Might and Magic 6 Remake by Cezary S
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Might and Magic 6 remake.

My love to M&M games started with M&M6. This game brings back so many good memories, that I decided to refresh it a little. For me, it is more than just a mod. It is something I feel I need to finish and I will do everything to finish the project. I have calculated that it will take 10 months to release the final version, but I am a student and exams have a bigger priority than computer so it can take even longer. I have never posted any mod from Skyrim- it is my first. Perfectionism forces me to do it as well as I can, but I know there is still much to learn.

Plan is to remake all the locations from MM6, add interiors based on pictures from "interiors" of MM6, add creatures similiar to those from MM6 and make a storyline, which for sure will need to get modified. I am doing my best to keep the climate of M&M6 with a little help from original music tracks from MM6.
PS. Positive comments are really helping me, thank you!

This mod will never be 100% finished because:
- I don't know how to create new monsters: hydra, bat, snake, sea serpent, golden dragon (and other colors), medusa, devil, VARN keeper, and some more.
- I don't know how to animate an elevator properly (for some expert it would take a minute to do this) mine elevator does not load in to CK properly and I get an error sign only- and also I don't know how to script it and I want it to work like this: player action: "use" on elevator, elevator goes up and stays there until player use it to go down. That is how I see it.
- Create secret doors (also animation) and scripting them.
All of this problems bothered me so much I started to ask myself if there is any sense at all to keep it up. I am perfectionist. It is really hard for me when I can't do something properly, but I decided not to give up on this project and take it as far as I can.

Mod does not require any other mods, however it uses GKB Green Trees by Ga-Knomboe Boy which is included in mm6.bsa.
Thank you Ga-Knomboe Boy for this priceless modification!