Muscular Khajiit Textures and Skeleton by Khajiitas
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Added: 10/08/2013 - 09:54PM
Updated: 29/01/2017 - 11:24AM

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Last updated at 11:24, 29 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 21:54, 10 Aug 2013


This mod adds muscle structures to male Khajiit. It combines the furriness of ShinglesCat textures with the strength of WolverineHowletts.
Version 2.0 contains a normalmap and a diffusemap.
Resoluiton is 4K for best graphical results. Look at the pictures, they explain it best.

After a lot folks asked me how to achieve the look like in the pics i decided to upload the skeleton i used. It's a slightly tweaked version of VectorPlexus' bodybuilder skeleton so it should be compatible with SOS.
To adjust the biceps size etc. to your likings use racemenu by expired.


I highly recommend to install ShinglesCat Khajiit Imporvement first. If you can't get the files from her mod,
use the SC-Missing-Textures-Pack in the download section.
Use NMM to install the textures, if asked to overwrite files, click yes.


Huge thanks to ShinglesCat and WolverineHowlett who let me use their textures.
Please give kudos and endorsements to them, they deserve it!

For other races try WolverineHowlett's mod

And kudos to MiNiTails for beta-testing and comparison screenshots, you're great man!

***DON'T UPLOAD this mod anywhere else***