Talkative Khajiit Spouses by mistress miaura
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Last updated at 8:08, 9 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 4:09, 9 Aug 2013

Adds many new married Khajiit lines with original voice files extracted from Skyrim bsa.
Requires MFVM= " More follower voices plus Khajiit Marriage" esm. by mysticentity to marry any khajiit with the khajiit voice.

When your spouse is at home or relaxing, they will have many new random things to say.
Screens have spoilers of some of the lines you`ll find :) . The mod adds 16 new lines for males and 9 for females.
Huspands have a lot more "world commentary and advice-type" dialogue than wives cause of lack of fitting voice files for females.
-No scripts are added.
-Does not alter the proposal/wedding ceremony quests at all, if questions regarding those go to the MFVM mods page. (link found below.)
-Compatible with all follower mods, does not alter follower or other quest/greetings dialogue, only spouse greetings with khajiit voice.
-Custom race npcs that use vanilla Khajiit voice also compatible, cause the lines only check for voice type, not race.

If using AFT mod for followers the spouse greetings will also trigger if your spouse is a follower and
relaxing or dismissed to hang out some other place than home. (That may work with some other follower "relax" mods too. Depends if the followers in the mod when told to relax revert to the same greetings they`d use at home. )

REQUIRED files : MFVM by mysticentity at:

AFT by Dheuster at: -or other follower mod that lets spouses speak their married dialogue in more places than just your home.
Khajiit Speak by mjharper at: - if your character is a khajiit as well, a wonderfull player dialogue/immersion overhaulfor for khajiit players .

CREDITS: mysticentity for the exellent MFVM mod and khajiit marriage! Thankyou :)
Kharjo for his patience with testing and allowing me to briefly morph him to to a she to test female voice ;)

"FAQ" with small spoilers ahead:

-Some male lines speak of trade opportunities in Skyrim, I tought it fits well cause spouses do keep shops- using MFVM my Kharjo started a shop right after the marriage.

-Couple of male lines are from Mai`q the Liar (= The mysterious khajiit wondering all across Tamriel with random dialogue) , so if you badly want ONLY M`aiq to ever say those things, don`t use this mod.
I only used such Maiq talks as I tought fitting for another khajiit to say too, and of course not those referring to himself as Maiq... Still I could not resist putting in the "Some say Alduin is Akatosh, some say Maiq is a liar...etc.." line - but in this case it should be obvious the khajiit is speaking about Maiq the Liar whom he has met or heard of, not referring to himself. Maiq is a legend among khajiits after all ;D

In very tight quarters like Breezehome the spouses may become quite chatty ,
but at least not as repetitive as some human spouse for instance might :)
Hope You enjoy the mod, have fun!