Add Dragon Shout to Dragon and Race Reinforce by Andy Stark
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Added: 19/12/2011 - 02:07AM
Updated: 28/12/2011 - 09:08AM

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Last updated at 9:08, 28 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 2:07, 19 Dec 2011

When this mod is activated, all the NPCs, including your followers, can use their race_abilities.
Fixed all crash bugs!

1.Fixed lots of crash bugs
2.using better math
1.add ConjureDragonPriest to dragon
2.bear can grow bigger
3.Khajiit will become small and attack faster.
fixed a bug

*V 1.4
1.add dragon shout to dragon, death leader,DragonPriest
2.fixed a bug

There are some changes.
1.WoodElf can not only CommandAnimal, but also ConjureFamiliar
2.Khajiit can use LightningCloak
3.Orc can not only use OrcBerserk, but also become bigger which means have a larger scale....

This is for fun

step1: press "F6" button on your keyboard to activate or inactivate this mod
step2: start a combat

You can close this mod by pressing F6 button again.
And you can change this hotkey by edit the .ini file


1. Script Dragon files are included in my files already.

2. Or you can Install Script Dragon from the below link

3. Place Race Reinforce.asi and Race Reinforce.ini along with the other two files into your root Skyrim folder, alongside TESV.exe. Not the Data folder.

Delet Race Reinforce.asi and Race Reinforcea.ini

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon.