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Thank you very much viewing this mod!

Please download the ENB v0.264 first.

Concept and Features

1.All New HRK ENB. Original Weather esp Included.
2.A setup where a character looks beautifully.
3.Skillful color of the grade which does not become unnatural.
4.Atmosphere is increased in the time zone of sunrise and sunset using a color filter.


1.Copy the d3d9.dll and enbhost files of ENB v0.264 to your Skyrim folder.
2.Copy and paste to your Skyrim folder with manual operation about all the files in a HRK ENB folder.

3.Edit your enblocal.ini and set the following values:
ReservedMemorySizeMb=XXXX --- Please input the amount of RAM which you are reserving.(Default is 1024.)
VideoMemorySizeMb=XXXX --- Please input the amount of memory of your graphics board. (Default is 2048.)

4.Edit your skyrimprefs.ini and set the following values:

5.Please turn on one of esp.

HRK ENB Vanilla - For Vanilla only user.

HRK ENB DG,HRK ENB DB - The user installing one of DLCs

HRK ENB Vanilla + DG + DB - The user installing both DLCs


Just delete any files from HRK ENB and d3d9.dll.

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I'm Japanese. Sorry,my English is not good enough.

2013.08.07 - v1.0 released.
2013.08.07 - v1.01 updated. Correction of a mistake of the file of a Full version.The strength of reflection of the point light source was improved.
2013.08.10 - v1.1 Corresponds to ENB v0.200. SweetFX is included from this version.
2013.08.12 - v1.2 Corresponds to Enhanced Light and FX(ELFX) by anamorfus
2013.08.22 - v1.3 Corresponds to ENB v0.206. The improvement of overall light-and-darkness balance.
2013.08.23 - v1.4 Corresponds to ENB v0.209. It has improved that whose distant view in the daytime was dark.
2013.09.10 - v1.5 Corresponds to ENB v0.217. The scene which was too dark has been improved.
2013.09.15 - v1.51 Brightness in the night of a main file, and adjustment of enblocal.ini.
2013.09.23 - v1.6 Corresponds to ENB v0.221.
2013.10.20 - v1.7 Corresponds to ENB v0.229.
2013.12.14 - v2.0 Corresponds to ENB v0.240 and Relighting Skyrim.
2013.12.29 - v2.1 Corresponds to ENB v0.241.
2014.01.21 - v2.2 Corresponds to ENB v0.246.
2014.02.10 - v2.4 Corresponds to ENB v0.250.
2014.03.12 - v3.2 Corresponds to ENB v0.251.
2014.04.09 - v4.0 Corresponds to ENB v0.252.