SKYROTH (Might and Magic 6 Remake) by Cezary S
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Might and Magic 6 remake.

My love to M&M games started with M&M6. This game brings back so many good memories, that I decided to refresh it a little. For me, it is more than just a mod. It is something I feel I need to finish and I will do everything to finish the project. I have never posted any mod from Skyrim- it is my first. Perfectionism forces me to do it as well as I can, but I know there is still much to learn. 

Plan is to remake all the locations from MM6, add interiors based on a pictures from "interiors" of MM6, add creatures similiar to those from MM6 and make a storyline, which for sure will need to get modified. I am doing my best to keep the climate of M&M6 with a little help from original music tracks from MM6.
PS. Positive comments are really helping me, thank you!

Current version of the mod is 0.4A. It does require Dragonborn, Dawnguard and HearthFires.

Download Skyroth Alpha.bsa and Skyroth Alpha.esp (from download section).
Put all the files into your Skyrim/Data folder, and check MM6.esp while launching Skyrim.

-Go to
-Download Music.rar (checked for viruses- 100% clean).
-Unpack the .rar file.
-Paste the "Music" folder into your Skyrim\Data folder.

I did not upload the music with the mod because of a lack of permission to do it from the owners of its license.

If someone is interested to help me I am willing to create a team.
Who do I need?

- EXPERIENCED MODELLER - I desperately need a help in a making of monsters who are not present in the world of Skyrim. I am speaking about: Bat, Medusa, Dust Devil/Twister, Agar's Pet, Blood Sucker, Devil, Flying Eye, Genie, Harpy, Sea Serpent, Hydra, Ooze, Patrol Unit, Water Beast, Wyrm.

It is a lot of work, so I think we will need more than one modeller. I hope that you all can see that I am trying my best to finish the mod, so all the work you will put in the mod will not be lost.

- INTERIORS DESIGNER - I don't need to say that interiors are also very important. Not that I can't make them myself, it just takes too much of time.
I need interiors for houses of Mire of the Damned and Bootleg Bay for a beginning. First of all, interiors should be similar to those from MM6, but also it should be the same size as a building.

Potential modellers can send me samples of their work and I will tell if they are good enough.
Everyone who is interested in designing of interiors- just contact me and I will send you all you need, starting from information, ending on resources.