Better Snowy Roads WIP by dukefx
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Added: 04/09/2013 - 10:57AM
Updated: 19/09/2013 - 07:19PM

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Last updated at 19:19, 19 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 10:57, 4 Sep 2013

This mod is still in testing phase and therefore incomplete

A little demonstration and comparison, mostly BSR meshes and some regular road textures at the end. (Used the original video this time to avoid double encoding and massive quality loss) Note that this is a game footage with ENB and a lot of color correction.

If you want your snow to look like in the screenshots I recommend Frozunswaidon's Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul

Once all road meshes are done, the testing phase will end and it'll jump to version 1.0. Afterwards I'm planning on working on the collision.

v.0.09 finished the last 4 road chunks; next update won't be anytime soon, but it'll be v.1.0 with all roads done
v.0.08 13/30 road meshes done; removed shadow casting flag due to lack low angle light, in other words: you wouldn't see those shadows anyways
v.0.07 a total of 8 road meshes are now finalized; fixed 3 previously finished meshes that had unintentional leftovers
v.0.06 final textures in 2k resolution
v.0.05 rearranged directory structure for easy removal
v.0.04 adjusted shaders, textures are still not final
v.0.03 rocks have their own textures and 1 more road mesh finished
v.0.02 2 additional roads done; reverted to the previous style
v.0.01 Recreated the rocks in a different style (see screenshot)

This mod aims to replace snowy road meshes with 3D rocks. This is in a very early stage with only 8/30 roads done and is currently for testers only. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback regarding performance. This mod is completely safe to use, it won't corrupt your saves nor interfere with other mods.