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Take the paddlin' outta battlin'!

If you go to The Elder Scrolls wiki and look at any previous game's swords, you'll see they were realistically shaped.
For some reason Bethesda decided to go with WoW-style foam paddles for Skyrim.
By this mod's immediate popularity, that decision didn't sit well with many of us.

  • The weapon meshes have been painstakingly reshaped and fixed, NOT simply thinned/flattened uniformly.
  • THEY WILL STILL WORK WITH ANY TEXTURES (weapon or blood) - so YES compatible with aMidianBorn textures.
  • The blood meshes have been reshaped together with the blades - and MANY errors were fixed while I was at it!
  • Remember that the meshes will affect ALL weapons, not just the player's.
  • The meshes have not been made denser (occasionally a few polys are added to smooth a curve or ease a texture distortion), although the same 1stPerson meshes have been used for the (usually slightly less dense) NPC meshes (half the work) but this should have a negligible effect on framerate.

This mod consists of MESHES ONLY: there are NO textures, NO .esp file, so don't look for it in your load order or plugin list.
Use the handy installer or unpack and copy the files manually:

Folder structure:
  • 0## Weapons - Swords, greatswords and daggers, also contains any loadscreens for relevant weapons.
  • 1## DSR (Dual Sheath Redux) - Left sheath meshes for DSR and Equipping Overhaul mods.
  • 2## NGS (No Greatsword Sheaths) - Greatswords with custom sheaths removed (vanilla-style)
  • 3## Arrow - Quivers.

Installing and uninstalling this mod will have no effect on your savegame whatsoever.

  • Dual Sheath Redux patch: overwrite the DSR meshes.
  • aMidianBorn Skyforge weapons: overwrite the aMB Skyforge meshes.
  • Runed Nord Hero Weapons: overwrite the RNHW meshes.
  • Refracting Glass/Stalhrim: skysan4298's refraction technique added to my glass and stalhrim meshes, it makes them reflective and shiny. These can be used as-is for shiny opaque weapons (looks cool) or with his mod for transparency (overwrite his meshes).
  • DragonBling weapons: adds ruby pommel stones to the Dragonbone meshes (see images, Dragonborn required).
  • NO Greatsword scabbards: for those who DON'T want scabbards.
  • Dawnbreaker: comes with either Elven or Dwarven scabbard, and ENB (dimmer Particle Patch) or non-ENB versions.

Swords, Daggers and Greatswords that didn't have proper scabbards have been given custom scabbards.

  • All game Quivers (DLC Quivers included)
  • Daedric Sword + Greatsword (incl. the Bound sword mesh)
  • Ebony Sword + Greatsword
  • Ancient Nordic Sword + Greatsword (incl. Nord Hero, Drainblood and Ghostblade meshes)
  • Steel Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Skyforge Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (requires a mod like aMidianBorn Wolf Armor and Skyforge Weapons)
  • Elven Sword + Greatsword
  • Glass Sword + Greatsword (incl. Chillrend mesh) - optional refraction meshes
  • Dwarven Sword + Greatsword
  • Imperial sword
  • Silver Sword + Greatsword
  • Iron Sword + Greatsword
  • Orcish Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Dragonbone Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (Dawnguard only)
  • Dawnbreaker (2 scabbard options)
  • Stalhrim Sword + Greatsword + Dagger - optional refraction meshes (Dragonborn only)
  • Nightingale Blade
  • Nordic Sword + Greatsword (Dragonborn only)
  • Scimitar (replaced with an updated mesh from the Weapons of the Third Era mod)

NOTE: Not to be redistributed or used in other mods without permission. Please respect the authors' work, thanks.

About my Screenshots:
  • The Banded/Elven armor is an as-yet unreleased retexture by masterofshadows, made long ago and unlikely to ever be released.
  • Having both sword AND greatsword on the back was achieved by a custom edited skeleton.nif and the ini tweak that shows Favourited weapons simultaneously: [Edit: or try this mod]
  • The ini tweak requires that you get used to sheathing the current weapon before drawing another or casting with that hand (which is just realistic imo). Unfortunately if you forget to do this (and you WILL, when it's least convenient) you will appear to have BOTH weapons in-hand or you'll appear to cast spells with your weapon in-hand. This is fixed by un-Faving the weapon. Another awesome feature that was never finished and so it's disabled by default; to enable it put bDisableGearedUp=0 under GENERAL in your Skyrim.ini (in Your Documents, not the game folder). The benefits are seeing your Favourited dagger, sword, mace, axe, bow and 2-handed back weapon all simultaneously, and it will work for ANY Favourited weapon (mod/dlc/etc) without having to use a scripted and special mesh-requiring mod like AttT.
  • The skeleton.nif file tells Skyrim where sheathed weapons hang on the body. There are several available as mods here or you can adjust the nodes yourself in Nifskope (if you know what you're doing). Remember that if you move the sword node up beside the 2-hander like I did then you'll also need new sheath/unsheath animations for the new position - these are also available in several mods here.
  • If the ini tweak is too hard to get the hang of (it takes time) or all of this seems too complicated (bringing in player and/or gender specific animations is all possible), then there's Armed to the Teeth that does what the ini tweak does and Dual Sheath Redux that lets you have a right and left weapon showing.
  • No I won't release my custom skeleton, it's tweaked to my personal preference together with animations from several mods, so please don't ask.
  • I take no responsibility for you messing up your game with this information, I put it here because many have asked about it. If you don't know what you're doing and mess with your game it's all on you. I encourage searching the net and experimenting (it's how I learned everything) but at your own risk.

Also check out my Dwarven house mod, Aemer's Refuge (even if you don't need a house mod there are some lovely screenshots to admire):