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S P E C T R U M v.3

Hello first, I know my English sucks but my German is better :-P
I've spend maaaaaaaaaany time in tweaking ENB for GTA4 & Skyrim so I thought it would be nice to share my preset! If you don't like cinematic effects and want very (!) powerful colors paired with realistic contrast...this ENB should be the right one for you!

If you use Climates of Tamriel and Realistic Lighting Overhaul or Enhanced Lights and FX...PERFECT...cause I tweaked the whole lighting for these mods!!!

Screenshots showing vanilla game with Climates of Tamriel and Realistic Lighting Overhaul (and SPECTRUM ENB): SCREENSHOT COMPARISON

This is just a you need to download the d3d9.dll separately! Then drop everything directly into your Skyrim main folder.
Choose a enbpalette.bmp and the enblocal.ini depending on your VRAM size, you can find them inside my preset. Place it in Skyrim's main folder, too.
If you notice instability, change EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=true to EnableUnsafeMemoryHack=false in enblocal.ini.
This binaries supports 64bit memory reducing features so you also need a 64bit OS to use this, of course!
If you using tons of mods you should set uGridsToLoad not higher than "5" to feel the whole stableness of this ENB...
I'm using 170 mods (my Skyrim folder is over 30GB huge) and I don't have any CTD issues anymore! Only a rarely freeze from time to time!
Please add following strings in your Skyrimprefs.ini:


To disable the DOF effect, just rename or delete the file "enbeffectprepass.fx"

Dynamic Color Spectrum - Added color tint at Day, Night, Sunrise and Sunset for a more atmospheric lighting
(Sunrise = yellow, sunset = red, night = blue)


Dynamic Sun Rays - The sun ray intensity and color changes with the time of Day

Short Distance (night)View - most ENBs are imo much too dark at night. Skyrim's moon is huuuuge, no moonlight at all?! So I've tried to create a realistic short view at night, for not running into trees all the time (Inside deep woods its still DARK!!!)

Better got Sunglasses - if you use fire spells or look directly into fire or the sun, you will really be dazzled by the light!

Licht & Shader Datei - added TechniColor, Tonemap and Bloom for even MORE powerful colors!!!

3 Optional Palette Textures

Also optional but "must have":
Particle Patch fixing bright water at night, and other object meshes that have their shader or blending properties set incorrectly! THX mindflux!!!!!

Hope you enjoy... plz endorse if you like ;-)
Feel free to upload screens of your SPECTRUM experience
Greez Dynanik

Visit, Boris is a fuggin genius!

I'm really glad about this comments because this are exactly the reasons for me to create (and share) this preset:
I have tried nearly every one of the top ten, maybe even top twenty of the most popular ENB series presets and modifications and nearly all of them have been either too cinematic (i want to be immersed in the game not go to a movie), too dark, too bright, too oversaturated, undersaturated (im really picky).
This one fits just right, pretty much perfect for me, which is saying a lot.
Good work
THX Hrolfjuid
I have tried a lots of ENB (about 20 atm in my ENB manager), and they all have points I like and some I dislike. Your ENB seems like a combination of all the things I like. Game runs smooth at 60fps and very stable.
Thanks a lot, I will stick with your ENB. Keep it up
THX xxPEPE666xx
Extremely stable wIth the patch. Was getting CTD before the patch around every 15 minutes or so. Played 4 hours without a crash with patch. Also, thanks for sharing this ENB. I like it more than I do some of the more popular ones. It handles lighting tweaks that I make very well. With Spectrum, I can make a room (or nightfall) a little less dark without surreal specularity or making light sources too bright. Am running COT and RLO. Am also running project parallax Remastered. I enjoy the perception of depth that parallax gives to some textures, but don't enjoy the cartoony look that it gives other textures. I left parallexdebug disabled, as you have it by default, and there are no stability or stuttering issues. Thanks for including links to particle and water patches, as well.
THX languageguy
As someone who has tried MANY ENB's and been disappointed in real gameplay with them looking great outside but not inside or vice versa, this looks great!
looking forward to testing more. I have not been happy with an ENB for real gameplay since VandB which used 12.12.12! I may have at last found a replacement!
And COT friendly (which I can't live without!
Kudos given for this great work! Thank you!!
THX aok