Lakeview Manor - Custom and modular vanilla meshes by mrpdean
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Added: 06/09/2013 - 09:47AM
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Last updated at 12:02, 9 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 9:47, 6 Sep 2013



* Fixed some texture and collision issues on some of the custom meshes

* Removed the dependency on Dawnguard from the included reference plugin

* Remove just about everything that wasn't custom from the main interior in the included reference plugin. It's more of a blank template now. This was only done in the main interior of the house. Left the basement and exterior more or less as it currently is in my personal mod. Also left a few prefabs in such as bookshelves and display cases because they're a bit of a pain to set up.

* Included a couple of script that were missing from the first upload including the script to turn the water on/off for the outdoor 'jacuzzi', and a script to enable the interior candles to be toggled on/off in a fairly realistic way. It's fairly easy to create an AI package to get your Steward (or whoever) to go around the house and light the candles at night and extinguish them in the morning etc.

Like many people, I wasn't overly impressed with the vanilla Lakeview Manor from the Hearthfire DLC, from the windows on interior walls and not on exterior walls (bedroom wing) to the overly cluttered layout. But my biggest problem with it was the interior lighting. So I began what has turned out to be a very long process of trying to fix it up.

If anyone has ever tried to improve the lighting in the interior, you would have probably noticed that the main structure of the interior (walls, roof, the upper deck etc) is all made from only a few large meshes. This means that you very quickly run into the limitation of only being able to have 3-4 lights affecting an object before the flickering lights begin to kick in.

To fix this I ended up carving up the large meshes that make up the interior of Lakeview Manor into small, 'normal' sized meshes. This meant that I could recreate the interior in the standard modular way, which in turn meant that I could add many more lights to the interior (I have around 46 in the interior of my personal Lakeview mod). This process took the most time by far as all the collision had to be remade from scratch. It is these modular meshes which make up the bulk of this modders resource.

I have also included some other custom meshes which I've used in my personal Lakeview Manor mod such as versions of the vanilla oven and forge which fit neatly into a corner, an animated Dwemer ventilation fan thing that sits over my forge/smelter, a custom fishtank (with fake animated caustics), a painting easel (I like using Artisanix's Paintings and Frames in my mods) and I thought having a painters easel and some other painting stuff might work well, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. There is also some exterior meshes, both custom and reworked vanilla meshes, such as adding windows to the exterior walls of the bedroom wing etc etc.

NOTE: I have included the esp from my own Lakeview Manor mod (WIP) for reference so that you can see how all the pieces fit together as it can get a bit confusing. If you try to load it in game you will probably have all sorts of problems with duplicate meshes etc, which are fixable but I won't go into here. This is a modders resource only at this stage.

For my own Lakeview mod (WIP) I took a lot of inspiration for the exterior grounds from serg1313's Lakeview Manor Overhaul ENG_RUS mod, but reworked many of the vanilla meshes so that things fit together in what I think is a more realistic way.

Hope these meshes might be useful for anyone who wants to create their own Lakeview Manor, with better lighting etc.