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The Eye of the Beholder

My intent: a semi-realistic and eye capturing view of Skyrim, whether this be by installing graphics mods, use of enb, or altering textures to achieve this. Maintain a minimum of 30 fps, but not less than 24 when recording with FRAPS. Found that I can get a much better recording with no fps loss using Shadowplay, however, still need FRAPS to do screenshots that are full post processing.

Fair Warning...... this enb preset was created with a GTX 660OC 2GB. There has been some additional adjustments... however most of the issues you may experience will be with the use of too many HD textures... so either optimize them or don't use them.
My current card is a GTX Titan Black, overclocked to keep to my fps intent.
The fps goal sounds reasonable enough.. what is the big deal? I play at uGrids 9, with a lot of high resolution mods.
And I doubt many will have the number of mods I am running..... current count is over 500.
You can find which ones in "The Mods" either as a miscellaneous download file or packaged with the preset.

1) Climates of Tamriel and Patch from Prod80. Which means you will need the most current Climates of Tamriel. and
2) Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE).
3) ENBHelper

White eyebrows? You will need to install if you haven't already, Eyebrow Specularity Fix
And set your DISPLAY setting to middle setting to start with and adjust from there.

**If you are the adventuring type that likes to go out at night or dungeon crawling without the benefit of moon and stars, torches, magic lighting good luck with that in overcast, New Moon, and fog.**


Always read the installation section below.

15 Mar: Nothing new from Boris...... just me tweaking some more.

A fine video added from Heisennburgg added into the videos tab. Great work.
Which got me to thinking it was time to update my Whiterun video.... really shows how textures and added mods can drastically change the perception of the enb

22 Feb: FYI....... Boris has been doing some more updating since my last file posting. No version change and all you should need is the new d3d9.dll and the enbhost. Does not seem to be any conflicts yet with my current presets.

21 Feb: added update file for 266. Reduced bloom and particle intensity. You need the main file then add the update file, allow overwrites

21 Feb: Of course tweaking some more, decided I wanted the horizon just a bit brighter. Particles, wish smoke and mist from waterfalls wasn't in the same parameter, but hopefully a reasonable go between for them both.

What Boris has done for us:
"*Removed bloom quality parameter, it's obsolette and i forgot about it.
*Reduced video memory usage when some effects are disabled, because it's the reason of low performance with 1gb or less videocards. Negative side effect is delay when activating temporal antialiasing, reflection, ambient occlusion, depth of field, at that moment all textures unloaded from vram and recreating again.
*Fixed performance drop when terrain parallax is not enabled. I forgot to disable this in recompiler, so in previous version parallax code was always computed (with my videocard it's very noticable performance hit).
*Added FixLag parameter to enblocal.ini (require restart) which reduce annoying delays mostly in windowed mode, you know it's kinda frames skipping issue when videocard is very busy even at high frame rates. Feature is experimental hack found by me, made for NVidia card, seems it not work for AMD. If it useful, i'll make separate set of wrappers with only it enabled.
*Added EnableZPrepass parameter to enblocal.ini to increase fillrate performance. It may fail if skyrimprefs.ini is not configured properly (do not touch shadow mask or zprepass there!). This optimization works by not drawing pixels behind objects close to camera, so fps boost depends a lot from camera, visible objects near and far from camera, screen resolution, video memory bandwidth."

1 Feb: here it is, a bit later than I thought. But wanted to really give my girlfriend and I to really test this out some more. No tweaks in the last two days. Sure there are some things that could still be fixed, and will as time goes by.
Keep forgetting to remove the enbhelper from my files. Not supposed to upload that, so you have to go get it.
Please read the Readme. That is not to say I won't help if you have questions.
Happy Gaming

25 Jan: More tweaks and took care of the high bloom. Give my gal and I a couple days to play and see if we come across anything else that is bothersome.
so next update will be 265.3c...... unless Boris does something dramatic.

20 Jan: Version 265.3b-Lots and lots of little tweaks. A couple big ones mostly dealing with the Sun.

11 Jan: Same looks as before, mostly. I forgot that I had left the Procedural Sun enabled. Not supposed to be, and that resulted in having to make a couple other adjustments.

10 Jan: A new version.... 265.3
Took care of the excessive brightness and too dark shadows that became present in 264.x
A new way of file management. Mostly due to experimentation with other enbs and attempting to restructure my enb following the new way of doing things.
What I won't be doing is multiple weathers or location settings. That is just a bit more involved than I care to take this. So a middle ground to find what is acceptable to me in most situations.
Please read the accompanying TEBReadme in the file.
My mods list is included, and of course is available as a separate download.
I'll keep the older versions up a little longer. At least till I see that they are no longer getting any attention.
For what's new from Boris...... see his ENBDev page to catch up what has gone on since 262.

These presets are adjusted for use with CoT (default lvl Nights and Dark Dungeons Warm Interiors) and Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch by prod80
Display Setting: Middle to start with, not reduced all the way down like you normally see the other preset authors state.

Check the images, progression of images from older to newest

Depending on the authors settings, new world spaces and interiors may be too bright or dark for my settings. Recommendation is to either use the display slider in these locations or use the CK and adjust the lighting for them. Let me know if you are unfamiliar with how to use the CK to adjust them.

Comments would be really appreciated, good or bad.
I'd Also like to see your screenshots just to see how this is working for users.
Also please feel free to ask me for assistance in making alterations if you are unfamiliar with editing the configurations.

