Werewolf Toggle with Race Persistence by noobiemcfoob
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Added: 19/12/2011 - 02:46AM
Updated: 09/01/2012 - 04:35AM

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Last updated at 4:35, 9 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 2:46, 19 Dec 2011

[NOTICE] If you want just the werewolf toggle function, but have never changed your character's race with showracemenu or otherwise, use Werewolf Toggle with No Race Monitoring (Now the main file). If you have changed your character's race, use Werewolf Toggle with Race Monitoring or Race Persistence. ONLY USE ONE OF THE THREE FILES.

Using a single button, a player can transform back and forth from a werewolf. By default set to Page Up, but can be changed in the .ini file.

I originally made this mod for my own use, but figured someone else might have the same problem.

I like to change my character's race a lot, but I also liked playing as a werewolf. There is a minor bug with this that if you transform, you will revert back into the race you were when first infected. This script monitors your race before and after transforming, and switches your race back if it has changed after transformation. In my use, I haven't found it to affect skills or perks. If someone uses this and finds that it does, I can add in skill monitoring as well.

Installation: Drop both files (werewolftoggle.asi & werewolftoggle.ini) into your skyrim root directory
Uninstallation: Delete both files (werewolftoggle.asi & werewolftoggle.ini) from your skyrim root directory

Note: Requires that you have installed Script Dragon, available here:

Partially based off of Finadan's Mod: Werewolf Toggle Button