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Added: 21/08/2013 - 02:57AM
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Short Description:

This is a patch to the wonderful Trade and Barter mod by Kryptopyr. This is a very simple change that allows the merhcant gold sliders in the MCM menu to surpass the 5,000 gold limit. Most merchant sliders have been doubled, to a maximum of 10,000. Innkeepers and Street Vendors have been given a maximum of 7,500 and 4,500, respectively.After proper installation, your merchant gold sliders should reflect these new maximum levels.

NOTE I: Be careful about setting your gold too high! Skyrim has a bug where if a merchant has too much gold, when you sell items to them you will not receive any gold but will still lose the item. There is a chance that maxing out the merchant gold sliders at 10,000 could possibly lead to this happening depending on how high of a level you character is since merchant gold is a leveled item. If you notice this happening, simply reduce the amount of gold you have set on the slider. Then report the \"bug\" to me and tell me what setting you were using, your level, any other related mods youre using, the amoujnt of gold showing for the merchant, and anything else you think is important. I can not fix this bug because it has existed for a long time. Your best coure of action is to regulate the amount of gold your merchant has. In my experienced opinion, you should never have a merchant\'s gold more than 15,000 (maybe 20,000 MAX!!). After this, you are a LOT more likely to see the bug. The good thing about Trade and Barter is it allows you to dynamically adjust your settings. If, for example, your merchants have 10000 at level 5 but have 17000 when you reach level 50, you can simply reduce the slider some to get it under control. You can also choose a lower \'variation\' amount in the MCM menu (if you havent already) as another way to get gold amount under control.

NOTE II: Do NOT contact kryptopyr with questions that are specific to this patch! I have been allowed to post this and edit the original work, but that should not create more work for the original author! PLEASE contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this release. If you are having trouble with other areas of the mod, then of course contact kryptopyr.

Trade and Barter FULL VERSION (will NOT work on lite version /duh :facepalm: )
Endorsing Kryptopyr\'s MANY hours of hard work

* install AFTER Trade and Barter main mod, or else nothing will happen.
* if asked to overwrite, say yes.
* there is no ESP with this patch, just a replacement script file

* remove the files from your Data\\Scripts folder

kryptopyr for making the awesome mod, for writing the longest scripts ive ever seen, and for allowing me to edit and repost your work! Thank you!
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