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This is a custom.xml to be used with the mod Lootification:

For those unfamilar with the lootification mod, it is a SkyProc patcher that creates enchanted versions of weapons and armor from mods and distributes them into leveled lists. Most mods, especially those for weapons and armoured sets do not have enchanted versions and often they are not properly included into leveled lists. If an item is not included into leveled lists, it would only be accessible through crafting or at a fixed location.

Manual creation of leveled lists and enchanted items is an extermely tedious process. This Skyproc patcher makes it less tedious. Keywords however, must be specified for each item in "unlootified" mods to help "guide" the patcher. These keywords are included in my custom.xml so that you do not have to insert them manually i.e. effectively "lootifying" these mods.

If you created a bashed patch, lootification would distribute the items according to the leveled list in the bashed patch. Therefore, it is compatible with scaling mods such as skyrim unleashed.

Also recommended that you download the following mods:

Skyrim redone (Skyre)

Skyrim Unleashed (very good level scaling mod)

Note: Do not use "Enemy Scaling" Module and "Encounter Zones" Module of Skyre with Skyrim Unleashed. The two modules will override the leveled lists from Skyrim Unleashed.

The custom.xml included here expands lootification support to the following mods:
Bucklers-Complete.esp (correct assignment of light and heavy armor)
DragonbornArmorFix.esp (properly inserted shield into chitin outfit)
Inconsequential NPCs.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
Third Era - Dwemer.esp
SkyRe Light Weaponry Fillout.esp
AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp (properly included Thalmor glass into faction leveled lists)
SamuraiBladesWeapons.esp (inserted reproccer keywords for skyre compatibility)
SamuraiBlades.esp (inserted one of the armors into Draugr leveled lists)
ThalmorStandalone.esp (fixed bugs that prevented lootification)
Revelation Robes Standalone.esp

It took a few hours to think of the proper keywords. Leveled list are made as lore friendly as possible. Hammerfell items should spawn mostly on redguards. Thalmor items have proper thalmor keywords to ensure they spawn on thalmors. Blades items are found only on Draugr, because most of the Blades are dead, wiped out by Thalmor.

However, I have not properly play tested my custom.xml and some items may spawn in "lore unfriendly" places.

UPDATE: Uploaded esp replacer for ThalmorStandalone and HammerfellBanditsV2.0. Both mod contained out of order sub-records that prevented lootification. This resulted in Thalmor refusing to wear their fascist black armor and bandits wearing only their undergarments i.e. FIX for naked bandits and thalmor.