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Important Information

If you have not seen the original mod, go here: Invested Magic - A Better Magic Paradigm by NineInchNall
If you don't know what SkyRe is, go here: T3nd0s Skyrim Redone by T3nd0
This mod is reliant on having SkyRe. The version you're using currently doesn't matter (there are DLC and non-DLC versions. All should work). Also, the original Invested Magic mod MUST NOT BE INSTALLED or it will overwrite changes from SkyRe.


This mod has a very simple purpose, as you could probably tell from the name. It is meant to add the features from Invested Magic into the changes that Skyrim Redone (SkyRe) has already done. The main feature, is the ability to "Toggle" certain spells on or off, which reserves some of your Max Magicka to keep the spell active (effectively decreasing your Max Magicka while the spell(s) are active). It also modifies some perks related to this, because things like increased duration and reduced magicka cost are no longer useful.


So here, I'll list the changes the original mod makes. All the changes listed below are essential to the mod's functionality, and as such, are in the initial release version. (I'm using the scripting from the original mod, and it already has these features)

  • All toggle spells now cost only ten (10) magicka to cast - but hold on!
  • While active, toggle spells require an investment of magicka to maintain them, reducing your maximum magicka by an amount proportional to the spell's power.
  • This "investment" cost can be halved by the appropriate Alteration perks (Novice, Apprentice, etc.).
  • All toggle spells will have (Toggle: ##) at the beginning of the description. The ## is the base amount of magicka that is removed from your maximum, while the spell is active (before perk based reductions).
  • All toggle spells now last a long time. A full day, in fact.
  • Casting any toggle spell while that spell is active will dispel the spell.
  • Casting spells and running out of magicka could dispel some of your currently active toggle spells.

The following changes, will be added as I go. I will add either [Completed] or [In Progress], to keep track of my progress. Features marked as [Completed] aren't actually in the current mod version though.
Once a new version is released, I will add version numbers next to each change to indicate what has been added.


Spells currently modified to be toggle spells:
  • Oakflesh [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Stoneflesh [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Ironflesh [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Ebonyflesh [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Dragonhide [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Candlelight [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Muffle [Completed][Added: v0.3 - Optional File]
  • -> SkyRe replaced it with Silent Step, which is a concentration type instead of timed buff. If anyone wants it back to being a buff, just let me know and I'll make an optional file for it.
  • Waterbreathing [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • Invisibility [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • -> I feel a simple toggle is too powerful for this, so I made it drain your Magicka if you move too much, too quickly while spell is active. Illusion Skill level increases the distance you can move per second without any Magicka drain. Everytime movement causes your Magicka to drain, you lose half of the Toggle amount used (with correct perk, it's 1/4 what's in the description)
  • Flame Cloak [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • Frost Cloak [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • Lightning Cloak [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • Conjure Familiar [Completed][Added: v0.3]
  • Flaming Familiar (now renamed Conjure Flaming Familiar) [Completed][Added: v0.3]
  • -> The original Invested Magic was unclear about changes to this spell. In Vanilla, this spell conjures a flaming wolf which charges in and explodes after 5 seconds. Invested Magic changed it so that it's a more powerful Familiar that's on fire, and it only explodes when it dies.
  • Conjure Flame Atronach [Completed][Added: v0.3]
  • Conjure Frost Atronach [Completed][Added: v0.3]
  • Conjure Storm Atronach [Completed][Added: v0.3]
  • Flame Thrall [Skipped]
  • Frost Thrall [Skipped]
  • Storm Thrall [Skipped]
  • -> All the Thralls are unmodified by SkyRe, and since Atronachs scale with your level and gain perks, they're more powerful in the end (plus thralls take 90+ conjuration and the master conjuration quest completion). Thralls only bonuses over Atronachs, are health regen and nearly unlimited duration. I'm going to add the health regen to Atronachs summoned by having the Daedric Force perk (or higher).
  • Raise Zombie [Skipped]
  • -> This spell was changed to "Reanimation" and already lasts forever (999 days, to be exact). I see no reason to change it.
  • Reanimate Corpse [Skipped]
  • -> This spell was replaced by "Mark of Decay" and the Draugr spawned by the effect lasts forever (999 days, to be exact). I see no reason to change it, although I did fix the scripting on it and the Draugr actually revives correctly.
  • Revenant [Skipped]
  • -> This spell was replaced by "Transfer Essence" which isn't any type of revival spell. This spell immobilizes you for 30 seconds to make one of your undead invincible during the effect (this means you can't cast spells). I can't make this a toggle without modifying the spell to allow a way to toggle it off.
  • Dread Zombie [Skipped]
  • -> This spell was replaced by "Mark of Bound Spirits" and the Spirit spawned by the effect lasts forever (999 days, to be exact).
  • Dead Thrall [Skipped]
  • -> This spell was replaced by "Seven Souls" which spawns 7 random corpses and revives them for 3 minutes. Would be massively overpowered as a toggle spell.
  • Bound Sword [Completed][Added: v0.5]
  • Bound Battleaxe [Completed][Added: v0.5]
  • Bound Bow [Completed][Added: v0.5]
  • -> SkyRe split this into Bound Shortbow and Bound Longbow. Both of them have been modified.
  • Conjure Dremora Lord [Completed][Added: v0.5]

Modified SkyRe Spells

Here I will list SkyRe exclusive spells that have been changed into Toggle spells. These will be added to the list as they are completed, but they're not in the mod until they have a version number added. If you want to make sure I add certain ones, feel free to suggest them.

