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Enhanced Skylist

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You are using Skyrim modifications from Skyrim Nexus, the Steam Workshop and maybe from other sites aswell? You have dozens of manually installed modifications, or maybe a good amount of them is installed via a mod manager - but you don’t have an overview about whether or not your manually installed modifications are up-to-date (because, they don’t show up in the NMM)? Or you started modding recently and want a neat list, a model, where you can put in all the information regarding your mods?

Then the Enhanced Skylist might be for you. Henceforth I will use the abbreviation ES.

But this Excel document is even more than that, I have collected hundreds of links to tutorials and guides as well as programs, tools and databases. I also have compiled an easy to handle ID Compendium, in which I added here and there some special functions to improve the handling of it.

General Information

  • This project contains four Excel documents, which include overall 14 spreadsheets, the main one for the modifications called "Skyrim Modifications" and 13 additional ones.
  • The "normal" file called "Modifications.xlsm" is a full template of the mods I personally use, the file "Modifications_Base.xlsm" is stripped down to a minimum state. I will use this base document to explain its functions and you can use it as a model Excel document, a ready-to-go file, so that you can easily organize your mod related information, without the need to cut down my full template first.

Requirements & Getting Started

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer
  • Formulas should be understood by all languages (at least those Excel knows). As you may have already noticed, the language used by Excel in the pictures is not english: its german. And that means that I have made this document while having always written the formulas in german language (e.g. =WENN(Prüfung;Dann;Sonst)). But as said, as far as I know, that shouldnt be a problem. Other than that, everything else like the content which is written directly into the cells (e.g. "Requirements") is of course in english.
  • After downloading the file, use WinRAR or 7zip to unpack the archive, open the .xlsm documents with Excel, activate the macros, and save them. The question regarding activating the macros should only appear the first time you open the documents, or if you rename them or place them in another folder.
  • If you run into problems, please read the rubric F.A.Q.


The ES contains the following spreadsheets:

  • Skyrim Modifications
  • Tools & Resources
  • Tutorials & Troubleshooting
  • Console Commands
  • Ingredients
  • Food
  • Animal Hides & Parts
  • Ores & Ingots
  • Books
  • Spells
  • Scrolls
  • Dragon Types
  • Named Dragons
  • Dragon Shouts

In the following I will highlight some features of the ES through the display of a few images.
For an in-depth insight please download the optional .pdf Guide.

Main Spreadsheet: Skyrim Modifications

  • The image above shows the main spreadsheet of the Base document, the image of the main spreadsheet of the ES document can be found at the top of this mod description page.
  • Includes formula to calculate the number of listed modifications
  • To update the numeration of listed modifications (column A), click on the cell of the hightest listed mod (normally cell A6). Then move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell and leftclick on the appearing cross. Then pull it down to the bottom of your list, so to the line of your last listed modification. In the default Base document A108 is the cell representing this.
  • After adding a new line/row for a mod, repeat the process just mentioned (so the process for column A) with column L. This reads out, what color the cells of the B column have.
  • Only colorize the B cells (modification names) like it is advised in the article Color Usage + like the uploaded images indicate it.
  • Includes formula to calculate the number of installed modifications. Press F9 to update this calculation.
  • Automatically colorized Script-Mod? cells. Via Script-Mod? I ask if the specific modification does rely on scripts or not. Whether or not a modification contains scripts or not - so is a "Script-Mod" or not - was decided through multiple aspects. Does the specific modification contain loose .psc or .pex files? Are such files packaged in a .bsa archive coming with the mod? What information does the mod description page and the posts tab of a certain modification tell me about the possible presence of scripts? In conclusion I think that most "Script-Mod?"-classifications made by me should be correct
  • ....- if that is not the case, please inform me about it!
  • To colorize the F cells (Script-Mod?) write Yes or No in the specific cell. I selected the colors Lightgreen for Dont worry and Lightyellow for Attention.