266 is Here:
Download is currently at the bottom of the page.
Extract and use the Wrapper version, follow the installation directions below.

Remove Blur in the enblocal file is set to false. This allows for the added immersion if using Prod80's mod, CoT Weather Patch.

Boris has been removing some previous versions as he updates. If the version you want is no longer available directly from his web page, he does mention that they may be available in the forums or other sites.

All versions decrease volumetric fog brightness at night, and restores display brightness back to your control (unless you are not bothered that my previous versions and so many other ENB's require min brightness settings). I use CoT and no longer need to reduce brightness to minimum.

** A note about my alterations of the enbeffectprepass (DOF). I'm an archer and equestrian user, so though there are some very remarkable enb's that have an awesome 3D effect going on (think of the opening scene of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) they just don't work for long range kills or great views from horseback (camera positioning throws it off, though a first person horseback view may fix this). My settings will give you a varying DOF without being to overly blurry. **

Version 266:
Remember to use the wrapper version. I suppose you could try the injector, but I've never tried it.

INSTALLATION: Install the d3d9.dll, the enbhost from the wrapper, and my files into your Skyrim directory (if you see the SkyrimLauncher and TESV application files, your in the right place), accept yes for overwrites.

Memory Management;
finding these values based on your VRam seem to work well: 1gb to 1.5gb=64 or 256, 2gb to 3gb=256 or 512, 4gb+=512 or 768
VideoMemorySizeMb=(VRam+Ram)-1024 // not sure what you may experience if you go above 10240, I have used above that with no issues.

The enbeffectprepass "Sharpen Parameters" is set at 1824x1026 vs 1920x1080, whether this makes a difference or not I can't tell, should probably set it to your resolution.

bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 must be set in SkyrimPrefs.ini file to make this mod work. Start SkyrimLauncher.exe to configure your video options again.
Sky lighting to work correctly require rendering objects to shadow, so edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini:

I imagine that some of you may wish to make your game look like mine or close to it and are disappointed when you try my ENB and settings. To do that would be near impossible, I've tweaked lights and textures (GIMP) that I never kept track of, downloaded and did only partial installs of some mods. Only you know what appeals to your eye, and as they say 'Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder.
Things to do; learn the CK to make your own adjustments. Use a dds viewer to look at the textures/meshes involved before installing or after and redo, this may mean unpacking/repacking your BSA's. If your machine is getting poor performance, try using a dds optimizer to compress your images. I download HD -4096 then compress to not greater than 1024.
Why download the higher resolution then? The better the resolution you start with the better the result, and you may not even notice the loss.
This ENB is actually very UN-intrusive, it's all the other stuff that will drag your machine down.
Next thing you know is that your ready to start publishing.
Happy gaming everyone.

Downloaded and tried alot of different presets and was never quite satisfied. Too fantasy, too dark, too fps hungry. Possibly your search has ended.

GAME SETTINGS: Middle display brightness setting to start with and increase or decrease to your liking. Myself, I'm just a bit up from mid point.

My configuration can be realistically bright or dark depending upon atmospheric conditions, what you may think is to bright or dark will change with the weather and location.
It's not perfect but a 90% solution. It's rather difficult to get higher than this when, not all light and condition sources are not uniform throughout the vanilla or modded game. The only solution I can see to achieve complete satisfaction is to use the CK yourself and modify the light source.
Also bear in mind my hardware, settings, and that I'm playing a slightly heavy modded game.

Processors/Ram:i7 3770 (non K), Gigabyte GTX Titan Black GHZ 6gb, 16gb 1600. Highest memory use so far has been 4.566 gb
Did you say Bulls***....... Give thanks to Boris's ENBBoost, also gave my first born to sheson.

Mods that you may or may not have which will really affect your lighting but are in use:

--More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fix (Skyrim Forge)

--Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by JJC71 (v3.1) Nights level default, dark dungeons and warm interiors.

--Lightning during Thunder Storms by Minty (v23.0)

--Lightning during Thunder Storms - Climates of Tamriel - Patch by Minty (v3.1)

--Sun glare vanilla or Climates of Tamriel_s_Darker_Thunder_Sky by Nexus79 (v1.0)

--Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch by Prod80

Also recommend

--Safety Load by kapaer if not using SSME, original sheson memory patch, or SKSE 1.7a

--Morning Fogs by MannyGT (v1.2)

--Rainbows by isoku (v1.05

--Realistic Water Two by isoku

Not being a complete subject matter expert on ENB's and what cause and effect may occur with each tweak, I finally ended up with something I am truly happy with, thanks to JawZ's Guide to ENB Series, and a lot of just trial and error with the numbers and OH! I like that. Even managed to learn a few new words and definitions. You, interested party may spot errors or better configuration(s).

What I really like since the changes from version .119, is the fact that you can now alter your day, night, interior and exterior brightness levels independent of each other. No more in game keep changing my display settings.

My best regards and credits to: Boris Vorontsov (ENB's), JJC71, Prod80, Minty, MannyGT, sorry if I should have named someone else, but without their work I think Skyrim would be a has been by now. If it wasn't for them, think how dull the cool armors, and climates would be.
Bethesda, and it's league of amatuer modders.

Unfortunately this will not work for everyone and I can't test on platforms or with mods that I don't have.
Please leave comments for hey it's great/sucks, can't use because......can you .........