  • Feather [Added: v0.5]
  • Advanced Feather [Added: v0.5]


Each school of magic that has Toggle-able spells will have its own perk that prevents them from being disrupted.
  • Alteration - Stability Rank 1 (skill level 70) [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • Conjuration - Expert Conjuration (skill level 75) [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • -> First thought about using one of the Atronach related perks. Then I realized the toggle spells are of 3 different types, Summons, Undead/Reanimation, and Bound Weapons. So I switched it to something generic.
  • Destruction - Expert Destruction (skill level 75) [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • -> Most perks here are element specific, except for low level perks, and that just doesn't work. I chose this perk cause it's around the same level as the others.
  • Illusion - Expert Illusion (skill level 75) [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • -> Basically the same reason as Destruction.

Alteration Perk Tree:
  • Stability increases stagger resistance [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> I actually made it only increase Stagger Resistance when a Mage Armor spell is active. Also, SkyRe has 3 levels of Stability. Each one has increasing levels of Stagger Resistance.
  • Prevents your mage armor spells from being released when you run out of magicka. [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> See top of Perks section

Conjuration Perk Tree
  • Summoner increases the number of creatures you can control [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> Already included in SkyRe, although renamed to Ancient Rites
  • Twin Souls prevents your summons from being released when you run out of magicka. [Completed][Added: v0.2]
  • -> SkyRe removed Twin Souls and put it's effect somewhere else. See top of Perks section.
  • Dark Souls actually does what it says. (Beth screwed the pooch on this one.) [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> Already fixed by SkyRe
  • Necromancy gives your undead rapid healing. [In Progress]
  • Elemental Potency lets atronachs scale with your level. Srsly. [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> Already added in SkyRe
  • Certain perks (used to be Atromancy) grant you resistance to the element of the atronach(s) you summon. Daedric Wrath gives 25%, Daedric Force upgrades that to 50%. [Completed][Added: v0.3]

Destruction Perk Tree:
  • The main perks (Novice, Apprentice, etc.) now allow damage scaling based on skill level. The twist here is that the scaling takes into account the skill levels of all five schools of magic, so the mage who masters all five will do more damage than one who only masters Destruction. [Partially Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> I didn't entirely like this idea and SkyRe already added scaling based on Destruction skill level for each perk. If someone wants extra scaling based on the other schools of magic, I could easily add an optional mod for this change.
  • Impact affects Novice level spells (at a reduced rate). [Completed][Added: Initial Release]
  • -> Already added by SkyRe (I think..)
  • Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, and Disintegrate now affect enemies at 50% health, but they now have a chance to resist. These perks were originally worthless "win more" abilities, because once you get an enemy down to 20% health, you've pretty much already won anyway.
  • -> This change will NOT be added. SkyRe has already reworked these perks and there is no reason to change them.

Recommended Mods

Here are some mods I recommend that are related to magic type players.

Optional Files/Patches (included in NMM installer)

  • Modify Muffle spell and re-add it to Spell Vendors (even though SkyRe replaced it)
  • Expanded Bound Weapons Compatibility. Makes all the weapons from this mod work the same as the others. REQUIRES THE ORIGINAL MOD


- Corrected 2 mistakes in optional file for Muffle spell
---> Spell Tome wasn't correctly added to Spell Vendors (added to wrong list)
---> Scripting part for Toggle effect was missing

- Removed unnecessary changes to Destruction Perks. It's now the same as default SkyRe. (without optional file, which is removed)
- Finished all spells the original mod changed (except for those noted in the description).
- Started adding SkyRe exclusive spells.
- Added patch for Expanded Bound Weapons (a mod I use, which I want to be compatible)

- Modified the behavior of the Flaming Familiar.
---> No longer charges into battle and explodes after 5 seconds.
---> Acts like a normal Familiar, except much more powerful.
- Daedric Wrath perk now adds elemental resistance to the caster while Atronach is summoned
---> The element resistance recieved is the same as the type of Atronach
- Daedric Force perk adds health regen to Atronachs and increases elemental resistance gained from summoning.
- Added Optional file to revert changes to Destruction Perks
- Added Optional file to modify the Muffle spell and re-add it to Spell Vendors

- Changed Dual Casting effect for all Toggle Spells. It was increased duration, now it's increased magnitude.
- Performance enhancement related to obtaining Player reference (bug in original mod)
- Made changes so that NPC spells work the same as Player spells
- Added changes so Toggle spells casted on someone else will use their Magicka to keep spell active
---> Not all spells have to do this. Some can use that person's Magicka and some can use your own.
---> The player still gains Skill Exp, if the target has enough Magicka for the spell.
---> Unfortunately, there are currently no toggle spells that can be cast on a target. Likely to change in the future.
- Prevented Skill Exp Gain when toggle spell is used without enough Magicka to maintain it (bug in original mod)
- Added balancing changes to Invisibility
---> A simple toggle for this is too powerful. I've modified it to drain magicka based on move distance while invisible
---> Move distance does scale with your Illusion Skill level.
------> At low level (less than 20), you can't move much without draining magicka
------> At high level (tested this at level 100), only Running and Sprinting cover enough distance to drain magicka

v0.1 (Initial release)
- All features listed in description on Nexus


NineInchNall - Created the original scripts that I put into this mod.
T3nd0 - Creator of Skyrim Redone. Without that, this mod wouldn't even exist.