Tahu\'s Fire Sword,
  • Toa Kopaka\'s Ice Sword,
  • Toa Onua Earth Claws (works as daggers),
  • Toa Lewa\'s Big Axe (in two versions - as war axe and battleaxe)
  • Toa Lewa\'s Battleaxe (simmetrical version of regular axe, non-canon weapon)
  • Gali\'s Hook (works as war axe)
  • Kopaka\'s Ice shield (with transparent sectors).
  • And also Lewa\'s and Tahu\'s \"battlehands\" (works as daggers)

Big Axe and Battleaxe drains enemy\'s stamina, Hook has magika damage, both sword has fire and ice additional damage.

All that staff lairs in new secret location, named \"Toa Sanctuary\". You can get there simply typing in command console - \'coc bioroom\'

Known Bugs
Our project still in early stage and it has several bugs that we unable to fix now, due to lack of knowledge:
1. Crush To Desktop may occurs when trying to change from one Toa Race to another in standard Character Menu. We recommend to use Race Menu mod. Anyway, you can choose Toa Race only one time per game.
2. In some cases, CTD may occur when trying to switch between basic colors of Toa (not in all races)
3. Because of modified skeleton, weapon holding points became too far from body. Its impossible to fix that (as we think)
4. Secondary color won't save on loading saved game with Toa. If you save game playing Toa and load it again, all limbs becomes gray (they loose its color tinting).

If anybody knows or think that knows, how to fix this bugs, HELP us PLEASE!!