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Sjel Blad Castle is an expansive player home mod (located just south of the Throat of the World) with numerous character perks including an armory, forge, barracks (humanoid companions), sanctuary, living quarters, vault, lair (creature companions), stables (mounts), waygates (teleport to major cities), and castle guards.

This is my first Skyrim mod and I would love/appreciate feedback and comments. My desire is to create an optimal experience for the player and I cannot do so without the thoughts and ideas of the gaming community.

If you can't tell by now I love this game and its modding capabilities. I am a very passionate gamer and modder with a bachelor's degree in video game art and design. My hope is that one day I will be doing this as a career! :)

Please endorse and vote if you like the mod. More to come!

Thanks and enjoy!

It is recommended to back up all Skyrim save files before installing any game mod, so please do so. Once a mod is installed and running it is highly advised to never save your game while inside or around player-created content, as this can lead to game content caching. Basically, the game remembers bits and pieces of a mod’s content in your saved game which can possibly cause problems in the future if that same content is changed or updated in any way. Saving your game in the outside game world helps prevent this from happening.

  • Updated version of Skyrim
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC

  • In-house teleportation system (travel to any area of the player home with ease)
  • Auto-storage/retrieval for chests and custom containers
  • Void Storage - A cloud storage system with receptacle points in every major room of the castle, along with a purchasable spell that conjures a portal in the game world allowing the player to access the Void Storage from anywhere. Say goodbye to over-encumbrance!
  • Numerous castle Servants to do your bidding, including an Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Miners, Farmers, Master Chef, Winemaker, Angler, Hunters, Foragers, Alchemist, and Scribe......more in development.
  • Forge with an Anvil, Smelter, Sharpening Wheel, Workbench, Tanning Rack, customized storage, two trade-based vendors, and optional Spider Imbuing Chamber.
  • Sanctuary with Alchemy, Enchanting, and Staff Enchanting work areas complete with customized storage, as well as numerous bookshelves (holding over 400+ books), two trade-based vendors (Alchemy/Enchanting), and an optional Atronach Forge.
  • Barracks with 20+ Companions/Followers based on the Oblivion Character Classes
  • Armory with 80+ Mannequins and 500+ Weapon Plaques/Displays
  • Vault with Dragon Priest Mask, Black Book, and Aedric/Daedric Artifact displays
  • Living Quarters with sleeping area, clothing storage, and balcony
  • Lair with 100+ Creature Companions/Followers
  • Stables with 30+ purchasable Creature Mounts. Conjure Mount spell available to instantly summon your mount to your side
  • Waygates which allow the player to travel to any major city including Raven Rock, Fort Dawnguard, and Volkihar Castle
  • Kitchen with Cooking Pots, custom storage, and trade-based vendor
  • Exterior towers with beautiful views on the Skyrim landscape

  • Hallowed Grove (general area released in v1.3)
  • --------- Crypts - Dungeon with varying difficulties
    --------- Catacombs - Indiana Jones style trap survival
  • Trophaeum - Optional area within the castle to display trophy kills
  • --------- Player will be required to collect certain items (i.e. - Bear pelt, bear claws, tundra cotton plant, and wooden logs) to assemble the trophy



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