Spreadsheet: Tutorials & Troubleshooting

  • Compilation of links to several tutorials and guides (video and text tutorials/guides).
  • Five different categories:
  • ....- General Tutorials and Guides
    ....- Beginners Guides and Starting Points
    ....- Creation Kit
    ....- Further Tutorials
    ....- Further Troubleshooting Guides
  • Two additional covered large-scale series of tutorials:
  • ....a) Creating Armors for Skyrim (CA4S) - by NightasyTutorials
    ....b) Creation Kit Tutorials - by DarkFox127
  • Dynamic way to display the individual groups of tutorials, including dynamic hyperlink generation.
  • Included two optional coloration variants to highlight different tutorials.

Spreadsheet: Console Commands

  • Contains all console commands covered on the UESP Wiki
  • Special function integrated, which opens a textbox with the (partly vast) notes to each command if the belonging A cells are being leftclicked. The advantage is, that the notes do not clutter the table anylonger.
  • This can be demonstrated best with the two cells A31 and A76.

Spreadsheet: Ingredients

  • Ingredients table with a new Value/Weight column + an effect(s) search function.
  • For searching the specific effect of an ingredient, type into cell K1 what you are looking for.
  • You might also want to just type in "A" or "Z" or " " (blank) in the cell for testing purposes.

Spreadsheet: Books

  • Contains 800 entries
  • The books are divided into the following categories: Books, Journals, Notes, Skill Books
  • Additional categorization: Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn
  • Complete analysis field regarding number of books, collected books, read books and read books in % (see enlarged picture, right side)
  • Hidden Hyperlinks in the following cells: F2, L2, R2 ---> AQ1; Z2 ---> A1
  • If you have collected or read a Skill Book, insteat of writing a x into the V or W column, please write it into the corresponding D or E column (so into the cell of the specific book you have collected or read). The x then automatically shows up in the V or W column.


Is there a way to navigate fast between the spreadsheets within a single document?
Besides the common way of leftclicking on the small arrows in the bottom left corner of your workbook, you have two alternatives to navigate fast between the spreadsheets. First, you could rightclick on the just mentioned arrows, which will give you a vertical overview of the given spreadsheets. That way you dont need to navigate in the given horizontal arrangement of the spreadsheets. Second, you can navigate fast between the spreadsheets via keyboard shortcuts: press CTRL+Page Up or CTRL+Page Down to go to the next or previous spreadsheets. I would recommend using one or both of these methods.

I am using Excel 2003, can I open, use and save the .xlsm document?
You could try to download the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack": Link.

Where can I get more help regarding Excel?
If you need general help regarding Excel, you could visit the online Microsoft Office Support - Link

I get a warning message if I try to save the document. What should I do?
You don't need to worry about this, it is a precaution on the part of Excel triggered by my "Notes" textbox-function in the Console Commands spreadsheet - normally good, in this case pretty irrelevant (because I dont add malicious code). You can turn that off, just follow this Link, here you can see where to go in Excel. If you are in the "Trust Center", go to the "Privacy Options" and untick the option "Remove personal information from file properties on save".

Can I use this document with OpenOffice Calc?
The ES is only partially compatible to Calc. Some things work, e.g. hyperlinks, conditional formatting (Script-Mod? cells), colors as well as formulas (without names .. so without macros). On the other hand formulas which make use of macros, e.g. the formulas for the number of listed and installed modifications (main and base spreadsheet), and also the Notes-textbox function in the Console Commands spreadsheet .. are not working. This will unfortunately stay this way, as I don't have the time, nor the knowledge to port my created functions to Calc.

Do I absolutely need to install the dragon language font "dragon_alphabet.ttf" to run these documents?
No, the installation of the stated font isn’t necessary to be able to use these Excel documents, if it is not installed some specific cells in "IDs.xlsm" will only show normal Latin letters. If you want them to showcase the dragon language properly, download the font (dragon_alphabet.ttf - Link, click here) and put it into C:/Windows/Fonts/ before opening the Excel document.

Future Plans

Version 4.1 represents the last major version of this document. Minor updates, which could be used to update links and version numbers of mods, are currently not planned - but they are not out of question entirely.


I hope that I could help you out in your desire to "structure" your modding experience a little bit. I'm also always glad about every feedback I get, as it helps me to improve my work. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you.

My other work:
Falskaar Data Compendium