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Take the paddlin' outta battlin'!

If you go to The Elder Scrolls wiki and look at any previous game's swords, you'll see they were more realistically shaped.
For some reason Bethesda decided to go with WoW-style foam paddles for Skyrim.
By this mod's immediate popularity, that decision did NOT sit well with many of us.

  • The weapon meshes have been painstakingly reshaped and fixed, NOT simply thinned/flattened uniformly.
  • The meshes WILL WORK WITH ANY TEXTURES (weapon or blood), so ignore any textures seen in the images.
  • The blood meshes have been reshaped together with the blades - and many fixes were made while I was at it!
  • Obviously these meshes will affect ALL weapons, not just the player's.
  • The meshes have not been made denser (occasionally a few polys are added to smooth a curve or ease a texture distortion), although the same 1stPerson meshes have been used for the (usually slightly less dense) NPC meshes (half the work) but this should have a negligible effect on framerate.
  • Don't take the images too seriously, I made them as a joke, never expecting this mod's popularity. Most are outdated and don't really do the weapons justice. See the user images for a better impression.

This mod consists of REPLACEMENT MESHES ONLY: there are NO replacing textures
and NO .esp file
(so don't look for it in your load order or plugin list,
and it cannot be responsible for adding anything to your game).
Use the installer - needs NMM or one of the other mod managers, everything is optional.

Folder structure for manual install (not recommended):
  • 0## Weapons - Swords, greatswords and daggers, also contains any loadscreens for relevant weapons.
  • 1## DSR (Dual Sheath Redux) - Left sheath meshes for DSR and Equipping Overhaul mods.
  • 2## NGS (No Greatsword Sheaths) - Greatswords with custom sheaths removed (vanilla-style).
  • 3## Arrow - Quivers.

Installing and uninstalling this mod will have NO effect on your savegame whatsoever.

  • Dual Sheath Redux: Left-hand sheath meshes - overwrite the DSR mod meshes.
  • NO Greatsword scabbards: for those who DON'T want greatsword sheaths (ie. vanilla-style).
  • aMidianBorn Skyforge weapons: overwrite the aMB Skyforge mod meshes.
  • Runed Nord Hero Weapons: overwrite the RNHW mod meshes.
  • Dawnbreaker: choice of either Elven or Dwarven sheath, plus vanilla or ENB (dimmer Particle Patch) versions.
  • DragonBling weapons: adds ruby, emerald or sapphire pommel stones to the Dragonbone meshes (DG only).
  • Refracting Glass/Stalhrim(DB)/Keening: Refraction makes glassy parts look glossy and reflective. These can be used as-is for glossy opaque weapons (looks cool) or together with skysan4298's mods (glass|stalhrim) for transparency (overwrite his meshes). Hence the two refraction options are: 'Opaque' (refraction+blood), and 'For transparency' (refraction+transparent); Skyrim can't show all 3 (refraction+transparent+blood). Note: Skyrim's engine causes parts of the refraction to disappear when held up before particle effects like smoke. Parts of the blood may also disappear based on viewing angle due to the refraction.
  • SkyRealism - Shiny patch: SR-S makes armour and weapons reflective like real polished metal. Because he had to edit textures to achieve this, it's not very compatible with other textures; however, he redid the vanilla textures masterfully and that polished metallic reflectiveness makes it a solid alternative to any retexture (try Elven or Steel!). Install the weapons you like over that mod's files. Note that similar to refraction, the reflection can't really be appreciated in screenshots, but if you actually play the game it does look very pretty!

Compatible with everything except other MESH-replacing mods.

  • Examples of mesh-replacing mods include Closer Quivers and Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer - if you want to keep those mods then install them after BSW, or simply don't select the relevant options in this installer.
  • The bad female arrow placement is an ANIMATION problem; longer arrows won't fix the bad bowstring and would be too long for males. Use the bow animations from Pretty Combat Animations for perfectly aligned female bow animations.


Swords, Daggers and Greatswords that didn't have proper scabbards have been given them, only the Greatsword sheaths are optional. Don't like a particular sheath? Easily deleted in Nifskope (open, click on sheath, CTRL+DEL, save).

  • All Quivers (DG + DB DLC Quivers included) Arrows are slightly longer than vanilla
  • Daedric: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe (incl. the Bound Sword + Dagger(DB) meshes)
  • Ebony: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (incl. Blade of Sacrifice + Nettlebane)
  • Ancient Nordic: Sword + Greatsword (incl. Nord Hero, Drainblood and Ghostblade meshes)
  • Steel: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Skyforge: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (requires a mod like Wolf Armor and Skyforge Weapons)
  • Elven: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Glass: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (incl. Chillrend) + optional refraction meshes
  • Dwarven: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Imperial: Sword
  • Silver: Sword + Greatsword
  • Iron: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Orcish: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Dragonbone:(DG only) Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe + optional jeweled versions
  • Dawnbreaker: + Particle Patch version + 2 scabbard options + separate optional Greatsword version
  • Stalhrim:(DB only) Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe + optional refraction meshes
  • Nightingale Blade
  • Mehrune's Razor (including separate quest pieces)
  • Nordic:(DB only) Sword + Greatsword + Battleaxe
  • Scimitar (replaced with an edited mesh from the Weapons of the Third Era mod)
  • Keening + optional refraction

Re-coloured scabbard textures were made using vanilla or aMidianBorn BoS textures (with permission).

*NEW!* Permissions: you MAY use these meshes in your mod provided that:
  • you're not simply re-packing all or a good part of this mod,
  • you credit me (a link to this mod in your Desc is nice but I'll settle for mention in the credits)
  • you can PM me to let me know.
I spent ALOT of time on these (more than I'd care to admit, even to myself),
so I don't think a little shout-out is asking too much. :)

Note: This is NOT an indication that this mod is dead; when I'm done with it, I'll let you know!

About the Screenshots:

  • The Banded/Elven armor is an unreleased retexture by masterofshadows, made long ago and unlikely to ever be released.
  • Having both sword AND greatsword on the back was achieved by a custom edited skeleton.nif and the ini tweak that shows Favourited weapons simultaneously:
  • PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ASKING ME HOW TO DO THIS!  The following is all the explanation I'll give:
  • The skeleton.nif file tells Skyrim where sheathed weapons hang on the body. There are several available as mods here or you can adjust the nodes yourself in Nifskope (it involves finding the proper weapon node and moving/rotating it until happy). Remember that if you move the sword node up beside the 2-hander like I did then you'll also need new sheathing animations for the new position - these are also available in several mods.
  • The ini tweak lets you see your Favourited dagger, sword, mace, axe, bow and 2-handed back weapon all simultaneously, and it will work for ANY Favourited weapon (mod/dlc/etc) without having to use any complicated mods. Unfortunately it requires that you get used to sheathing your current weapon before drawing another or casting with that hand (which is just realistic imo). Forgetting to do this will cause visual weapon anomalies which can be fixed by un-Faving the weapon. This is an awesome feature that was never finished and so it's disabled by default; to enable it you simply put bDisableGearedUp=0 under [General] in your Skyrim.ini (in Your Documents).
  • New since I wrote this section: Equiping Overhaul and All Geared Up are mods that do what the ini tweak does, and you can also now move your sheathed weapons around using RaceMenu or ECE.
  • No I won't release my custom skeleton, it's tweaked to my personal preference together with animations from several mods, so please don't ask.
  • I take no responsibility for you messing up your game with this information, I put it here because many have asked about it. If you don't know what you're doing and mess with your game it's all on you. I encourage searching the net and experimenting (it's how I learned everything) but at your own risk.

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