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No Vampire Attacks

- Official Dawnguard DLC

*I rely on machine translation because I am not good at english.

I like dawnguard dlc. But the vampire attacks is annoying.
So the following dawnguard quests will not occur anymore.

DLC1EclipseAttack1 - Eclipse Attack: Gargoyles
DLC1EclipseAttack2 - Eclipse Attack: Vampire and thralls
DLC1EclipseAttack3 - Eclipse Attack: Vampires and Gargoyles
DLC1EclipseAttack4 - Eclipse Attack: Death Hounds
DLC1EclipseAttack5 - Eclipse Attack: Vampires and Death Hounds
DLC1EclipseAttack6 - Eclipse Attack: Vampires, Gargoyles and Death Hounds (Oh, my)
DLC1RadiantDisguisedVampireLordSpawner - Disguised Vampire Lord - Change Location
DLC1WE03 - Gargoyles
DLC1WE04 - Death Hounds
DLC1WE05 - Vampire and Death Hound
DLC1WE06 - Vampires vs Bandits
DLC1WE07 - SPECIAL ATTACK: Vampires vs Player Dawnguard

Cities and stables will be safe and wilderness will also be safe from vampire attacks.
In Dayspring Canyon, the vampire attacks still will occur.