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5 stand alone followers unique style for each all marriable... 4 females n 1male(lucky j/k)
i not good with screenshot editting n stuff so i decided to approach this another way in showing u their stat and inventory in a video.

[b]So wanna know their stats/inventory go to the video tab[b]

First is Syloria Vinipter (imperial) monk combat style (hopefully 1h weapon off hand heals) inspired from my d3 monk

2nd is Sadene Myth (dark elf) back story sister of Zandar of House Myths(who is he, check out this my questmod [url][/url] ) Combat mage style i believe

3th is Sasha (redguard) combat assassin (hopefully she dw if not some1 let me know)

4th is Rikki (woodelf) ponders wonder what her style is... simple ranger, she does have a dagger if they get close but that just makes them run

5th Winter (imperial vampire) inspired by my main on skyrim ruler over vamps killed aldiun blah etc... oh yeah fire doesnt hurt him really too bad his mace was enchantments r the same as my mains and he has a few starter perks

update for Sasha is added she should duel wield now to update delete her old esp replace with new make sure she not with you at the time basically dismiss her
pm me if they ne problems with updating