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Legends of Hope

...:::> Description <:::...

Based on Personalized Music by No_Aardvarks_Allowed, this mod adds new, beautiful and quality orchestral music to Skyrim. Currently the mod includes 166 different tracks in XWM format.

  • 22 new castle tracks
  • 18 new combat tracks
  • 11 new dragon fight tracks
  • 36 new dungeon tracks
  • 65 new explore tracks
  • 4 new tavern tracks
  • 10 new town tracks

166 tracks, approximately 310+ minutes of new music.

There are 223 tracks in total as some tracks are present multiple times in different folders for different places. There is a replacer and a non-replacer version plus a main menu background replacer (currently works on widescreen only) with menu music replacer as well. The menu background pictures were taken at filming locations of the five TV series. You can choose from 31 backgrounds and 3 menu themes.

About the files:
LoH 1 <> Vanilla
LoH 2 <> Dawnguard
LoH 3 <> Dragonborn

Awesome preview videos by dptheslothking, big respect!

...:::> Installation <:::...

There are two main versions of the mod:

- Non-replacer, includes menu modification, includes music for Dawnguard and Dragonborn
- Replacer, includes menu modification, includes music for Dawnguard and Dragonborn

In addition, there are six optional versions for those users who do not own either or both DLC-s:

- Non-replacer, vanilla Skyrim only
- Replacer, vanilla Skyrim only
- Non-replacer, includes music for Dawnguard
- Replacer, includes music for Dawnguard
- Non-replacer, includes music for Dragonborn
- Replacer, includes music for Dragonborn

The menu modification is also included separately which is compatible with any of the optional versions. Each version is accompanied by corresponding images in the Files section to avoid confusion (the Bethesda logo refers to the menu modification). DLC versions require their assigned DLC-s and will crash if those are not installed. As an example, if you install the Dawnguard only version but also have the Dragonborn DLC installed, you will not hear custom music in Solstheim; however, if you do not have Dawnguard either, your game will crash.

To install any version, copy everything from the archive into your Data folder or use NMM. You may have several versions in your Data folder at the same time, no need to remove one if you wish to try another, but make sure not to enable ESP-s from different versions simultaneously.
You can choose from multiple backgrounds and menu music for the menu modification; simply rename your chosen background in Data/textures/interface/objects to '' and your chosen song in Data/music/special to 'mus_maintheme.xwm'.

...:::> Compatibility <:::...

Legends of Hope is compatible with all DLC-s. As of version 1.4, custom music can be heard in Fort Dawnguard, Castle Volkihar, Forgotten Vale and Solstheim as well, along with some extra tracks for Raven Rock.
Legends of Hope conflicts with any other mods that replace music or alter the main menu background. It is highly probable that there will be conflicts even if all other music mod ESP-s are disabled, as the music files themselves can also be the cause. Specifically, make sure there are never any XWM and WAV format files together in one folder.

...:::> Update history <:::...

Version 1.6 - New music has been added from the Spartacus series and the mod has been restructured to avoid confusion of files. Additionally, all music has been normalized to eliminate overly large volume differences. Finally, all songs have been converted to XWM format at 192 kb/s (highest possible, minimal quality loss), eliminating file size issues and most memory-related crashes.

Version 1.4 - Dawnguard & Dragonborn support has been implemented, with new music from the Camelot series added to certain DLC-related places. Some of the new music has been added to vanilla areas as well.

Version 1.2 - Some players have been experiencing frequent CTD-s, which were caused by the BSA being too large. The new version features a split BSA with an empty, placeholder ESP, whose only function is to open the second BSA when the game is loaded. This should eliminate the CTD issue.
Additionally, one of the tracks has been fixed as it had been in the wrong format previously.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.

...:::> Troubleshooting <:::...

From the page of Personalized Music:
"If your character is much more powerful than the foes you're fighting, a game setting prevents the combat music from starting. This is not a bug, but a design choice of Bethesda's. No one wants combat music every time a silly mudcrab starts running after you, but at higher levels with good gear many feel it's too rare to have it start.

Make sure the mod isn't conflicting with another mod. To do that, temporarily move the mod .ESP,(...) to the bottom of the load order in your mod handler. If it now works, there is a conflict with another mod.

If you are experiencing any problems, always upgrade to the latest version of the game."

In addition, please consider the following before making a post:

-We have examined all of the mod files multiple times and there are no corrupt files present. If you extract the BSA-s, do so using BSA Unpacker. If you happen to get corrupted files as a result, try re-extracting as compression/decompression with any utility can go awry for no reason sometimes. You might even try re-downloading if that does not help.

-Testing of the mod has been taking place on machines with 4 GB RAM or higher, on 64bit. Testing of version 1.6 has indicated that it is stable, as we have experienced zero crashes (while constantly using many other mods alongside Legends of Hope as well). Please be aware that random crashes are usually related to Skyrim running out of memory to use; it is built in such a way that when this happens, instead of flushing the RAM it crashes with no error message. Please be also aware that by default, no single application is allowed to use more than 2 GB RAM on 32bit systems, even if the machine has more than 2 GB RAM installed. This can be remedied however, see this file for the fix.

-You might want to try this as well to improve performance and eliminate crashes.

If none of the above tips help, feel free to ask in the forum and we'll gladly try to assist.

...:::> Credits & Disclaimer <:::...

Credits for the original source music go to the production teams of the Merlin, Robin Hood, Legend of the Seeker, Camelot and Spartacus series. Personalized Music is the original work of No_Aardvarks_Allowed. Credits for editing, converting and arranging the tracks go to us. We do not own Merlin, Robin Hood, Legend of the Seeker, Camelot or Spartacus and do not wish to take credit for the original authors' work. The edited tracks were intended for use with Skyrim and this mod only. Please DO NOT redistribute the tracks or the mod outside of the Nexus.

On a side note, all five of the abovementioned series are amazing.
If you are a Skyrim fan, you should definitely check them out!

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Special thanks to Sloth, BloodMoonEquinox, amoncmd!