Craftable Helmet to Circlet Eng-Fr by Koryushin
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My other mod:
All Body Mod Compatible Female Mannequin

This mod add to forge circlets with same stat as existing helmet, to keep armor perk bonus.
And it adds a conversion for helmet to circlet.

Becarful : If you use the conversion way, you will loose existing upgrade or enchantement on your helmet.
So use a clean Helmet to convert it to Circlet before making any upgrade or enchantement.

Version :

- Version fran├žaise et anglaise disponibles.
- French and English version available.

1.0 : I also made the same mod to replace Dragonscale Helmet and add an other file.

2.0 : By request i made the helmet craftable to not overwrite the original one. It use the same materials and i rename it "Casque d'Eisen" (for a french guy ). Download the file in miscallenous section.

2.01 : By request i made some helmet to be craftable circlet.
actually Ebony/ Dragonplate / Dragonscale/ Daedric and Ancient Nord.

2.02 : All craftable helmet have a circlet version to keep armor bonus perk and to be more esthetic.
( included Hide, Leather, Elven, Glass, Imperial heavy, Iron, both Steel and dwarven)

2.02a : A quick fix to Daedric Circlet. Now you can upgrade it.
You can find them at forge :
- Ebony circlet, Daedric circlet, Dragonplate circlet, Dragonscale circlet in normal and skyforge.
In there own maetrial category

- Ancient Nord circlet at skyforge in daedric category.

2.02b : Fix the Glass Circlet that doesn't appear on argonian character.

2.03 : Added Scaled Circlet.

2.04 : I added circlet conversion for characters who didn't take smithing tree.
You just need the original helmet to convert it as its circlet version.
I didn't find a way to make it as an update so you have to download the new version and erase the old one.

It's my first mod for skyrim with tessnip.
sorry for my bad english ( French Inside :p)


delete old .esp file and put the new .esp in your Data folder and check it in launcher.